Getting my Sleeve on Monday - Puerto Rico, PR

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Hello community: new to this website. I'm a 43 y/o...

Hello community: new to this website. I'm a 43 y/o male with sleep apnea, HBP, DM type 2, gout and asthma. I'm 511 and at the beginning of the journey in early July I peaked at 314.
Currently I'm in day 5 of the all liquid diet and it sucks but is doable. I been struggling with weight for more than 30 years so finally, I decided to do something drastic and permanent, that will allow me to be healthy for my wife and my 8 y/o son.
Anxious for next Monday but looking forward to it. Hope I can find support around these community.
Jose from Puerto Rico

Adding a picture!

Just a pic to document the "before"!

So... tomorrow is the big date

Hello all:
Well, tomorrow is finally here. I have a lot of mixed feellings. From excitement about my surgery anda future without meds, to fears regarding complications and the adjustment to a new life. I been thinking a lot about my past and all my insecurities as a man and a husband. Can say for sure that the obesity have been a definitively trigger. So u can imagine how excited I am to be a new man for my wife my child and to myself.
I probably update again after discharge on wednesday so please, those of you from faith backgrounds, ill appreciate if you include my name in your prayers..
Thanks again and TTY soon!

Scary moment

Hello all
Today is my 5th day post sleeve. I'm already at home but today I developed a fever. My Dr says it must be dehydration. I didn't had folly or drainages and it was done laparoscopic. I had 102.4 about an hour ago. Apparently God throws u some curveballs so you appreciate what you decided to do. Have any of you had fever early in the recovery ? Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Update and question

Hello all!
Today is day #10 after VSG. I'm already on the complete liquids (liquid yogurts and pudding cups added to diet apart from broths). I have lost 25 pounds since surgery and 42 pounds since journey began. My wounds are healing great and I'm beginning to fit in my old Metallica shirts which is awesome.

Now question: past three days the scale haven't move an ounce. I can imagine is the body entering in hibernation mode. But I just wanna know if this is normal and I shouldn't worry or if maybe I'm screwing up something. I know is early in the game and yes, 41 pounds is good but wanna touch base with you community out there . My next appointment with dietitian is early next week.

Your comments will be appreciated.

1 month post VSG today

Hello community
Today marks the 30 days benchmark from my VSG. Its been a wild ride on a positive note. I'm currently on my second week of smart solids.. (2 oz of protein and then the carbs if it holds) Its been weird adapting to the fullness feeling after 3 bites...Also the "fight" between the food going down and the gases coming up creates a weird sensation. Apart from that, healthwise feeling ok. Total weight loss now is 51 pounds. My nutritionist says i could loos another 50 pounds in the next 5-6 months. That would mean that i could be near 200 pounds! that would turn me in another person totally. I have already started to buy some pants because I need to wear suit and tie every day for work and the last one i used it looked like i wen to the Salvation Army and got a big pant and just fixed it in my waist with a rope!
Sleeping much better and a little more energy. Looking forward for my MD to give me clearance for some kind of physical Activity!

ill update after my checkup in 2 weeks.. Hope everybody is doing fine!!

new pic

documenting yesterday's update!!

almost 3 months review

Hello comunnity:
just a quick update!
starting weight: 312
surgery weight 299
current weight 247
total weight loss 65 pounds!
minus 8 pants sizes..
upside: no more diabetes medicine or hbp.. no apnea and no fatty liver!!
downside: need some clothes!!
totally blessed for this #newchanceinlive

re-update soon

ps: best decision in my life after marrying my wife and adopting our son!!

7 months strong

hey all: been very busy with life and work. today had an appointment with my md..discharged for 6 months!
off all meds. A1C in 5.4...HBP 112/70...
official lost weight 77 pounds. pants from 46 to 38 and counting.. officially the best decision of my life..#newchanceinlife
Puerto Rico Bariatric Surgeon

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