tt / aggressive lipo w xfer 2 hips / breast lift & sculpted

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I had my daughter when I was 14 so I've had...

I had my daughter when I was 14 so I've had stretch marks since forever. Although I've been interested in ps for about 10 years I hadn't recognized just how shitter my body is until I came across RS a few days ago. That was my cue, can't let yall play out here alone. Now, I had my mind made up on Dr. Cortes but I just started looking at Dr. Fisher in Miami. My thing about Dr. Fisher is that he doesn't seem to contour the tt incision line. It moreso just goes straight across from what I've seen in pix. I texted Dr. Cortes' office and they responded saying that I'll get a call after the weekend. Looking forward 2 that! Sooo, any Fisher dolls got any feedback for me? I'm thinking Cortes will be the one to mold me, however, I just want to see if I can be swayed.

Spoke with Vanity Miami Today (Pic)

Ok, so I spoke with Diana for Dr. Fisher today. Long story short...quoted me $7400 for
• tummy tuck • breast lift • juvederm for my under eye hollows •…fat xfer to nasolabial folds • liposuction to my arms
$8100 for the above w/implants.
Damn I forgot to ask Diana about upper hip fat xfer ( idk, might not need it) . I'll find tomorrow.
Anyways, here's the issue....I only asked about a lift no implants bcuz I personally would rather not have a foreign object inside me, however, Dr Fisher says that I really need an implant bcuz I'm flaccid :( I thought about just leaving my boobs alone but I can only imagine a new tummy w/these same titties ( sorry had to use "titties" to get my point across).Woman Down S.O.S. What should I do?

Paid my deposit today ...

So I had to back up off this site for the last week. Was giving me nervous gut and keeping me up at night. Besides that...I obsess over intriguing things naturally (Pisces), so hey! Anyway, for the last week Dr Salama, Dr Jonathan Fisher, and Dr Cortes have been playing a three-way tug of war. Using my mind as the rope. Just when you thought one had won, comes another tug. After a very close game Dr Fisher came in on a landslide and took home my $500 deposit.

My total is $8500 .. This includes TT + 2 AREAS OF LIPO, BL + AUG silicone (may reconsider the implants), fat x fer to my nasolabial folds, lips, and juvderm to my under eye hollows. I'm 31 so my lines are very fine so hopefully that will smooth me out and give me at least 5 years back esthetically.

Aside from that, I'm not sure what sort of frequency I will be paying this but i won't be able to set a sx date until at least half of the balance is paid. A part is saying hustle-hustle and do it this summer and another part is saying wait it out and just pay on it conservatively. I'd like to get this done by December but pushing for July. We'll see.

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