Soprano Laser NOT WORTH It

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I had Laser Hair Removal (LHR) with a Soprano...

I had Laser Hair Removal (LHR) with a Soprano Laser. But after two sessions I found brown spots , redish-pinkish spots, and "grainy" areas (areas with pinkish pimple-like bumps).

I don`t know if my unfortunate experience was due to erroneous settings or simply because laser was not safe for me (I have light skin, dark hair ... I believe I was the "perfect" candidate).

Would I recommend Laser hair removal in general? NO, NO, NO, NO .... NEVER AGAIN.

Why? This requires an explanation.

Some time ago I wrote in this website that I would recommend the procedure because I had seen excellent results. The problem is that I learned LATER that the the side effects (burns, hyper/hypopigmentation, etc) are DOWN PLAYED.

The brown spots, burns, hyper or hypopigmentation and other side effects should be taken seriously.

I am aware that LHR is very popular and has given good results to SOME. However, since laser is a hair removal method that has ONLY been around for some years, there is not a lot of research on LHR. For example, very little is known about "paradoxical hair growth" which is when more hair grows instead of being eliminated after LHR.


I believe that unless you have a serious condition such as hirsutism (excess body hair), you would be safer by removing hair with conventional methods such as shaving, trimming or waxing.

Also, ask yourself what-if questions and answer them honestly. For example, imagine you end up with a burn or a brown patch in your bikini area or legs (areas which are visible to everyone): would you risk being scarred for life?

Psychologically, the impact of having scars for life can cause so much anguish and anxiety that it may disrupt your personal or professional life. You may even need to seek therapy.

Laser Hair Removal has serious side effects which can cause not only physical but psychological damage.

Think three times before electing to undergo laser hair removal. Take a look at the pictures of people who unfortunately experienced those side effects and read their stories (I didn't know about this website - Realself - until AFTER my procedure ... I wish I would have known about it; it is very helpful)

When I decided to undergo LHR I thought it wouldn`t happen to me. But it did. Given that I had to stop treatment half-way I have know ANOTHER PROBLEM: hairless patches.

As you see, it is NOT as simple as, "no problem, if I see a problem after the first or second session I will stop treatment and that's it".

The potential problems aren`t only the side effects from LHR but also the patchy hair growth you will have if you must stop treatment due to them.

I hope this helps anyone consdering LHR to make an informed decision.

More hyperpigmentation stains and laser burn spots

It has been 3 months since the 1 LHR session. My legs look like they were "dirty". The worst are the hyperpigmentation stains that run along the entire length of the bikini line.

In addition, part of my thighs and lower legs are filled with many red dots that my legs look horrible. If they were folliculitis shouldn't they have cleared up by now?

In addition, I feel a burning sensation every once in a while. Why?

I now have a rash after shaving !!! And skin is EXTRA sensible ... !!!

I shaved and as a result I have razor burn. My skin is more sensitive than before laser treatment. Why ???? Not only the follicle but the whole area of skin is incredibly sensitive. I have NEVER had this happen to me before.

Also, EVERY SINGLE AREA where the laser passed has made my skin ultra sensible: if I wear socks they leave their imprint on the skin and the effect doesn't vanish immediately after removing the socks. The same happens with underwear: it leaves a dark red imprint. ... And neither the socks nor the underwear are tight !!!

The worse is that every single place where the laser passed has left an array of dark spots that look like dirt mixed with some pinkish spots. My legs and especially my bikini area are ruined.


I have very pale white skin. I cannot tan because instead of a golden tan my skin becomes redish.

Also, I have some freckles in my face, shoulders and chest. I do have a tendency to get freckles with the sun which is why I use sunblock.

Given this fact, which I did disclose to the doctor at the laser center, could it be possible that people with my skin type should not undergo laser treatment because:

1) Given my skin type (very pale white, tendency to get red instead of a tan, and very sensitive skin), laser will GUARANTEE that I will get brown and redish spots ?

2) Laser INCREASES sensitivity of skin causing razor burn, even when it never happened before (at least NOT to the degree it has happened now) ??

PS: I still have my legs rife with red dots that my dermatologist dismissed as ingrown hairs. Problem is that there is a red spot where there is NO hair ...

NEW PROBLEM ... type of "toasted skin sydrome" !!!!!!!!

Laser is NOOOT safe.

I have seen my legs in broad daylight and the entire length of both legs has a pinkish pattern of what resembles TOASTED SKIN SYNDROME.

AVOID laser hair removal and stick to shaving/waxing

When a laser is used on your skin, you are actually being exposed to a light type of burn. Imagine you are at the beach and you get sun burned. Well, exposure to laser is worse because it's DIRECT HEAT that is being targeted to your skin.


If there is little or no research on this subject, how can any doctor make such a claim?


The amount of people with damage due to LHR and the real extent of skin damage (permanent patchy discoloration, brown and pink spot, etc) due to LHR is unknown. Some reasons might be:

1. People must sign a release form before undergoing LHR. People might think they have no right to report it due to the release form.

2. If it is reported, a forensic examiner might dismiss a victim's obvious skin damage by telling them that since LHR causes damage and the victim knew about it they have no case. And so, these people are taken into account. ( I read about one case on the web were this happened ).

3. As for the claim that a laser's settings depend on the person's skin type, in the end the settings that are appropriate for a specific person are not precisely known, instead they are really the result of the subjective assessment of a person and thus do NOT reflect the settings a person really needs.

Also, with so many gradations within each skin type, the settings used have a dangerous degree of randomness which is left to the laser practitioner to decide. This lack of precision renders LHR dangerous.


My recommendation to anyone considering this:

Until there are more studies regarding the safety of Laser Hair Removal, stick with waxing or shaving.


2. If it is reported, a forensic examiner might dismiss a victim's obvious skin damage by telling them that since LHR causes damage and the victim knew about it they have no case. And so, these people are taken into account. ( I read about one case on the web were this happened ).


2. If it is reported, a forensic examiner might dismiss a victim's obvious skin damage by telling them that since LHR causes damage and the victim knew about it they have no case. And so, these people are NOT taken into account. ( I read about one case on the web were this happened ).

SEVERE case of INGROWN HAIRS ... (never had ingrown before LHR) !!!!!!!!!

I shaved two days ago.

My bikini area is full of painful ingrown hairs. I have NEVER had this problem before LHR.

After searching for the reasons, I came across someone with the same problem who
after consulting was told that given that she never had ingrowns before AND since her hair is not curly AND by the fact that the hair is very fine, curly and under the skin forming a red bump, it was the LASER that CAUSED THE INGROWNS.

This appears to be VERY common but neither the FDA nor any medical body is addressing this issue.


Hyperpigmentation in Bikini / snail trail / legs/ underarms / bum is getting darker.

Hydrocortisone DID NOT WORK. My dermatologist told me to try Trillium.

Does this mean I'll NEVER AGAIN be able to wear shorts or a bikini in the summer for fear that the hyperpigmentated patches get worse !!! ?????

Also, I shaved my bikini area two days ago and it burns as if I had just shaved. NEVER has this happened before.

... AND I still have almost ALL my hair !!!

The Soprano Laser XL left me with hyperpigmentation AND left virtually ALL my hair intact.
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