vaser hi def / bbl count down !!

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Hi everyone I'm somewhat new to this site but love...

Hi everyone I'm somewhat new to this site but love all of your reviews, they are so helpful.
I'm 5'3 122 and need some extra love in the cheeky area ! After kids is just not the same.
I'm nervous about picking the right Doc to do the job and get the results I want. I'm picky
and want the best ...don't we all!
I've been reading reviews and have some ideas but just not sure yet.
Time will tell. I'm planning on getting my BBL in January in case I need to gain more weight. I'm about 5 pnds over now and trying to loose it i just don't seem to have the motivation or time. I gain it on my belly and love handles ;( hate it !

35year Old

Hi everyone !
I've been in this site for a while now and I've read so many reviews. After years of wanting to have vaser hi def and bbl I finally have the courage to do it. This last year has been physically hard for me to loose weight. Even if I work out it hasn't been that easy for me. So I made my consult with my doc who has done all of my work and I absolutely love.
I scheduled my sx for Aug 26. I'm pretty nervous and have a ton of pics! I'm getting a 2 part surgery. 1st go around will be my back and flanks and under my inner / back thighs along with my fat transfer for my bbl.
2 months later I will be have my laser hi def with sculpting on my abs and my back bra line and have that fat transfer for my bbl.
The reason for this 2 part is to have the fat transfer stay and to add more since you loose 20-30% of it.
I'm nervous but I know I'm in good hands.

Count Down

15 days ! I'm super excited and nervous. I ordered some supplies to help me be comfortable.
I have had some thoughts of maybe not doing this but then I get on here and I'm like yup I'm totally doing this. I'm hoping all goes well and easy especially because I have my part 2 about 2 - 3 months later for my laser hi def and fat transfer. I currently weigh 140 :(
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