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So many reasons to get this done for myself. I...

So many reasons to get this done for myself. I need it so badly. Been waiting a week mow for my GYN to call me with a referral to a surgeon. I already have physically therapy recorded for neck pain causing migraines. In pain every day and clothes shopping is a JOKE. Comment if you have advice for a consult or if you had this done!

38I bra, 36K swimsuit

Bit the bullet and got my swimtop from the specialy shop.

Swimsuit/Full torso picture

Here's my swimtop. I get gapping in the cup when I twist or bend a certain but it's just the way it's cut.


Found this in my inbox

I am not less of a women for wanting a breast reduction. And I'm sorry but no amount of love from any partner will take away my back pain.

Keep fingers and toes crossed!

We've had a hard time trying to find a surgeon. But luckily one just became available! He's taking patients starting July 18th in out wound care center until his office opens in the women's health center. I called my GYN because I still want the referral documented from them. He's only doing them if he deems them "medically necessary."

I've been getting a little rashy this year where my underwire sits because it's been so hot :( and pinching in my armpit area on one side sometimes. Huge knots in my shoulders and along the muscles that run alone the spine near where my clasp sits. Clothes shopping is extremely difficult and bras are too expensive for me to afford more than 1 or 2 per year. I don't own a sports bra that fits anymore. The weight on my ribs when i sit is so heavy. Here's to hoping!

My GYN office said they will look into that doctors office and get back to me.


I could just cry from being angry. For a few weeks now, we've been going back and forth with my GYN to get a referral for the reduction. They've called around already for me and whatnot. I gave them a name last week to call a certain doctor and called them today to ask if they had an updated. She put me on hold then came back five minutes later and said "I'm sorry for any misunderstanding but only your primary care physician can give you a referral." GREAT, THANK YOU FOR WASTING MY TIME. So I have an appointment with my practitioner this Thursday at 6PM.

To top it all off, my haircut appointment for Wednesday was supposed to be at 10:30 but when they called me they told me 12:30. I told them there's no way I would have made it for that time because I work at 1. Didn't say sorry or offer a solution. I am so irritated with my morning. -_-

Consultation Scheduled

My consultation is this Friday morning :D I'll update how it goes.


I got the call this morning I am approved for surgery and my date is September 8th!!

Pre-Op Tomorrow Morning

I'm adding a photoset. The sports bra is not for support, just to prevent skin/skin contact.

Pre-Op Discussion!

500 grams from each breast minimum, he said to expect about a B. I'd ideally like a C but I trust him.

Rash :(

Rash from sweating in a sports bra. Photo 1 is no filter, Photo 2 is filter to better show.

After 12 hours

Bra after 12 hours

Looking forward to better sleep

Pain Meds

Having a really hard time the last couple days. I have severe migraines but 1 week prior there are certain meds I can't take before surgery. I had to call off work yesterday and called them today to ask them to mark breaks in any free time in my schedule. I maxed out yesterday on my pain med from my Neurologist. I can't take it while I'm at work because it makes me drowsy and disoriented. I can't take any more tylenol until tonight either. Please pray this won't be how next week will go, I'll be close to starting my period at that time.


Just finished PreAdmission Testing. Luckily I had my last doctor visit print a patient plan, only way I was able to remember my medications and allergies. It's was like a quiz of how well I know my medical history! OFFICIALLY NERVOUS

Cleaning & Before Dress

Well, I have everything cleaned now. Just washing my bedding. I've decided which dress I will use as my Before/After gauge! Here's a picture =)


I will wake up at 5:45 to shower and bring my things downstairs. I think I will leave my phone at home. I bought comfy pj pants and I'll wear a loose tank top with a new jacket (for zip up). I am extremely scared to go under anesthesia and I feel like I'm saying goodbye to people. I will be fine. I've made myself nauseous all week from anxiety. I need tomorrow to be done with. Wish me luck. xoxo

Day After

Hey everyone. I'll kind of try to do a run down of yesterday. I got to the hospital and did my check in stuff. A couple nurses came in and prepped me with cleansing wipes and had me take a pregnancy test. I got a shot in my stomach to avoid a blood clot. My heart rate and blood pressure were very high because I was so anxious. She started an IV in my left hand and my first fluids. (It ended up being on too fast and when the anesthesia doctor came in he was like "damn, ok, do you need to pee?" Because the whole bag was gone.) my surgeon took his time marking me up and then I met with anesthesia. I loved all my nurses except for the very last one (she was rushing me around and just being kind of rude). They gave me my "cocktail" and wheeled me into the operating room. It was smaller than I expected and had so much stuff in the room. They extended my arms out into rests and placed pumped over my compression socks. My surgical nurse put the larger mask over my nose and mouth and told me they were going to put the anesthesia in now. I kept eye contact with her and she could tell i was starting to cry again. After I think 4-5 breaths, I was out. Surgery ended up taking 6 hours instead of 4-4.5, but they said everything went really well. My doctor spoke to my parents and said he REMOVED 1.5 POUNDS PER BREAST. That's insane. I keep going to support my chest only to find no boob, haha. The ended up giving me 5 bags of fluids while I was there, so I've been peeing a lot. When I woke up in the operating room I started moving and crying a lot said I was scared and couldn't breathe. My surgical nurse kept saying I'm ok and and if I was in pain, I told her my blood pressure pump was hurting my arm. I didn't feel like it was a "quick nap" like most people say, I could tell I had been asleep for a while. I was severely dizzy for a fee hours and I'm still dizzy today. They kept me in recovery for a while because my heart rate was in the 80s and spiking to 107 and I was sweating. I threw up when I came home. My mom has been taking care of me and my dad has helped too. My mom went to check my dressing and I started getting panicky so she stopped and that we'll try again later. That's pretty much it for now I think. Please ask anything you'd like to know.

Surgery Bra

Best pic I can get right now.


So instead of taking a full Percocet every 6 hours, we're going to do 1/2 every 3 hours. I feel like crap from meds and surgery. It'll be ok though. I'm hoping two weeks off work will be enough. Here's a better bra pic.


I know I will eventually think this is with it, but right now I do not. I am in constant pain, I have to take Percocet but Percocet makes me constipated. I am taking magnesium, senna, stool softeners, laxatives, and suppositories, the ONLY thing that gave me relief was an enema. Also, I now have thrush in my throat. I had random gum swelling in one section of my mouth that moved to the roof of my mouth and now it feels like someone has scraped it with a metal fork. It looks like I majorly bit my lip in recovery so there's a sore on my upper lip. I can't straighten my arms because the inside of my elbows hurt SO BADLY from being in the same position during surgery. The only thing that brings pain relief is icing, which I can't do all the time. Oh, and because I can't have normal bowel movements, my body feels sick and it's giving me back pain and making me vomit.

I'm saying all this because it's part of my healing. I'm not saying "don't get it," this just sucks. A lot.

Looking Up!!!

Finally! Hit my turnaround! :D went into PS today (a day early) he originally gave my mom and I the go ahead to remove the dressing ourselves (mom is a nurse & supervisor in his building) but the night ended with both of us in tears so we decided to cut away what we peeled off, place paper towel over the wet dressing (from shower) and leave it for him. He is so calm and thought it was a little amusing and had no issue with doing the rest. His assistant was all worried because my vitals were high from anxiety but he kept saying "she's ok, she just worked herself up" and stayed really calm through the whole thing. My vitals where down by the end. He cleaned me with saline gauze and put tape on, said to leave it until it falls off on its own. Wants me in a supportive sports bra with no distinct cups. Found a front zip at Target!! $26.49!!!! That's insane! I am really exhausted from the doctor visit and mall. Taken a full Percocet, icing, and laying down to hopefully nap. ALSO, I finally found poo relief! Turns out my mom gave me more laxatives last night, HAH. But whatever, I feel better. PLEASE ask me anything you want to know!

New bra!

Obviously bigger for swelling. But so comfortable and great support.


Just look! I want to cry tears of JOY! The bralette from Target I bought before surgery FITS and the dress I am wearing I wore to a wedding reception.


I don't have very many cleavage appealing clothes. But I've always like this outfit. :)

Oh my gosh! Blue Bra

Before and After same bra!! This is amazing. My Doctor has been phenomenal the whole way.


Hey, everyone. So I'm now having a reaction to my sutures which is making my incisions (nears my T's) hurt very much and my T incisions are opening. I'm still dressing them with bandages and neosporin.

When Did You ....

When did everyone drop? Just curious on when everyone felt like their breasts finally softened and dropped. Thanks!


My mom picked this up for me to use to see if it helps better than the neosporin.

6 Week Appointment

Had my 6 week post op today. The Ts and a couple other spots are still spitting sutures. He dressed me with silicone tape and gave me the rest in the box, so that was really nice. :) He's been really amazing through the whole process, couldn't have had a better PS. I'll use that VS gift card soon!!! :D

One of my new bras!

Targets Band sizes run very small and I'm not sure why. But I fit into a Target 38D. (Normal band size, 34)

Nipple Piercings?

Hey lovelies! Toying with the idea of getting nipple piercings. Should I wait til a year post op? Did anyone else have it done? I have 1 more visit in April 2017 for final pictures.

As far as UPDATE goes. They have fully settled. I am currently braless at work! I love how now my nipples actually get pointy hard instead on scrunching like they did pre op. Still have numbness but feeling in nipples.

Numbness & Itching

The bottom of my breasts have been numb since surgery but I still feel pain and A LOT of itching there. Anyone experience this? Or anything similar?


New favorite sweater! (Please check previous posts, I have questions!!)
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