NOV 19th!!! Hopefully 2 B the Best Purchase of my Life!

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Hi everyone! I have been lurking around here for a...

Hi everyone! I have been lurking around here for a couple months, ever since I decided to get boobs!! This site has been very helpful & I could not resist signing up!! I have my BA set for Nov. 19th early ... early :( in the morning. I go for my pre-op the 15th I realized I am an adult & can make big decisions lol.... a little nervous what my family will think but... they will just have to get over it.

I live alone with family 2hrs away.... I hope they like their christmas SURPRISE!!! I worked my butt off the last two months and saved up the 6,500 for saline implants. I worked so hard I decided to get a nose job at the same time. I have always hated it. Its not the worst but deff not feminine and after reading this Oscar Wilde quote something like "nothing as hard to marry as a large nose" at 27 & unwed, I knew I needed my nose to match the rest of me.

While it will be very depressing to hand over aprox $10,000 (the chanel bag the shoes, car ect. I could be buying...or even paying off old or debt but no.... make that hell no!) I hope in the end it will all be worth it & I wont have big boobs, a little nose and living under a bridge with my cat & two little dogs. I have my neighbor taking me to & from surgery & will hang out that day but has to work the next day, so I hope I can handle it alone day 2. I have read though posts on here about advice on what to have handy after surgery (thanks 4 that!) So far the worst part is quitting smoking :( but I know it will be worth it & I wont stink anymore or go though perfume like toilet paper. Oh and saying good bye to all my tiny bras & panty sets:( what a shame some are so cute! I have one friend & luckily she has a gorgeous set of salines! she has had two surgeries 400cc through the armpit, one never "fell" so she had revision to 500 something with the cut under. she wants 650-700. I am 5'3/5'4 about 105-110lbs now I wear 34a & 32b.

At my consultation I was very modest thinking I want something my parents wont notice & chose 260cc (I love Brandy"s boob job from Real House Wives Beverly Hills), but I might be over that now. My friend said I wont be happy with less than 400/450cc. she is 5'7 though with larger frame. I am on the petite side. After a couple months of searching the web for boobs like I am a 12 year old boy, I still cant really decide. When I google 400cc they all look sooo good!! I just worry that will be too big on me. Somedays I think 300/350 might suit me better, feeling that I can hide them when I want & bring them out ...most of the time lol!!! Oh & what makes a BA require the blood drainage tubes? My brothers now ex-wife had to have them (it was gross) but my friend said she never had tubes post-op. & Can you get Pre-op/post-op Vitamins I saw a post about at a store like vitamin world?

Hi everyone! I had my pre-op yesterday! At my 1st...

Hi everyone! I had my pre-op yesterday! At my 1st consultation i choose 260cc but during the month and half- two months waiting and researching & asking friends,I decided I wanted bigger. My pre-op was org. for the 8th & BA the 19th. But a few days before my pre-op they called to change my appt for the 15th. I double checked at that time that it would be fine to switch sizes and change to saline. the lady assured me that was fine, but day before appt. I got a message saying that I would have to go with the 260cc because there is not enough time to order diff. implants!! well I was not accepting that & then they agreed they could over night them so they will be here for my surgery Monday.
I choose a 330cc saline implant moderate profile. I am 5'3-105lbs or so
I wanted boobs of course, yet want a set I can display or put away when I need to. they said the size would give me a large c but more likely in the D range. I choose moderate profile because they look more natural and I dont want the really round look, I am thin & petite. my ? pocket diameter ? is 12 and the moderate implant is 11.9. the high profile of course is not as wide. My friend still insists they will be way too small lol. she has 550cc & f's I think. when they got out the measurement chart for my sizes 400cc was really not an option that is recommended. I think the max was 380cc or so if I went with high profile. my friend has said I will not be happy with less than 450cc so I thought I would maybe go for 400cc. But I think I will love the 330 I choose. MONDAY!!!!! OMG!!
I am spending this weekend with my parents for an early thanksgiving, they will be out of town next week, which is great since I will be healing :) I am so excited!

It has been several months and sorry for not...

It has been several months and sorry for not updating sooner! surgery went ok but a day after a boob deflated and had to to get cut open suddenly @ post-op & not really sedated lol but I survived and my boobs look great!!!! I am a 34d/dd and could not be happier with my choice. Healing took a bit. about the 2nd week you really start feeling normal again. also you can feel your boobs/implants get cold super fast (live in the NW) I also just got back from Hawaii & loved wearing a bathing suit! I looked a amazing & no push up top needed!
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