45 Years Old, Kids out of College, ME Time! - Urbandale, IA

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I have a BBL scheduled with Dr. Eugene Cherney in...

I have a BBL scheduled with Dr. Eugene Cherney in Urbandale (Des Moines area), Iowa, in 2 1/2 weeks. My consultation was June 9th and I scheduled my surgery date at that time. I am getting abdominal and flank liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks. I am 45 years old, 5'6", and 145 pounds. I have had no other procedures prior to this one. Well, other than some botox....

Going back to work

I am having my procedure done on a Friday and plan on going back to work the following Monday. Am I being completely unrealistic in thinking I can go back to work in 3 days (I am on the nursing staff at an ENT clinic)? My doctor says he has no problems with me going back, but now that I have read so many other ladies reviews I am wondering if I should take more time off.

This Friday!!

I'm so excited and not nervous at all. I just hope I am not being unrealistic in how I will look afterwards. I don't want a huge butt, I just want to look normal.

8 hours!!

My procedure is at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I am so excited.
As of yesterday I weigh 145# and my measurements are 40-32-40.
I have all my supplies and am ready to get this done!!


Swelling, anesthesia wiping me out but not a lot of pain. I'm just taking tylenol #3. We will see how tomorrow goes.
But this laying in your stomach sucks bad.

Day 1

Sore back, sore stomach. Butt has no pain at all. Still just using tylenol #3. I would rate pain as a 2 while standing and 5 while laying down. Tolerable.
I am a little concerned though. My Dr put me in a compression garment that compresses my butt. Should I cut holes out?


Everywhere in pain. Can't sleep. Stomach and back hurts. Eyes almost swollen shut.

10 days post op

So I ended up not going back to work the following Monday, but Thursday instead. Between days 7 and 9 was a huge difference in pain level - now I'm just sore, and not really even that much.
I have not posted any after pictures because, frankly, it has seemed that lately some of the others comments have not been very encouraging. I knew going in that my goal was to have a normal sized butt and not the extremely flat one that I had before. And in that case my doctor succeeded. But it's not huge, just "small normal". And that doesn't seem the norm here.

One month

Pain is nonexistent, except when the lipo area gets touched - then it's still pretty tender. I have some swelling in the stomach and public areas. My butt looks fantastic to me, but compared to others on here it's still small. I will post pics afterwards my post op appointment Thursday.
Dr. Eugene Cherney

Great so far! Fantastic staff too!

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