Upper Eyelid Hollowness As a Result of Botched Blepahroplasty

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I am a 36 year old Asian female. Last June 2007, I...

I am a 36 year old Asian female. Last June 2007, I had a blepharo to have double eyelids. However, my left upper eyelid became too hollow. I had a second bleph in March 2009 to correct this. The same doctor removed scar tissue. This did not work.

Nobody in Manila seems to be competent enough to perform a fat-grafting procedure. I even consulted an oculoplastic surgeon but he can not provide pictures of clients with similar problems and have limited or no experience at all at fat grafting of eyelids.

I am frustrated that my eyelids are hugely assymetrical. I am fearful of another surgery as it may damage muscle function or cause ptosis. I've read that fillers don't work and the only solution is fat grafting.

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In surgery connected to the eye, the doctor or cosmetic surgeon must be experienced in Ocuplastics. Do research online about hollow eyelids and read published abstracts. For example, I've just learned that fat grafting is even more viable (can last for 3.5 years) if pubic fat is used vs. fat in other areas of the body. Be informed. Read articles and do research. To prevent hollow eyelids in blepharo procedures, the doctor must remove fat conservatively and with caution. It is easier to remove fat or muscle but extremely difficult to replace in corrective surgeries. Be wary of this.

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