Legacy for Loose Skin, Cellulite on Thighs and Buttocks

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I am a 38 and have never worried over my legs...

I am a 38 and have never worried over my legs until the last few years. Always have been active, playing tennis, running, cycling. I eat clean, exercise 5 days a week and am healthy. I really don't have excess fat anywhere on my body. Even my tummy looks better than my legs after 5 pregnancies! Lately, I cannot do anything to get rid of the cellulite on my thighs. I do squats, lunges, pilates, you name it. My legs just don't match up with the rest of me!? Even in my consultation, the doctor looked at my arms before looking at my legs and assumed I was nuts for being there. I decided to try Venus Legacy after researching about it for several months. I had my first treatment this past Monday. I will get 7 more treatments over the course of the next several weeks. The procedure was easy - almost relaxing. I will probably relax more next time as I know what to expect. The wand delivers intense heat while the head of the wand suctions the skin up and then releases after heating it. Overall, it took about 2 hours for the back and front of my thighs and my buttocks. I will be posting pictures after each session. These were taken Thursday evening, 3 days after my first session. I forgot to take initial pictures! My doctor has those and I can get copies at some point. I felt that there was some tightening the first day after, but since then, I can't tell there is any difference. I am hopeful!


I just got back from my second treatment! This time it was more tolerable as I was less anxious overall and knew what to expect. She had to turn down the heat just a couple of different times. I feel like I did last time after the appointment. Improvement right away on skin tightness but we will see what happens in the next several days. I go back again next week so just a week between these two appts. Will keep posting pics! These are from today.

Update after 3 Venus treatments

I finished my third treatment yesterday. All went well and was actually relaxing. Here are some pics. I have had to fill out a form each time and assess my progress. This past time I did say that overall I am seeing some slight improvement. I'm hopeful. It is still so early.

Update after 4 Venus Treatments

I finished my 4th treatment today. They did a different method today. I have been getting "fat reduction with tightening" on my thighs and just "tightening" on my buttocks. Today they did just the tightening everywhere. I feel like there has been some improvement and after seeing my pics tonight I can tell a difference mainly in my buttocks.

One more pic

After 5th Treatment

I went 3 weeks in between the 4th and 5th just because life was busy and I couldn't get into the Medspa earlier. I went yesterday for my 5th treatment. I feel there is some improvement.

After 7th treatment - almost done

After looking at these photos, I'm actually feeling deflated. I think I look worse than the beginning!? It may just be that I'm losing my tan or the lighting is funky tonight. We have a lightbulb out on our vanity haha. Anyway, I have one more treatment next week. Overall I feel like there is improvement. But after looking at the pics, I'm not so sure.
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