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Hello I have been obsessed w/ real self for a...

Hello I have been obsessed w/ real self for a couple months now. I have been considering a bbl for a year now. I have decided to go through with it sometime later this year. I boxed throughout my whole life so I have always had minimal fat and a small butt. I had my son 3 years ago & he put some weight on me. I went from 110 to 132. I am 5'2". I am also contemplating having a mini TT combined w/ the BBL. I do have anxiety about the surgery already from hearing random stories about embolisms & etc. I know it is rare but its still in the back of my mind :/

I am in Dallas so I haven't came across too many great doctors for this procedure. I had a consultation w/ Dr. Burns. His staff & himself are very sweet. He answered all of my questions. He even eased my mind by saying im more likely to have a car accident on the way to sx than something going wrong during sx. Unfortunately, I have not seen enough results from him & he is quite pricey. I don't mind price as long as you can deliver. I have also came across Dr. Jejurikar. I have seen some pretty good results & I want to schedule a consultation. again, very pricey for decent results.

I have also considered out of town options

Pros: great price, great results, shorter flight time, Dr. fisher, Dr. Salama, Dr. Alvarez
Cons: Ive heard bad reviews about staffing & bedside manner. I also heard they perform a lot of BBLs in one day

Beveryly Hills
pros: Mandatory Malpractice insurance, great results, good bedside manner & great service
Cons: More expensive, longer flight time

I am leaning the most towards Dr. Hazani!!! I have seen nothing but great reviews about his results & the way he treats his clients. I called yesterday & a lady quoted me 8900. we set up a virtual consultation for Sunday. She texted me his email right away. I will update again soon.

Any other Dallas ladies having the same type of situation??

Dr. Hazani

Okay maybe I am jumping the gun but I have my heart set on Dr. Hazani now. His reviews are just amazing & I can't wait to speak w/ him on Sunday!!

Before pics


Phone Consulation

I spoke w/ Dr. Hazani & he answered all of my questions. He did not sugar coat anything. He told me everybody is born w/ the fat we are given and he will do his best to put it all in the rear. Other than that it is out of his hands. He didn't make me that excited but then I remember his review pics. Maybe he tries to downplay where you can be extra happy afterwards? lol. He wouldn't tell me how many CC's he thinks he can get in me.

He did say I would be a good candidate for a mini TT but I am just so unsure with the recovery of those two together.

We also discussed the chances of embolisms & what causes them because I was freaking out a bit about it. He assured me my safety would be first.

Gary sent over my proposal now I just have to pick a date & put down my deposit!

I really need advice about combining the two or waiting on the TT???? help por favor lol

Delay of Surgery :(

Well I was planning on having my surgery in September but I realize I was just being impatient. I need to finish up the fall semester & focus on other things for right now. when I have my sx I want to be in a good mental state. Aiming for January 2017. I am coming for you Hazani!! will update closer to that date.
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