3rd Day PO MM W/ Axillary Breast Tissue Removal - Upland, CA

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I feel like this will all be worth it once I see...

I feel like this will all be worth it once I see the final result. Right now I am on a scale of 7 for pain but when I get up to go to the bathroom. my back hurts so bad especially around the lats. I can't really tell what my tummy looks like because I'm so hunched over. I won't lie sitting here bored out of my mind on this recliner has got me thinking about how unproductive I've been and I'm wondering if I could have either waited or just done this another time. My frustration was mostly my tummy and no matter how clean I ate or how many personal trainers I hired, I got the results but not on my tummy. The realization that the excess skin will not disappear was reality for me to move forward with the MM. I also had developed some pronounced axillary breast tissue after having my last 2 kids and they were actually producing milk (lovely :-/) It became very painful and lumpy so I also had that taken out. I also got Natrelle 45-550 CC Silicone unders Moderate Round. Here's pics of my PO 1 and 2.

Surprise Coughs .. OOOUCCCHHH! Day 4 PO & Totally Bored :-/

I don't know why but I just coughed twice and it hurts so bad .. am I popping stitches out of place? OMG .. I have never felt such pain in my life! All I know is I really want to take a shower and wash my hair. I feel so gross :-/

I bought a bath seat online and it arrived today .. YAY for Amazon Prime! Fortunately I have a detachable shower head and I can have my husband wash my hair .. I feel like a living oil gland. I can't wait to be "normal" because I am bored out of my mind!

11 days post op and still hunched over :-/ but overall doing well ..

Hi Everyone!

Well I'm 11 days post of and still a little hunched over from the surgery. My breasts are also so swollen because I'm just one of those girls that swell easily. My doc allowed me to take pics and send it to them via email since it was after hours so he can see if there was any bruising (this was wed 7/17) and we spoke and he said no - they just looked swollen and for me to just re-wrap, take motrin and stop the massaging until I saw him the next day. The intense "vavoom" feeling subsided. I felt like my boobs had their own heartbeat! and I felt some numbing in my armpit and behind my should area. When I saw him the next day Thurs, he told me to really relax because he suspected I may have not been resting as much as I should be - which is kinda true *guilty* .. He basically told me "your mind is ready but your body is not .. slow down because you really need to heal to get the best results and avoid complications" .... So like an obedient patient .. I haven't done anything - the house is upside down but so long as my kids are fed well and safe - I'm just going to have to let the other stuff go ..

I won't lie - I would really like to stand up straight, sleep in my own bed (I've been in this recliner since Day 1) and cuddle with my babies ... I miss them! When is that magic day when you start to feel like a normal person?!

21 Days Post OP .. body rejecting internal sutures ..

I went to my PS yesterday 7/30 as I was concerned about my incision on the right breast in the crease they almost looked like they were breaking open so I sent the attached pic to my plastic surgeon via email and he asked that I come in. Just to back track for a little, for the last 2 weeks, I've been swelling a lot but he always had me come in to check for a possible seroma or hematoma. In addition - I had a small infection in my belly button bc my sutures kinda popped from the swelling. My incision from my tummy tuck had a few openings too. They weren't oozing anything thank God as I was carefully doing my wound care with a water wash, triple antibiotic and some gauze but Geez .. my incision in the crease, belly button sutures popping open and my tummy incision all at the same time! .. Soooo yesterday .. my doc basically picked out the small sutures in each area because my body is somewhat "rejecting" the foreign body. He even told me he's only seen this happen twice and it's pretty rare ... He asked me what my nutrition was like and I was honest .. it hasn't been the best .. I get so tired that I often times forget to eat. He told me that my healing and swelling is extremely slow so he made a small list for me to buy a mult-vitamin, zinc, vit c and Ensure which is the drink the elderly consume to help "up" their protein. Already, I am feeling better and praying that I can atleast stand up straight in the next few days. I expressed my frustration to my doctor who was very sympathetic but I can't even begin to emphasize how important your health habits are even prior to having the surgery done. Before I got my MM .. I ate whenever I could because I was always on the go and my schedule was often times unpredictable. Gosh .. if I only knew what I know now .. I honestly feel so far behind on recovery. Dr. Park gave me a bunch of gauze and triple antibiotic and showed me exactly what I need to do .. There are improvements just overnight but wish me luck .. I just want to stand up straight and heal right .. I am happy I have a patient and attentive doctor and staff to help me thru this .. especially this site and all of you ladies to vent to and celebrate my recovery with in the future :D

I'm in Oahu .. and healing :)

All I have to say is I love my PS Dr. Park!!! After having some crazy feelings about my incision hole wound, debridement and healing for the last 2 weeks where I had to do wet to dry dressing and packing galore .. My surgeon out of concern before I left set up a plastic surgeon colleague he has been friends with back in college to see me incase of emergency here in Honolulu!!! Just 1 week ago. my wound was 85% infected and he was even hesitant on letting me take this vacation .. I was super bummed but have stuck to his regimen of 4 hours of wet-to-dry on my larger incision hole and triple antibiotic ointment on the other 2 holes along with a pretty aggressive antibiotic call Levofloxacin and my healing is now progressing wonderfully :)

I just emailed him to give him a quick update with this photos on this beautiful sunny day here in the Ko 'Olina Marriott Beach Club in Oahu .. and my PS actually responded :)

I truly believe that not only should we select a PS that is truly experienced but also a surgeon that is compassionate and cares about your well being and definitely one you can communicate comfortably with. It's so important .. The money we all spend to improve our image is a long awaited wish I'm sure we all can attest to .. The aftercare post surgery is so key in choosing your surgeon .. I am truly grateful for mine :) Thank you Dr. Park .. though you are not an active PS here on RealSelf .. I am still giving you a shout out!
Inland Empire Plastic Surgeon

I first went to Dr. Parks office as a referral from a friend. She had amazing results and I knew she can be quite particular and picky and that she did her homework. After meeting him, I just knew that Dr. Park was a young and quite intelligent doctor who thoroughly went over the reason why a lift wasn't as necessary as a few of the other PS I visited had suggested. He knew exactly what I wanted and I felt confident about his expertise even though I was still in "shopping" mode. I went to 9 different doctors from Newport Beach, San Diego, Beverly Hills and other cities in-between. It's kinda like buying a wedding dress .. you just know when it's "your dress" .. I visited a few more docs after my consult with Dr. Park and actually visited with Dr. Park 1 more time just to make sure if the consults were consistent with my feelings of proceeding with him. After the 2nd meeting, I completely felt that I had built the rapport needed for me to clearly convey what I wanted and I liked that I never felt rushed .. I showed Dr. Park several pics, spoke about the look I was wanting to achieve and he provided me with very reasonable outcomes that I could expect from the surgery results. The only reason why I say I'm undecided if it was worth it is because I need to see the final result - but as each day passes and I start to see the subtle changes, I can just feel that Dr. Park was worth every dollar spent. Today (7/16) I had my 1 Week Post Op apt. and again, his thoroughness on the massaging techniques and his beside manner is extremely professional. I can't emphasize that enough. Even on the day of surgery when he was marking me, he took about 15-20 minutes to do it and I felt extremely secure because I knew my incisions would be evenly placed and clean .. and from the looks of it .. they totally are!!! The incisions are all uniform and neat because of his meticulous technique and attention to detail. I often times got a little weirded out when I would see pics of TT's with the incision somewhat wavy, crooked or too high .. not mine :) After the surgery and to date, he and his staff have always been responsive even in emails for a quick question/concern. His team is dedicated, personable yet professional and attentive - Ashley, Desiree, Jenn & Lori are the sweetest girls ever! His anesthesiologist Billy has been doing been doing her thing for 40 years! So far I could not be happier to have gone thru Dr. Park and his amazing team. He is a hidden gem of a surgeon and as each day passes and I look in the mirror, I am beginning to appreciate his work more and more.

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