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So I have been stalking this site for a few moths...

So I have been stalking this site for a few moths now and I've decided I'm going to go through with the bbl! I'm 24 years old, just under 5'4 and weigh between 118-125. If I want to weigh under 118 I need to work out like crazy and be on an intense diet. So my main problem is that I don't know what doctor to go to!

I live in Canada and the one doctor that is known for doing it here first have results like some other doctors I've seen. I like Dr. Salama because he's worked on women that are smaller and have less fat. But I'm so confused! Any help would be great!

I'm small but I have no hips at all! My hips indent in! And I have no booty, so I basically have no shape and look like a 10 year old boy! I've had a breast lift ad augmentation and my doctor was phenomenal!! So I want someone like him lol! He was very thorough, called me on a long weekend, and just had Rey good after care!

I sent in my pics to Dr. Salama and Cynthia responded, I've seen on a lot of your posts that people have been speaking to someone names Nancy?! Has anyone talked to Cynthia before? So I sent my pics and got an estimate of $8,499. And my abdomen, flanks and back will be liposucted. I don't know if I should get lipo on any other parts. My legs are skinny and so are my arms. I kinda want to do my calves because in comparison to my legs they are a little big. Has anyone had lipo on their calves?

Okay so I need some help on what doctor to choose, I only emailed Dr. Salama but I really don't know who to go with.

For the ladies that travelled how much did you spend total (hotel, air fare etc).

So I had a consult with Dr. Jugenberg, he's one of...

So I had a consult with Dr. Jugenberg, he's one of the only doctors that does bbl's regularly. I have to say, I wasn't impressed with him or his staff. The girls at reception were rude and acted like they were better than everyone else. When I went into the room, his nurse or office manager came in and did most of the consult with me. Her name was Kim I believe and she was the only good thing about the consult. She was super sweet and welcoming. But I didn't want to talk to her I wanted to talk to Dr. Jugenberg. He came in later and I talked to him for about 10 mins, he wasn't going to show me any pictures of his work until I insisted. He was also very rude and dry. His work isn't all that spectacular either, the patients look better than they did before but it's not a very noticeable difference, so I won't be going to him. This hunt for the perfect doctor is so hard and frustrating.

I want a booty but I want hips more, I have no shape and I would love that curvy shape. But I don't know what doctor is best at giving hips. I've seen a few posts from Salama patients that got hips, so for now I'm leaning towards him. LADIES IF YOU KNOW ANY DOCTORS THAT DO HIPS AND A BOOTY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I want to find a doctor soon so I can book a date!

Anyways that is all for now, I'll update about my bbl journey soon.

So I've been researching and researching and...

So I've been researching and researching and researching! And the more info I get the harder my decision gets! So Cynthia from Salama's office said that he doesn't inject fat directly to the hips because it uses up a lot of fat (Im on the smaller side and I don't have a lot of extra fat) and it usually doesn't hold there. Dr. S does lateral injections. I've seen the way he does "hips" on other girls like cupcake1207, and it looks pretty amazing.

But what's actually better, lateral injections or injections straight to the hips?

I have no hips so getting hips is important to me.

Does anyone know what doctors I should look into? I've looked into Dr. Perry as well, but I'm not sold on him. I like Dr. S because he does aggressive lipo and can really make the waist look amazing, and so far the hips I've seen him do look amazing.

Ughhhh this is so hard!

First I would like to thank all the ladies that...

First I would like to thank all the ladies that have commented,
all the input has really helped!! I've been looking into all the doctors that were mentioned on this site. And only a few do hips and only a few have worked on smaller frames. I've thought about Campos and Yily, while their work looks great, I can't get travel that far. I'm from Canada and the thought of going to a foreign country to get a serious surgery scares me! I think the states is the further I'd travel to. There are a lot of Jimmerson advocates on here and his work is amazing but I haven't seen him work on a lot of smaller girls. I'm really leaning towards Salama. He's had a few bad reviews but so have all the other doctors. While I want an amazing result but I have to realize that these surgeons aren't god!! Salama has worked on smaller girls, and some girls with similar frames as me, he does hips (lateral injections), which is good enough for me, and I really like how he contours the waist. I don't want to have unrealistic expectations but I know even if that fat doesn't stick, I'll still look better because he will make my waist small, and I could probably never get it to look that way even with diet and exercise. So I think I've made my decision. I'm still second guessing myself!! Any input from you ladies would be great! Especially Salama vets!
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