TAPE IS OFF! 2 week pics, update day 17!

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Not much to say here...but I am very excited to...

Not much to say here...but I am very excited to get the 3" diastasis repair done because I am hoping that leads me to less back pain. Chronic back pain has haunted me for 20+ years. The tuck is just part of the process (not that I don't need it) but it is not what I was originally seeking. The constant weight yoyo from several kids and poor eating has left me with a pregnant pooch that is going to be gone. Yeah! Gonna top this all off with a fat transfer to the breasts. Adding a bit of fullness to plump out the old girls. Didn't want to complicate my recovery with a lift and this should give me a little more to fullness. Late 40's, working professional. Nervous? Heck yeah....at this point, I am just trying to march, march, march to get all the to do's done before the surgery!

Wow, picked up my meds today: Transderm patch...

wow, picked up my meds today:
Transderm patch for nausea
Cephalexin (started the night before)
Hydrocodone, 2 90 mins before procedure....how crazy is that? I'll be asleep before it starts!
Promethazine (nausea)
Phenadoz (nausea suppositories if it gets really bad at home)
Diflucan for the eventual yeast infection from the antibiotics

Still don't know where I want my incision line. ...

Still don't know where I want my incision line. 8:15am tomorrow. Tummy tuck, MR, lipo to the flanks and fat transfer. Cooking a pot roast yum. Still have a crap load of work to do at the office. I am oddly looking forward to the down time!

Did it! They had a really hard time waking me. I...

Did it! They had a really hard time waking me. I am light with the painkillers. Due to Thanksgviing my post-op is this afternoon! Excited but I know they are going to bust me out of this garment to redo the dressings. It wil be interesting to see. My surgery was done without drains which seems pretty unusual. The only bleeding I am having now seems to be coming from the lipo holes. Headache now and definitely feel my new abs when I get out of my recliner. Appetite is excellent and I haven't vomited yet. Uploading pictures right now too!!

Went to the doctor for my first post op appt! He...

Went to the doctor for my first post op appt! He took of my garment and I can't believe how good it looks! First time in a very long time that I can see my waist and that it is smaller than my hips. WOW! He said everything looked great. He told me took 11 pounds of me, yet I got on the scale and weighed 4 more pounds more than I did prior to the surgery! Swelling!! Can't shower until after Thanksgiving. I have a huge appetite right now and am drinking lots of fluids. Seems like all I do is go pee! So far the pain is about what I would expect, getting out of a chair or even a care is painful. I am so grateful for this site as it is always very helpful reading and lurking at all the stories! More pics in a few days. Falling asleep again!

Day 3. I was able to shower with the help of my...

Day 3. I was able to shower with the help of my husband getting me out and then back into this contraption of an undergarment. Mu surgery was done without drains so at least I didn't have to deal with that part! No bleeding at the incisions anymore either.Swelling is upon me as I am now 10 pounds heavier than weight prior to surgery. Might help if I could have a BM someday! The bruising is a bit better than I predicted. I have lots of swelling on my back where the "flank" lipo was done. Amazing to see the difference in how these pants fit considering I am 10 pounds heavier! Still taking Hyrochodone one every 6-8 hours, ibuprofen inbetween. Today is the first day that I haven't slept the minute I take my pain medicine; I must be developing a tolerance. I am so glad the vomiting is over. That was painful!!! Overall I am very pleased, especially with the fat transfer to the breasts (no lift). I know some of this is going to slough off or reabsorb, die or whatever but my breasts are nice and full right again!

6 days p.o. full tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo...

6 days p.o. full tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo to abs, flanks, upper back and fat transfer to the chest. No drains. Weight gain 13 pounds from pre surgery weight. Ankles, legs swollen. Appetite good, B.M.'s daily (finally). Taking vitamins, stool softeners, hydrochodone (about three per day), ibuprofen, arnica montana orally and topically and bromelain. The SWELLING is crazy. It really bugs me in the legs and thighs especially since I didn't have procedures there. Showers feel good. I am going to text my PS today to see if he has has any suggestions. I keep my feet elevated as much as possible and walk around the house once every 1.5 hours-ish. Yesterday I added dandelion tea which really does make things move in your system. I am not convinced it is helping with the swelling but will do three cups today to keep trying absolutely anything at this point! A bath would feel so nice right now! I took a nice long shower yesterday that felt so nice. My CG is very tight, can't get it on without my husband's help! I have this weird swelling in the lower center of my back which is where they did the flank lipo and I think it is the harvest site for the fat transfer. That area looks like there is a tennis ball under the skin! No pain there though. o.k. so have I done enough bitching yet????? Good things: This site and feedback, ideas from other people who have been here. I really appreciate that! Like should I keep icing the areas? I don't care about bruising but I just want the swelling to go down! I re-read my post op instructions yesterday and it said I can walk the equiv of a city block. I do not think I am walking that much so maybe today I will walk around my house a dozen times. It is 30 degrees out and the wind is blowing so outside does not sound refreshing, rather sounds deadly, haha. I am grateful that I can see a waist where I have never had one! I like seeing the fuller breasts. The scar looks ok and doesn't freak me out as much as I thought it would. One of the side scars looks thick and braided looking and ugly but it is so early yet I am not going to worry about that. I have a 2nd p.o. follow up appt. tomorrow Tues (one week later). That will be good to talk to my PS. I hope my other triplet same-day TT's are doing well! In general, each day I am feeling better. I laugh because I had planned on returning to work physically today and there is no friggin' way that is happening! Working from home for another few days until this leg and back swelling goes. love to all of you and write me!!!!!! Signed, Violet

So, the abundance of swelling down to my ankles...

So, the abundance of swelling down to my ankles was not in my mind. The PS saw me yesterday and put me on a diuretic. Yeah! I couldn't even zip up my boots. He was thrilled with my progress and the look of the scar etc. I will be changing my BB dressing now once a day. No stiches to remove, they dissolve or stay or whatever. I come again in a week. He said it would be about a month before I will be back to my presurgery weight and fit in my presurgery pants. I can already fit into my presurgery pants just fine. Everyday I am feeling better for energy. I think my biggest problem is that it is cold outside and I have been held up in the house for the most part of a week and don't want to get cold again!! I am going to venture out today and drive. Hope everyone else is doing well. So glad to be on week 2.

Slept in my bed first time last night. I woke up...

Slept in my bed first time last night. I woke up at 3am, must have freaked out because I had some pain and took a hydrochodone, which I have been taking only one or so each night. Zonked me until everyone had left the house this morning. I am not really that sad that I missed sending everyone off to school and work haha. The diuretic is working slowly but my legs and ankles are still swollen a bit. Big headache so now i am pumping the water in! Here are some pics of my day 8 look. Bruising is so much better. I am very pleased with the fat transfer that I had done!

My biggest pants & skirts are now in a pile to...

My biggest pants & skirts are now in a pile to donation. I am 3 pounds less than prior to surgery. I am so friggin' happy with how the tummy tuck and lipo has turned out. I still have deep bruising and sweling at the flank lipo site. I have a little brusing at the lipo sites on my former bra fat areas and the injection areas. My tape is still on my scar. I am now stuffing gauze in my belly button daily. Gross, gross, gross. It looks super skinny so I am trying to widen it out a bit! Honestly, my biggest problem is that I went back to work on Day 9 last week and I haven't told coworkers what surgery I had. I have been very sketch about it. Now I just need to find clothes that don't show it off too much. CRAZY!!! I wish the best to all of sister TT'ers and the future sisters that go this week!

THE TAPE IS OFF! and the incision is revealed (see...

THE TAPE IS OFF! and the incision is revealed (see 2 week pics)I am very happy. Binder can come off except for periods of high activity but I am wearing it much more than that. PS is very happy and so am I. Vitamin E is what I am to use so that is what I am doing! I am now 148, 7 pounds under my pre-surgery weight and off of the diuretics that I needed from extreme swelling. Crazy part is that I was up 17 pounds higher than my surgery weigh of 155 at one point, lost 21 pound in one week with the diuretic. Crazy! I started lymphatic drainage massage two days ago. That was amazing and really hard to explain the different feelings and sensations it gave me in my abdomen. It is particularly helpful for the knotty boulders in & around my lymph glands. Much, much better. Still having some issues sleeping but that is getting better. I returned to work a week ago (at 10 days) and that has been quite an adjustment. Typical tiredness late in the day. I have a job where I am pretty active so by 5pm I am done!! I am cleared for a vacation in a week, with three flights to get there! I am excited to have the rest of my recovery poolside, hopefully with cabana boys ! I will get two massages next week and then have to see what size bathing suit I will fit into. This was an amazing process. My biggest problem is dressing so that I don’t show off my new body too much to colleagues that don’t know what I had done. My breasts are still about one cup size bigger from the fat injections – also a really great procedure. The PS said that the lipo he did around the bra fat , back area under my underarms actually made the biggest different in accentuating the work he did with the breast transfer. I have to say that I am very pleased that I did that procedure. I was too much of a whimp to do the breast reduction or surgical augmentation but this is has been perfect for me! I hope everyone else is doing well be at starting out, contemplating future procedures or recovering like me!
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