25y/o Finally Investing in Myself

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I received my first sets of Invisalign today along...

I received my first sets of Invisalign today along with aligner application after beginning the consultation process in November. So far I am happy with how it looks cosmetically and am only experiencing minor discomfort. Have yet to experience trying to remove and replace the molds to eat and do oral care.

1st day update

Overall the discomfort is still mild but removing the trays to eat is not easy or fun. I assume it is easier the fewer brackets that are applied but it requires a bit of tugging to come loose and then the teeth start feeling sore from the lack of support. Though I think this is a good sign of positive movement. I'm beginning to realize this is definitely going to be a commitment but hopefully with worthwhile results.

Tray 2!

I was beyond eager to start on my second tray after what felt like a loooong 2 weeks. It was pretty snug but that hopefully means it's working! I'm getting more comfortable with removing and replacing the Invisalign around meal times but trying to keep my teeth clean feels like a constant struggle. Trying to be patient but this process feels long.

Tray 3, week 5

Getting more comfortable with wearing and managing my Invisalign and possibly seeing the beginnings of changes. When you look in the mirror every day, sometimes several times a day, I'm sure it's hard to notice the change over time so hopefully my orthodontist will realize a difference and point it out. Just 3 1/2 weeks until my first checkup!

Tray 4 :)

One thing I'm noticing and appreciating, and don't know if it's specific to my treatment plan, but it seems like each tray progressively works on different areas which is helping to decrease the discomfort. My third tray seemed to focus on the top of my mouth and molars but as I changed to this tray I feel like the focus is back to my bottom incisors (the cause of overcrowding). I'm finally accepting the reality of living with my Invisalign and can't wait for continued results!

Tray 5 and an ortho checkup

Well, had my first 8 week check up with my orthodontist and it was uneventful! Doc checked out how the 5th tray fit and I was able to view the animation of the movement that has taken place so far and what I can expect on my next visit! I can't even imagine having gone the traditional braces route...this is so convenient and relatively easy.

Confidence is building

Even though I still have a long road ahead of me I realize I'm starting to gain confidence with my smile even with the temporary accessories! I'm so excited to watch my progress and am planning on asking my orthodontist about Acceledent during my next visit :) I'd love to be done with my treatment before my birthday in December to really show off my new smile!

Look at the changes!

It's been a while since I posted an update but I'm so excited to realize how much progress I've made. I'm on Tray 15 now and can look forward to getting my attachments off when it's time for tray 19! My bottoms are almost completely in line and my bite is greatly improved. My tops are giving me a fuller smile as promised. I'm so looking forward to getting my attachments off because it will make the trays even less noticeable. It's crazy to think I've had them for more than 6 months now and am more than halfway done with my treatment. I'm happier than ever with my decision!

Attachments are OFF!

I got my 10 attachments removed today as I move on to tray 19! The removal process took only about 5 minutes and was painless and putting my next tray on was literally so smooth it now feels like I don't have anything on my teeth! I'm so happy to have this stage of treatment behind me. Next month will be new X-rays from my dentist and I'll be splurging on professional whitening before the holidays to show off my almost completed new smile :)

I'm done! Woohoo!

Just picked up my retainer after completing another 12 trays for refinement. I'm so happy that treatment is over and so happy with the results. Overall, money well spent. Definitely recommend Invisalign to anyone considering going through with it!

Before...and after

November 2015 to March 2017. So happy with my new smile!
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