Smas Facelift with Fat Transfer Age 44

I planed this sugery long ahead as I am a working...

I planed this sugery long ahead as I am a working mother I have s lots of organizing to do I will even quit my job as I won t get enough time off to heal Right now I am worried about so many things: how things will turn out , how my daughter is going to cope with my new me ( she is only 8) how long the healing will take, if I do the biggest mistake in my life but I am so focussed on the sagging of my face, if I will find another job and many other things.. I will not post the name of my surgeon as I don t want to hear negative comments about him I will be travelling around half of the world to get this surgery I am not rich so I will have to worry if I do not get a job after my recovery period I have been on this site for two years and am very impressed of this community I do hope to get some support and look forward to share my experience with you Almost forgot: I willbr going through this all alone My husband and I will get divorced soon I will be travelling alone and heal alone This sounds awful but I really want to do this.

2.5 months before

Time flies.. Only 2.5 months to go The planing for this surgery started about three years ago I have been carefully searching for an excellent facial plastic surgeon Another plastic surgeon who is well known for his expertise in his field has referred me to him As I knew that healing will take several months I had to plan a sabbatical leave - i actually quit work and have to be looking for a new job after my healing period. I took some pictures of my face - at angles which are not very flattering - to remind me why I am doing this. I have thought about this procedure over and over again and asked myself why my looks are so important to me. I am far from being amused looking at my reflection and I stoped buying clothes two years ago as I didn t like my face anymore and buying clothes didn t seem to be worth it with such a face.
For me it's all about what does really matter in life. If i could choose between a beautiful face and a great job opportunity I would choose the face. It is not rational nor intelligent to think this way it also seems somehow primitive but it is the way i feel. Job success does not feel as good as a younger face - this is odd but exactly how I feel! How come that we are all educated but still somehow focused on our looks? Somehow I think inspite the progress of womens liberation there is no way to overcome biology? I am very curious what you wonderful realself community think about this.
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