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The day of my surgery, It was about a little over...

The day of my surgery, It was about a little over 10 minutes after the time for me to check in for surgery and I got a call from Dr. Smaili Brea's location that he was sick and would not be coming in. I would have appreciated getting a call much earlier or the day before not when Im already in the waiting room with my friend who had requested the day off to take me. I had requested 2 weeks off for this surgery and was told I could reschedule or wait for another doctor to do the surgery later that day. I choose to wait and I thank god I had another doctor do it but...... I ended up coming out of the surgery table with one breast significantly bigger then the other! The first thing the doctor told me was that one is bigger then the other and we would find solutions for this problem (keep in mind this doctor was not to blame for this problem and yet he was already trying to find a solution). I do not blame this particular dr for this problem, because he was extremely attentive and even apologized for this problem because I had chosen silicone implants. I was unaware that silicone implants were already pre-filled to the actual size of the implant. I wish Dr. Smaili would have been personable during our pre-op instead of giving me a short 5 minute consultation. During the consultation, I clearly remember him saying one breast was bigger then the other and he chose to go 20 cc's(the equivalent to a silicone vs a saline implant) higher on one implant. Lets be honest, it would be unfair to expect perfectly identical sized breast, but when one breast is almost overlapping the other because of the largeness? Not cool! Now I am stuck with these implants, the difficulty of wanting to wear a bikini with weird fake breast and an expensive payment that I am unsatisfied with. As a woman, we all have our insecurities, and this has grown from a small insecurity to a bigger insecurity. All I wanted was a full C to fill out a bikini; now I have one implant much higher and rounder then the other. God knows when I will be able to fix this problem and now I will have to pay even more to fix it since I went for a follow up and was told we could fix it and was given a quote... Why should I have to pay more for someones mistake? I have so many more concern, for example this bulge that is on my lleft breast but I am not comfortable going to my own doctor? Please ladies, do your research and make sure to choose the right doctor, not just some doctor who wants to cash in on these horrible breast augmentation decisions. I have never written a review for any place, but this was absolutely necessary. By writing this review I hope to save many other potential patients the heartache, tears, disappointment and non the less their hard earned money!!!
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