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I think I'm PS obsessed.... :) I am no stranger...

I think I'm PS obsessed.... :)

I am no stranger to plastic surgery as I've had a breast augmentation in 2004 after breast feeding and a tummy tuck in 2006. I'm getting a BBL in less than 3 weeks!! I'm so excited!! But for a while I've noticed that my nipples (especially my right) is starting to go south. I'm looking to get a breast lift with augmentation. I'd like the least amount of scars but I'm not looking to go back in another 10 years because my boobs are sagging again. If a vertical lift will give me the best results then I'll happily wear that scar but ideally a Benelli lift with an implant might be all I need.

A little about me:
I'm 37 years old, divorced after 17 years of marriage, no boyfriend or suitor (for that matter) to speak of, single mother raising a beautiful 10 year old little girl. I currently weigh 147 pounds (I've gained about 7 lbs for the BBL) but my ideal weight is more around 130-135. My measurements are: 39-34-39. Yes...I know...I'm pretty much straight up and down :/

I have decided that I do not want to go out of the country as I am doing to get my BBL. I am considering any doctor in the US that I feel can give me the best results. I have emailed several doctors that I have seen on RealSelf who I feel can leave me with nice looking scars that I would happily wear.

My main concern is unsightly scarring, crooked nipples, and oddly shaped areolas. So the doctors I've been researching must show a high rate of success in these areas. I have found 3 doctors (so far) who I've sent requests for quotes.

My ONLY choice would be Dr. Gary Motykie, if money was not a consideration in my decision. His office in West Hollywood, California and HE IS A FRIKKEN ARTIST!! His quote for a BL with BA was very pricey (for me) but his results are phenomenal from the pics I've seen. His quote for a BL alone fell within a range I would be comfortable with. I'm not ruling him out though. If I need to put him on a 2-year PS plan to get the BL with BA, that's what I'll do. However I was hoping to get this procedure done next spring or summer.

The second email for a quote went to Dr. David Mobley in Sarasota, Florida. I still haven't heard back from his office but his results were great also.

My third email went to Dr. Moises Salama in Aventura, Florida. Also haven't heard back from his office but his results were also great.

Oh here are some pics and the measurements I sent in my emails...
Right areola diameter: 6.5 cm
Left areola diameter: 6 cm
Left nipple horizontally across to above right nipple: 22 cm
Notch thing under throat/neck to left nipple: 22.5 cm
Notch thing under throat/neck to right nipple: 23.5 cm

I will weigh my options once I have more quotes. Depending on the cost I may have to wait until summer to get this done. But we'll see...

Until I update again :)

Still in doctor shopping mode...

I received a quote from Dr. Moises Salama. His price is pretty good and he's in Florida, so I wouldn't have to travel far. He recommends that I get a anchor lift. I will consider it as long as he does not lift my breast too too much. My main concern was my nipples and areola size. I like the look and feel of a breast that "hangs" a little. That roundness at the bottom is so sexy. Anyway..... LOL :)

I still have not received a quote from Dr. David Mobley's office, although his staff did send me an email requesting additional information.

Last night I sent an email to a fourth doctor, Dr. Salvador Pantoja in Tijuana, Mexico. I've been reviewing his patient pics on RealSelf and his knife skills are on point. His staff has responded to my email also, but I forgot to attach pics when I sent off my email.

So I am currently considering 3 doctors. I've ruled out Dr. Gary Motykie due to price disparity and due to unfavorable reviews on RealSelf - although the reviews were not necessarily for BL.

Just got one more quote.....

I got another quote today (well I actually got it on the 2nd, but for some reason it was in my email's Bulk Folder). Anywhooooo. :) It was from Dr. Pantoja and I'm pretty much loving his quote. He also recommends the anchor lift and and implant change. His quote includes silicone gel implants, which I love because it was an additional cost with Dr. Salama. At this point, I am seriously considering choosing Dr. Pantoja. Since I am not going to get this surgery until next spring or summer, I still have time to weigh all of my options.

I still have not heard from Dr. Mobley. Perhaps I should go through my Bulk Folder again. :)

Anywhoooo :) I will update again once I have more news.
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