Trying to Decide Yily or Fisher???

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Okay ladies I've been searching high and low for a...

Okay ladies I've been searching high and low for a good Dr. To do this BBL surgery. I've narrowed it down to two Doctors Yily and Fisher (Miami) I LOVE yilys work from the pictures I've seen on real self and from my friends that I know who has been to DR.... They all look great Fisher love his work as well although I've only seen one disappointment... But one with yily as well.. I'm not really "tripping" about the trip to DR and plus her initaial price are a little cheaper than Fisher...but once you include traveling fees and etc it's up to the same?????....too I have considered how uncomfortable the flight will be coming back from DR after the procedure...guess my question is does any of you ladies have any advice or missing info I need to know about any of these two???? HELP!!!!:-(:-(

Ready to get this ass on the road!!!...

Okay so I have decided to go with Dr. Fisher after a few months and endless night on realself....I love his price and I love his work....Ive been speaking with one of his scheduling nurses and she seems really concern and answered all 1 million questions so I will be sendind my deposit this Friday ( oct 30 ) and im hoping to schedule a date late spring/ mid summer depending on my work flow. Im excited to finnaly come to this point ive been searchin for a Dr. since 2006!!!... IKR..smh well now im ready Ill keep you girls updated!! PS. if anybidy is planning to go to Dr Fisher anywhere around that date please inbox me !!

BBL Ortega Ready

Okay ladies after years of researching I have finally decided to go with Dr. Ortega my date is December 6, 2016!!!!! I am scheduled to have a BBL, but I'm leaning more towards a tummy tuck ...IDK??? I'm still undecided however the monies have been paid and the show MUST go on! I will be flyting into Miami December 5th. I am soooo nervous and excited at the same time. I am confident that he will give me the results that I desire which are a flat tummy and nice butt ( nothing major) I am trying to look realistic as possible (but still I was told to lose 10lbs prior to surgery at this point I've lost seven and I am sure that I will lose more before my procedure. I haven't found a hotel that's affordable and within distance so if you ladies have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!... Also my coordinator ( Emily) has been really helpful and attentive to my 1000 questions (she hasn't stop responded although I paid). I have the BBL supply list I just wanted to know if you ladies had any additional advice, remedies or suggestions that I should bring or do prior to the procedure.

Ghurani or Ortega

Hello dolls I'm book for sx with Ortega this Nov... However I'm
having second thoughts. I keep seeing excellent work done by his
colleague Dr. Ghurani plus I've spoken to a few girls that just aren't
satisfied with Ortega. I've been searching Rs for reviews but I can't
find any recent ones.... (For Ghurani) If any of you have any
suggestions or can help me decide please comment or inbox me time is
running out !!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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