34 Y/o Mom of 1 with Skin Flaps...ugh - Upland, CA

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So after losing 100 pounds and breast feeding my...

So after losing 100 pounds and breast feeding my child, my boobs disappeared. Completely. I've decided to get implants and my doctor said I'd also need a lift. Great! When we first met, my doctor recommended I go with a 275-300cc because of my "small frame". I'm 5'6" and weigh between 125-130 depending on the day. Lol. Anyways. Let's be real. I'm doing this because I want VA-VA-VOOM boobs, not "oh, she must not have kids" boobs. I'm paying top dollar, I should get what I want. Tomorrow is my pre-op where we try on sizes and I'm going to tell the doctor I want 400cc and to err on the side of big. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I being unrealistic? I just want D or DD and for my boobs to look amazing!

Met with Doctor!

Had my sizing appointment today! Whew! What a great visit, so informative!! I didn't try on any "sizers" because I'm getting a lift at the same time and it's hard to see what they'll look like but we did discuss my desire to be a larger size. Doctor said he'd do what I wanted and I showed him some pics. He measured me to make sure the 590cc would fit (and not get in the way of my arm motion) and they will!! So excited!! I'm one week and one day away from surgery!!

Six days post op

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I had surgery! I thought this was going to be way easier but was wrong. Here's what I didn't expect:

1. Sleeping on my back would be so uncomfortable
2. My boobs would look so weird at first
3. Lifting, leaning on, reaching with my arms would be so difficult!
4. Pain meds caused major constipation! Glad I stopped after 2 days. Used Tylenol Extra Strength instead.
5. Bra use is mandatory. I have the surgical bra that PS gave me but have no idea what to wear now.

Things I loved:
1. PS was great!! Amazing even. My surgery uneventful and that's great!
2. Sleep!! Just being able to rest and recover is wonderful!


Size of implants

Totally forgot to post my implants details!

Originally couldn't decide between 535cc and 590cc but told PS to go bigger no matter what. Day of surgery, he put in the 590cc but couldn't close incisions so he put 535cc instead. I'm okay with that because I could have had incision problems and no one wants that. Besides, it's only a few cc difference.

The lift looks great! I have cleavage which I never thought I would!! So happy I did this!
Dr. Edward Park

Amazing doctor who has done my stomach and nose too! Perfect bedside manner, very caring and his staff are kind, patient and extremely helpful.

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