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I received my treatment plan today so I thought I...

Treatment plan video
I received my treatment plan today so I thought I would start my review.
There are not many reviews with pictures so I plan to post every time I switch aligners. Even though the changes may not be noticeable. I have searched for hours and read many reviews but can't find a play by play review.
A little background I am 27. I had braces when I was younger and perfect teeth until my wisdom grew in and caused crowding. I finally had them removed 3 years ago in hopes that my teeth would shift back but apparently that isn't going to happen. In my line of work as a business professional it's not an option to get braces so I was going to go with invisilign. My treatment would've cost $5,780ish. Then I heard of smile care club which is only $1500.
I figured it's worth the risk and I don't think it will make my teeth worse. Also not having to go to the dentist office every month is a huge perk to me.
The process
Go to website. Fill out info. Take pics. I took my pictures myself with my phone. Make sure you get every angle and have good lighting. Fuzzy pics will be declined and you'll have to do it again. They need to see all of your teeth.
I was received my approval email the next day. Very excited because I didn't think I would qualify as my crowding is much more severe than other review pictures I've seen.
Ordered impression kit and used a coupon code which gave me $25 off the $95. Just google smile care club coupon code
Received impression kit the next week.
VERY IMPORTANT to keep the mold in your mouth for as long as you can (2-3 min). My first kit was horrible. I gagged and my eyes watered and I took them out way to early. As I said that was my first kit :( they denied them and I had to do it again. Paid another $50 for new kit which gets credited to your treatment plan.
A little tip. Do this in private. You will be a mess! I drooled and gagged and suffered for the 2 min that felt like 30 min. But I didn't want to be rejected again.
Popped them into the box, dropped them at the FedEx.
APPROVED!!! Wooohooo
Couple weeks and I received my starter trays which fit perfect! You have to call and verify that they fit correctly. Took 5 min to call. Then it takes 7 days to get your treatment plan. Mine actually took 2 weeks as they were backed up.
Starter trays also come with teeth whitener called glo. It works amazing. It's sold at Sephora for $50 for the amount they provided. I also found out that if you pay for your treatment in full you get a year supply of the whitening gel :) that alone is worth thit $1500.
The treatment plan includes a video that shows the progression of your teeth movement. You can also click on each of the aligners (in my case I have 20) to see which teeth move. Pretty cool. You can download and save this to your computer. You must open it on a computer, can't do it on your phone. I am uploading my treatment plan video. Please excuse the background noise.
After you watch and are happy you can order your treatment. I used a coupon code to get $150 off. So my plan came to $1350!
It states that it takes 21 days to receive your aligners. I will update as soon as I receive them. I have read reviews that it took longer than the promised 21 so we shall see.
I have uploaded pictures of my teeth now. I'm very self conscious of them so it was tough but I really want people to see how bad they are and be able to follow my progress. I also included a side by side of the before and hopefully after from my treatment email.
There are a lot of bad reviews complaining of customer service and delays. I have personally called and had no issues. The representatives have been nice/professional and able to answer my questions. Yes I had one delay but to me saving $4,000 is totally worth it. I waited this long so what's an extra week? If you feel you need things right away and are impatient you might want to pay to get invisilign.
I'll be back in 21 days! :)

Discount codes

$20 off impression kit

$150 off treatment

My aligners are here!!! :)))

Sooooo.... My aligners showed up today! Yay!!!! Right on schedule. Actually ahead of schedule! I received 10 out of the 20 aligner sets. Unfortunately one thing I noticed right away is I didn't receive my whitening gel. I spoke to a smile direct rep when I had to confirm the fit of my starter trays he informed me that if I pay for the aligners in full instead of payments I would receive a year supply of glo teeth whitening gel. As I stated before this was a huge selling point for me so it's pretty disappointing to open the box and not see the whitening gel. I called the customer service number and the rep said she would contact the department that ships out the aligners and will take care of it. So hopefully I will receive those shortly. I asked if it would come in one shipment but she said she didn't know but would look into it.
Anywho back to the new aligners :)
They are designed much better than the starter trays. Less plastic around the gums and seems to be better made than the starters.
So I put my first set in and they are tight!!! It's a much different feeling that braces. First off there's no metal scraping into your gums (you never forget that pain) it's like the dull pain after you bump your teeth. To me I like the feeling because it tells me the aligners are doing their job. In a couple hours I'll prob want to rip them out after the excitement wears off lol but for now I'm happy. If you read the comments above a dentist mentioned the "chewies" he said to chew on them for an hour each day to insure the aligners are set in correctly and help with the tooth movement. I'm chewing on one now and I hear clicking. I'm guessing since it's only been 20 min that my teeth haven't adjusted to the aligner so they will prob click for the first week or so. I will say when I first put them in they must not have been in all the way because after the chewies I felt them pop into place.
I'll update when I hear back or receive my whitening gel.
Use your chewies people!!!

Tray 1 of treatment plan

Here we go...
Aligner #1/20
I will update every 3 weeks or as things come up :)
Just want to point out that I paid for my treatment on May 4th and received today. Only took 15 days!! I'm already impressed and can say the price difference is so worth going through the process.

Haven't spoken to dentist yet

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