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Hello, i'm here to share my experience with my...

Hello, i'm here to share my experience with my decision to have a mommy makeover. Let me start by saying me and my husband met when I was 16, we had our first child when I was 18. He is now 11and since we've had 2 more little ones 4yrs and a 1 1/2 yr old. I literally haven't wore a two piece since I was 16 & since haven't wrote a bathing suit period!!!! I felt if I bought a one piece that would mean I excepted my body which I in no way condoned. Before baby of course I was only 18 but my body was very nice so it was very hard to except that this was my body for the rest of my life, I knew there had to be options for me. After years and years of research, and since we've completed our family I'm ready to address my body head on. I have went on 3 consults and have found my miracle worker. But it hasn't been an easy road, my husband hasn't been a big fan of the whole idea not only because of the financial aspect but I think he may be a little jealous.

I know he supports me but he is a little nervous which to tell you the truth if it was him and he was gonna get an instant 6 pack with big muscles I'd be a little nervous. So convincing him and getting it to fit in our budget of a one income family with three little ones could be very hard. Also the timing when is it a good time to stop the clock and say ok I'll be out of commission for at least 3 Weeks when i'm the one who runs the whole household for the last 12 years is not very convenient at any point. There's school, parties, sports and not to mention the every day life, but I figure if i'm the one that makes it happen for every one else why not make it happen for me, I could be happy too!!! So here I am waiting to schedule my Mommy make over which will consist of TT & BA I will be schduled for the first week of July hopefully they have an open appointment. My biggest dream is for after wards be able to wear a two piece, so we will see what happens. My stretchmarks are my biggest enemies if they could just move below my bellybutton I would be super happy!!!!

If any one could share their experience with SM above the bellybutton and their before and after results can please inbox me that would be awesome!!!! Since I've found this wonderful site I stay up late nights reading and looking through all the wonderful stories of mommies just like me. My excitement is through the roof, but also I get this nervous feeling of what if it looks awful worse then before which wouldn't be that bad if I had paid thousands of dollars to look awful would be the sad part. But this has effected many aspects of my life I wont even go in my own swimming pool in the privacy of my own home with my children or go on vacations to beach resorts cause of this and that not only effects me but my children so I know I have to do something. I'm also horrified of the pain I will experience post op, i'm not big on pain.

Had my pre op appt. Tuesday and my surgery is...

Had my pre op appt. Tuesday and my surgery is scheduled for July 12th hurray!!!!!!!!!!!! Super excited!!!! But have this nervous sick feeling in my tummy, terrified of the recovery & results. Going to post pictures soon of my pre surgery bod. Counting down the days.

Counting down 10 more days!!!! Whooo whooooooo

Counting down 10 more days!!!! Whooo whooooooo
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