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I had been considering getting smart lipo for a...

I had been considering getting smart lipo for a while but my problem was I do not have fat all over the place of where i want to get the treatment. Only the certain spots of upper arms and on the front side of thighs had deposit of fat and the other areas are pretty muscular. So I was very concerned about damaging my muscles since I love swimming and working out if I were to get lipo. I did not want incisions in those particular places where I have fats which will be visible. I was also worried about my skin becoming uneven due to the lipo treatment. I learned about Mesotherapy in Japan while I was visiting there (it is very popular there and I believe in other asian countries too) but I did not have time to go through with the treatment since you need about 6 sessions every two weeks to accomplish the result. When I came back to NYC I started reading about the treatment but about half of the reviews were negative... The doctor who's got some positive reviews in NYC was dr. Bissoon and his patients said he is the best of the best and they were happy with the results. I looked him up and scheduled a consultation right away. He is a very calm gentle doctor and he answers all my questions and concerns and I decided to go through with it.

My first treatment - it was painful..... which lasted about two days but later on I found out it was because I had my period. It took about a week till the paint and bruises went away then after that my arms started shrinking, literally. When I went back for the 2nd session Dr. Bissoon told me 2 treatments would be enough for me. And I agreed because of how much fat I've lost on the area I hated so many years, the upper arms, where never thought I would be able to get rid of. I went back for the second treatment a week ago and it's still somewhat swelled up but I know from my experience last time, it is going to shrink drastically after about a week. I do not have pictures but the doctor took some pics of me at the initial consultation so maybe I can get it and post it here...

Since I was extremely happy with the result I went back to do my thighs two days ago.. I am not sure if the result will be as great yet but I am hopeful and excited.

It seems the key to the success for this treatment is to find a good doctor since i see many negative reviews of the doctors who charges much less who had no training. My doctor, Dr. Bissoon knows so much - he has book published about cellulite and fat which is a really informative and interesting book.

If you do not live near the good reputable doctor, it might be hard to get it done since you need to come back more than once.. hopefully only twice tho like I did for my arms. But I really believe this was the best decision I made.

I think if you have similar boy as I do and want to sculpt it, you should def get mesotherapy from a trained doctor. It is less invasive than lipo and down time is about 5 to 10 mins for me, pain wise. The dull pain lasts about two days as I said earlier (while on period), but it is tolerable. After 5 mins of the injections on the 2nd treatment I got up to put on my clothes and ran to subway to get back to the office.

I did not have any side effect besides the pain for a couple days and bruising for about 10 days... I don't know why the real self reviews have only about 50% of negative reviews. ...???

If you would like to get more info please message me. I would be happy to share my experience.

Sorry I did not update this sooner.


So first, review on my second session on the arms. When I posted the above, it was about a week after the 2nd session on the arms so i still couldnt tell how the result was. But to be honest result was not as dramatic as the 1st one... and I was thinking why... I realized that the doctor did not give as many injections as the 1st one. 1st time around he gave it to the whole arms but 2nd time he draw lines and targeted the only areas I had fats. And I liked the fact he did it because it somewhat changed the shape of my arms. When I went on diet my arms shrunk but the shape was the same but with meso it can reduce the fat on the targeted areas only and I am soooo happy with this. I always did not like the shape of my arms but now I look at the mirror everyday and smile. So again, it wasnt as dramatic as the 1st session, I saw some results and the doctor told me he can give me some on my arms for free when I go for the 2nd session on my thighs :)

Review on my leg treatments

After the 1st session my legs bruised a lot it was a bit scary. It didn't fully disappear when I went in for the second session and doctor told me that there is a pill i can take to minimize the bruising. After the 2nd session I took this pill, which you are supposed to take for 5 days or so, only for 2 days and stopped because I didn't bruise at all and I got worried if it was counter reacting to the injections. Really, it did not bruise while I was taking the pills. Then after I stopped, some small bruises appeared but not much at all about 3-4 of them.. I no longer feel much pain after 5 mins of injections and this pill takes care of the bruising then no down time? but it still swelled a bit so that's the only negative side effect. When I went into 2nd session of my legs I think it was still swelled so I dont think I can say I saw a dramatic result like I did on my arms and it hasn't been a week since I got my 2nd session of my legs so I want to wait a bit longer to comment on this but some cellulite i had on the back of the thighs are totally gone. And I def see the reduction in fat but I think I need one more session. So at the 2nd session the doctor gave me freebee on my arms so I got total of 3 sessions on my arms. I am really happy I did this and I think it will shrink a bit more since I got this done not even a week ago. I am planning to update this in a few weeks hopefully with some pics. I said I need one or maybe two more sessions on my thighs but I am not planning to do it till the fall because I dont want to expose swelled up legs.

To sum up my experience, I am so glad I did it! When I touch the parts of my body I can feel how it has changed also I see how different it looks.

Thank you for reading my review.
New York Physician

So great - please see my review above.

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