Vaser HD on Abs & Chest, 23 Y.o. Male - Poland

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Vaser HD booked through Top-Medics Poland. Natasza...

Vaser HD booked through Top-Medics Poland. Natasza has been very kind and thorough in her communication.

I am a 23 year old male. I am physically active and go to the gym but never seemed to be able to achieve ab definition even when dieting down. Instead I've now opted to stay active and will diet down a little again following the surgery (I've allowed myself to gain some weight since planning for this surgery).

My goal is a defined "six pack" look and more "chiseled" chest muscles. I want my body to be slim but defined so I am not at all going for a bulky look. Current weight is around 83 kg.

Will update with pre and post photos.

Arrived in Poland

Arrived in Krakow without problems. My driver Peter met me at the airport with a sign with my name on it. He doesn't speak a lot of English but he's very nice. He took me straight away for blood tests and then to my hotel. There had been a communications error on part of the hotel which was not available, so Natasza got me another, better, hotel - for no extra charge. I've been in contact with Natasza over the phone and she's been very helpful and nice. I'm now in my new hotel room waiting for my surgery.

About the hotels: The first hotel I went to was Bazantowo Sports Hotel, which is the one recommended by Top-Medics. It was new, clean, modern and with complementary swimming pool, gym etc. They were very friendly there and I can recommend the hotel. The second one I went to was the Best Western Premiere Katowice, which is 4 stars. It too is clean and modern, the staff have been nice so far. For the money I'd go with the Bazantowo Sports Hotel though.

I very much recommend getting the transportation package through Top-Medics, having your driver take you everywhere is a blessing if you don't speak Polish.

I'll update with a before photo the day before surgery!

Day before surgery

Tomorrow's the big day! I'll be picked up at 7:30am for consultation and surgery. I've been instructed not to eat or drink anything after waking up, and to shower and shave operated and private areas.

Attaching before photos.

Arrival and surgery

Had my surgery yesterday. The driver picked me up at 7:40. 20 min drive. Hungry and thirsty.

Clinic feels clean and modern. Signed surgery documents and paid. Waited about 10 minutes, then Dr Mekle came out into the waiting room and greeted me. He asked me to wait another 15 minutes before a nurse welcomed me into his office.

Her name was Lisa and she was very friendly. She asked me to undress and put on my surgery outfit - essentially a pair of transparant knickers and a robe. From now on everyone in the staff see everything - they are of course very professional and don't mention anything but just be prepared.

Then dr Mekle informed me about the surgery, took photos and marked me up with a marker. Dr Mekle is very nice and calm and left me feeling in good hands.

Then the anasthesiologist talked to me for some questions and put that "port"/needle thing in my arm for later use. She was very nice.

Then I went into the surgery room. There were about 3 nurses + the anasthesiologist. They weighed me and desinfected the areas to have surgery, then I got to lay down on the operating table and went to sleep...

Day 1 & 2 post

Woke up feeling very tired, not sure when. Perhaps around 13:00/1 pm. Went back to sleep a couple of times. Not in a lot of pain, just very tired.

Once I started becoming more alert, the state I was in wasn't great but that was expected. I was covered in bandages and foam and a compression garment. Any movement that involves your abdominal muscles felt like a really bad idea. Bring books, magazined, ipad, laptop! Get ready for some boring immobile hours.

The nurses were very nice although they spoke almost no English. They changed bandages maybe three times - I was left with 3 plastic tubes for drainage, one of which kept bleeding quite a lot which I was told was normal. I was also in an adult diaper... If you need to pee there's a plastic container by your side for that. Basically, the time following this surgery is not very pleasant nor comfortable.

Dr Mekle came in around 16:30. He said he was very pleased with the results. I was given 30 minutes light treatment by a nurse with a big machine. It was supposed to speed up healing.

Throughout the day and evening I was given fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches and water.

I tried to go to sleep but ended up not really sleeping at all. There were just too many uncomfortable factors. At 5 in the morning I was "woken up" for another 30 min light treatment and then breakfast.

The light treatment feels pleasantly warm. The changing of bandages however was very unpleasant - I wasn't in a lot of pain in a "sharp pain" way but I felt like I'd been hit by a truck and it felt very bad to have anyone touch the operated areas at all.

After a couple of hours Dr Mekle came in and gave me some post surgery tips. I was then taken back to the hotel. The rest of the day was a bit of a challenge, just getting up from my bed hurt and one of my drainage tubes keeps leaking through the bandages. I was given a bag of medical supplies and changed my bandages 2 more times this day. Still bled through. Not in a lot of pain while still but feeling quite handicapped and overall bad. :( Big tip: don't come alone for this as I have! Having some company and help with getting up etc would've been really nice.

Haven't taken any photos yet as I haven't actually taken my compression garment/bandages off other than to change them. The compression garment is quite awful by the way and makes you feel trapped and uncomfortable. But the worst part is the drain which keeps leaking fluid. Getting the drains removed tomorrow which is gonna be great!

Day 3

Slept a little better tonight. The drain that kept bleeding still bothering me. Feeling more energetic though, but still sort of miserable.

The driver picked me up at 13:30 and drove me to the clinic. I received another light treatment, then the nurses removed my drain tubes. Finally! I have some stitches left on the other incisions which I will get removed in 7-10 days with a regular doctor back home. After this I received an ultra-sound massage from a nurse, which was mildly uncomfortable but certainly bearable. Dr Mekle came and said goodbye and I was taken back to the hotel.

Really hoping the holes where the drains were will close soon, the bad one is still leaking fluid but hopefully not for long. Here is a photo I took just after the nurses removed the drains. I hope there will be more definition showing as time goes by, right now it is all pretty flat.

Day 4

Not sleeping very well since I feel I have to stay very still on my back or the drain holes will leak throughout the night etc. The compression garment feels too small - it's causing rashes in my armpits etc. The drain holes keep leaking fluid today, hoping they will close soon as this feels quite limiting/unclean. However I've read that it is better that they keep leaking since otherwise the fluid may get trapped underneath the skin as a seroma.

Flying home tomorrow morning which is gonna be great!

Attaching a photo from yesterday which shows more promising results than the previous one. :)

Day 5

Travelling all day was quite tiresome. Drainage holes still leaking, probably more because of all the movement, but less and less. Bruising going down, however I really noticed swelling going up from walking/sitting all day instead of being in bed most of the time. I've also noticed the bruising travelling down and settling in my genital area which is now almost completely black, I had thankfulky read about this in a review here so I was prepared.

The compression garment is too small to cover the lower part of my belly and also is causing a nasty rash in my armpit so not sure if I will use it as many hours of the day as I might wish. Had I known it was too small before I would've contacted the clinic, however I thought it was supposed to be like this.

Overall feeling better, much less pain, more energy and happy to be home! Going to book my first lymphatic massage and doctor's appointment to remove the stitches on Monday.

Day 17

It's been over 2 weeks since the surgery and I'm healing well. I did have some issues when I went to get the sutures taken out. I had to see 2 doctors and 4 or 5 nurses before one finally got the sutures out. None of them, including the last one, had ever seen this type of suture. I asked Natasza at Top Medics for advice but she said Dr Mekle had never had any complaints and that the sutures were completely standard. I can't see how all of the professionals that I met could be incompetent so that for me was weird. I'm fine now, but it was definitely a stressful thing not knowing if there was something wrong etc. Also, having had several people literally digging around in the incision sites with tools obviously I'm hoping I won't have any extra scarring.

Otherwise I believe I've been lucky as I've had very little swelling, no apparent edema and little bruising too. I'm sleeping with the compression garment and today I tried some light exercise which felt good. I have no pain anymore, only some slight numbness in some areas. My main point of discomfort is now skin tightness, it feels like the skin has been growing back in a sort of "hunched" body position, so when I try to stand straight/keep a good posture, the skin really stretches to a very uncomfortable point. I'm sure this will get better soon though.

Will update with progress photo soon!

Day 28 - 4 Weeks post

Skin tightness getting better. Incision sites still not fully closed, beginning to see what the scars might look like.

As for the results, I'm not seeing as much definition in the abdomen as I would like. The photos look better than what it looks like in reality. I'm hoping it's swelling that will eventually go away though.

21 months post

I'm updating my review for anyone interested in this procedure. I have been waiting until now to give my review a thumbs up or thumbs down but have decided to go with a thumbs up.

The results are not perfect. I would love to have more definition in the treated areas. I also have three scars, which are noticeable in the photos. I don't know if they are because of the issues I had with getting my stiches removed or just a normal risk when having surgery done. I am a little self-conscious of the scars and I'll be booking an appointment with a clinic soon to ask them if there's any way to treat them.

However, I know what I used to look like even when I was a lot skinnier than in my before photos here - and I had no defined muscles at all. I used to be very self-conscious and never take my shirt off. This has now changed. I may not be 100% happy with my body but it's a lot better - which is why I think this surgery was worth it for me.

The results have stayed more or less stable during the almost two years since I had the surgery. Some days it looks better and some days it looks worse. I'm attaching two photos. They are about an average - on a good day it will look better, and some days there's less definition. These photos should still give you some idea, as well as show the scars.

Feel free to ask any questions here and I'll be happy to help!
Dr Henryk Mekle, via Top-Medics Poland

Dr Mekle is very nice and calm, makes you feel you're in good hands. The staff were all wonderful and I never had to wait long for anything. Top-Medics (Natasza) is very communicative and helpful, arranging things and clearing up mistakes/changes for you. However, I will say this: it is not just about what you ask as a patient. There are things I've thought about afterwards that I think would've given a 5 star rating. For instance, Dr Mekle never asked me what kind of look I wanted or told me if he could do the procedure in different "styles". So far the results I'm seeing are good, but I can't help but wondering - could they have been better if I had asked the right questions? Also, while my aftercare instructions were good, I was sent home after the followup with three open drain holes. I was not told how long they would take to heal and the staff just put little band-aids on top which clearly were not enough because the holes were leaking a lot of blood-mixed fluid all the time. I've read online that leaving these holes open is common and that they should dry out soon, but I wish I had been better informed of this so I didn't have to worry about the clinic having made a mistake. Overall I am mostly happy with my experience. I can't review my results yet so an update will come.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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