Consult 10/31. Size 30i, 26 Yrs, 5'2, 130lbs, No Kids, British Columbia

Hey, guys. I've spent hours every day reading your...

Hey, guys. I've spent hours every day reading your stories and looking at your photos. Thank you so much for sharing.
I'm a petite, shy, 26 year old who had been wanting a BR since middle school. My back, neck, and shoulders hurt every day. I've weighed 115-140 lbs, and my breasts hardly change. They bring so much unwanted attention (me being so shy, etc) and they are so out if proportion with the test of my body. I was a Chiro for the first time yesterday, and the first thing out of her mouth was "You are very top-heavy, have you considered reduction?".
Anyway, my first visit with my family Dr is Sept 12. Any insight on what questions I should be asking? Ps I live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
Pps I'm hesitant to post photos, so to ease my anxiety I've stickered over my Nipples. I'm sure I'll get more comfortable with the drs, but I have no idea who is going to see this online.

Some pics with clothing

It's hard for me to find photos of my chest with clothing on, because I usually hide under baggy clothes. I managed to find some in dresses.
I don't even own a bathing suit. My band size is so small, that even specialty places don't have anything big enough in the cup and small enough in the straps/band to not fall off me.

First appt today

Just got home from my GP's office. He's put in a referral to Dr Jennifer Robinson in Victoria, BC for a consult. Now we wait. He wasn't sure how long I'd be waiting for an appt, but I told him I'm open to paying for it instead of going through insurance, if it'll expedite the whole process.

Before photos with bra

Anyone currently waiting for BR in BC Canada?

I forgot to ask, is anyone else starting their breast reduction journey In BC Canada? My GP is sending a referral to surgeon Dr Jennifer Robinson in Victoria, BC. I'm curious how long the wait might be just for a consult. I haven't 100% decided if I'm going to try to go the insurance route, or just pay for it myself, but if there's a significant time difference in paying privately, I'll probably do that. I've waited this long, I'm yearning for it now that I've been researching every day etc. The wait times for all these I've reviewed from the USA are crazy quick - I can't seem to find many answers for Canada for the year 2016!

How do I tell my family?

I need help with this. I feel like my family will think a reduction is completely unnecessary and a waste of money (I'm probably paying privately). I'm 26 and moved out when I was 18, but my parents are still very much a part of my life, as are my grandparents etc. I know my siblings will be supportive, but I feel like my mother especially will think it's ridiculous and try to talk me out of it. I can't not tell them. Has anyone else dealt with this? When did you bring it up? I don't think they have any idea I'm seriously considering it. I've joked about "just cutting them off" when bras or clothes don't fit, but I really don't think she knew that deep down, I was serious.

Referral to surgeon

Alrighty, so my family Dr have me the phone number for Jennifer Robinson (the surgeon I'm interested in), and her office informed me that (in bc) you can not get an earlier surgery date by paying out of pocket. This means that I had to call my Dr back, ask him to send in the referral, and now I wait to hear about a consult. I'm told (by the surgeon's office) that the wait for a consult with this particular surgeon is approx 2 months, and surgeries are being booked for 6-12 months after the consult.
I was originally told that it would be a minimum of 6 months just for a consult, and 2+ years for the surgery after that, so I was going to just pay out of pocket, but now with the shorter wait times, I'm going to at least try through insurance.
Ps the surgeon's office asked me to tell my Dr to include my BMI in his referral letter, and they informed me that I need to be at a BMI of 30 or less (mine is 23, so I'm fine!).

Consult date set!

I'm so excited to hear back from the surgeon's office. My consult is 8am Oct 31st! The only thing I was told to "prepare" for the consult is a list of my medications (which is just Celexa).
Any tips, questions you wish you'd asked, etc, please post!

Photo, being brave.

Different angles. Sometimes they seem gigantic, and other times (usually in some clothing) they don't seem that big. I know insurance coverage differs so much based on so many things, but here I am, wondering if I'll get covered. I'll pay for it if I must, but yeah... I'm just thinking and getting excited since I have a consult coming up. This is starting to feel like it might happen for me.

Are you close to my body type?

I've been analyzing my body lately, and just curious... Will my curvy hips stand out way more if I get a reduction? Or am I just being a typical woman, over-analyzing? I feel like my shoulders and torso are petite, but almost like I should have large breasts because I have larger hips and thighs. I'd love to be a B cup (for the pain I'm in plus I've always thought smaller breasts are attractive) but I'm afraid my surgeon might want to make me a D or something, too match my hips. I will obviously ask during my consult, but what do you guys think? Is anyone else close to my shape? 5'2, 130 lbs, band size 30", over the Nipple 38", belly button 27", hips 37".

Wish boobs & questions

Just under two weeks until my consult, and I've decided to document my "wish boobs". If these are your photos, thank you for posting & I hope you don't mind me re-posting (ONLY on realself, I promise!).
I've been searching for women's stories who are around my height and weight (5'2, 130 lbs). I really, really love these after shots!
*Do most insurance companies require 400 grams to be removed? Do you have an estimate of how much I'd need to get removed to get around these sizes? I have no idea how much mine weigh yet.
*I'm in Canada and I DON'T have documented back pain etc because I would just take pain meds instead of going to a doctor. Do you think this will be a huge issue in trying to get approved? I have the shoulder indents, and I've been doing chiro/acupuncture/massage 1-2 times per week for about two months. Also, I'm hoping my size will be a good indicator as I'm a small frame with 30i sized breasts. I know I'll ask my PS this, I'm just asking because I can't stop wondering!
*My biggest concerns are not going small enough, and nipple symmetry. I don't know if I'll ever have a child, but my mom and sister were not able to breast feed, and we all turned out just fine. Also, I really don't care about scars.
*I'm thinking I'll have the anchor as opposed to lollipop because it'll be a bigger reduction, do you guys agree?
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