Got em' :) 5'0" 375cc

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Ok so after seeing this sight and combing through...

ok so after seeing this sight and combing through all the reviews and before and afters which i find the most helpful here i am am posting my own.I am 30 yrs old have 4 kiddos breastfeed all, Im 5'0 107 34a pre op and my bwd is 12.5 my stats, my 1st ps was nice the staff was wonderful though i am realizing I spend more time with the pateint consultant rather than the dr I don't know if thats the case with others, my second consul was ok the dr took one look and alredy suggested a tummy tuck which i know i need but no need to point out my flaws the first dr didnt say anything. Well this "beverly hills" dr in brea tells me about all the that goes on in plastic surgery so he was informative till I saw the quote 8 grand knocked me to the floor 2 more than number 1 so i knew this wasnt happening so fast foward to dr # 3 quotes me 5700 so i was ok with that staff seems nice he has great work from waht i saw and pretty good price i have my final appointment for my search the end off this month which is perfect so i can choose between my 3 i like hopefully she is as great as all the reviews i hear so i can hopefully get this done by the end of may! ohh boobies how have wanted you for so long. oh yeah im shooting for 400cc-440cc all the dr's i have seen are board certified and 1 was just recertified this year so i know he's up with all the latest techniques though the more expensive 1 was grandfathered in so no clue if he has gone through recertification since he doesn't have to?


Ok things didn't go as planned a couple years ago but now paid in full my twins will (crossing finger) arrive April 2nd yay!! Went down a bit in sizing, was looking into 450 before but now I'm looking at 375cc from a 34 a . I hope to get to a full c small d


More sizers


Ish just got real

Revised post

Tomorrow is the big day !!

Surgery center just called check in @10:30 I am still with 375 hope it looks good

Good bye sad small boobies

Had a night Of clarity , I will was so nervous of not going big enough and not making it back home . I will be happy if they are not that huge, it's better than what I have now . And I know The Lord has my back :) see you guys on the boobie side

The babies have arrived

I am honestly so surprised how well I feel, yes they are super tight , sore and hurt . But the rest of me feels good! No nausea u walk around my room and go to the bathroom myself yay!! I'm just icing and taking my meds, ps said I can start massages. My friend who's had them done came by and she was so surprised by my recovery being alert and awake .

Day 1 recovery

I have to say they hurt @ 6 mostly from the tightness and swelling. I feel ok and can walk around the house . The pain goes up to my armpits , is that for everyone? To get off the bed I need help compared to yesterday. Morning boob sucked today woke up in the middle of the night and had to rub these girls down and took some pain meds

Day 2

I feel so tight! I feel like they will explode in my chest , other than that I don't have any pains. I can't dress myself yet my hubby has been awesome .

Seem a little small :/

I've been off my Percocet for 2 days and lowering the muscle relaxer. I've was feeling to drugged up, I looked awful Easter Sunday family was asking if I was preggers:| For today I just took Ibuprofen but still some a lil loopy from yesterday. As for the girls the look small (ugh)! They look like b's nobody noticed a difference yesterday. I really hope the magical drop n fluff fairy stops at my house cause these are no where near where I want to be. 375 cc was my final choice but I wish I wasn't scared of looking to big, now that they're inside they seem small. I would of gone 420. Oh well at least the hubby's supportive he said if they're not bigger by 8 months we would save up Again to go bigger:)

Almost 1 week out

I'm still hoping they might get bigger :) a girl can only dream went back to work today, my back aches . I worked @ 5 hrs before I had to go , all this elevated sleeping and hunched over really wrecks your back. Thank goodness I still have muscle relaxers. I would recommend for someone who is getting boobs to add 50cc to whatever size you like it would of helped me .

Two weeks out

Getting softer still a little high and tight . Def will be getting a revision but not a big hurry at least I have something to work with compared to before . I have to say my nip's are sore I guess this is a normal thing with breast aug's lol. I'm 99% myself sweeping and counter wiping feels weird to do still kinda feels like I have little strength . I haven't tried carrying my lil /big guy he's @ 45lbs 3yr old . I'll wait my mom came by yesterday and said I look the same :/

3 weeks

Going good , don't freak out with size ladies. Boobs look huge naked but once you have ur clothes on- not so big :/

Added photo

Boobie update

34d candies bra from kohls .

Comfy bra , I just had to share!

Wireless with lining :) I'm a medium bought at target for 14.99


Wow can't Believe it's been a month. I'm going to stop complaining about them and wait a year. Then I'll make my choice. Scars are healing pretty well , I haven't put anything in them

Went shopping I know to early

I needed a bra for work I think I got too much

Boobie update

Well time does fly! Here are the girls , I'm not sure if the dd bra cups might be to small since I've never had the issue of having to much for cups lol. I still want to be bigger I feel they hide so much under clothes . The last pic is the size I'd like to be in the future ;) a recent trip to Vegas left me feeling so small . That's just how I feel

2 months :)

So far my perfect fit is a34dd Demi followed by 32ddd Demi if nothing else a regular 32dd but it's a tighter fit idk why they feel a lot softer, my nipples were looking droopy before but thanks to the implants they're back where they should be.

Scar update 1 month of use

I bought this scar gel off amazon healing touch scar gel . I think it's worked really well they seem to be fading and I don't feel the thick skin like I did a month ago, it's flat if you know what I mean.

6 months

Still doing good, knock on wood no complications :) settling at 34d or 32dd . Still plan on going bigger but I'm better than what I started with so I'm semi happy, lol. Hope my reviews help out the ladies out there. Seems like the 375 got me to the size a vs bombshell looks like so maybe that reference can help
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