Walkiris Robles, MD......Dominican Republic Tummy Tuck, Aggresive Lipo to flanks, back

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Have been wanting a tummy tuck since 4over 15years...

Have been wanting a tummy tuck since 4over 15years...had my son at 16 and never got a chance to wear a 2piece swimsuit/bikini....preweight was 125 then after my 2nd child I blew up to 185 not to mention that im only 5'1....went back down to 130with starvation and tons of exercise and no longer at that weight....I have been at 155-160 for the last 3years....my dream is to have my entire body done but maybe little by little since I am not financially set for entire procedure yet....maybe in steps:) Right now I want to focus on my tummy....my boobs are still okay with a bra but as soon as bra comes off its a nightmare lol...im at 36d but in"sagville"without bra.....lol....I also need armlift but hoping once I get tummy out of way I will get confident enough to go gym and work on rest of body.....my body is a nightmare:( my dilemma is choosing the one that is gonna give me that natural looking belly button and curves...I cant seem to find that here in Tampa so far I like walkiris Robles in Dominican Republic,, Laura Carmina Cardenas in Tijuana Mexico and Timothy Alexander or Mel Ortega in Miami....lets see how the quotes go......

my deformed body

this is nasty...these pictures but it is what it is((gross))

Scheduled Surgery

ok, so I paid my deposit, Scheduled surgery for January 20, 2014 exactly one month away.....omg, I haven't exercised in about a year, have not been taking care of myself (eating wise)and now I need to get on the ball and prepare by body and mind,,,,Lord guide me in the right direction((please)) ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN..is what I have...I was desperate and didn't want to wait long months for something I know ive been dreaming about for years....SO lets do this, off to buy my vitamins and all......I feel rushed with the holidays and all but I want this more than anything,,,this has been torture my entire life,,,the depression, being self conscious, insecure..the whole nine yards.....im freaking ready ((except for the pain lol)) im scared as heck of that, but know that I am not alone and my god is good and will be there with me like he always has!!!!!!

From Laura Castro:

1- Please start taking 300mgs of Iron twice a day,
2- 5mgs of folic acid once a day. Also, stop taking aspirin or aspirin related compounds, and vitamin E and Vitamin A as well.
2- Schedule an appointment with your local lab or clinic, in order to have a CBC (complete blood count) done.
Dr. Robles needs to check your hemoglobin levels, as well as other important things the test shows.
3- Please drink 2-4 litter of water daily.
4- Eat healthy.
5- Complex B once a day
6-Vitamin C once a day

Omg almost there:0

Have my flight booked, did EKG , and CBC but was on my period when I did it, not sure if that makes a difference or not,, my hemo was at 12.3 but I think my iron was a bit low. Does that make a difference? Somebody please explain ,, I'm confused but I think she said my iron was "36" and nurse told me to double up on iron but does my period affect that?? Help with info please. , other than that,, I've been buying a fee things here n there trynna to get ready!! I asked my doc for Percocet or muscle relaxers n he said no:( what a a$$,, do they have meds that strong over there? I don't wanna die of pain:(


Yay I got my passport......starting to get excited,,, which is good because for a second there, I thought I was gonna start panicking and stressing as the day gets here, but I want this and need this......im still trying to find a doc though that will prescribe me pain meds and muscle relaxers here in tampa....ohhhhh lord please be with me after the procedure....and ease my pain:0

Wish pic#1

Haven't really added wish pics


I hadn't gotten nervous till today,,,, why??? I was doing sooooo good just being excited,,,lol,,,, Jesus I need u right now 2day and always

Just a few days away

A few days away the only thing I'm stressing is trying to get my iron levels up a bit and my hmg ,, bought this liquid boost today ,,,, yawnnnnn


Well I arrived at about 3pm, met up with 26mommyof4 n her sister at airport:),,both very sweet young ladies.....the driver Wilson was waiting for us with a sign... I expected the traffic 2be bad based on other reviews but it was a smooth ride! Dominican Republic is actually nice!! I expected it worse,,, we are staying at cecip till Tuesday, got to meet Lara the drs assistant,,,,,, and Laura too...very humble n sweet,,,, dr Robles came in and met with me,,, she is way prettier in person and also very nice.... She marked me up and I'm going with tummy tuck, lipo on back, flanks n fat transfer to buttocks n hips,,,, so far everything's good,,, please pray for me,, I go in at noon tomorrow:/:) I'm more excited than nervous but scared of after pain....

Marked up

I forgot to add my deformed body pics,, I already have some booty so I wonder what the end results will be like,,hmmmmm


Hi,quick update

Haven't had the chance to update because I wasn't feeling well at all,,,I'm retaining lots of water so I'm super swollen,,, let me just say dr.robles is amazing and a very good dr,, very professional and beautiful in person,,, I expected the whole out of country surgery thing to be not so great but so far,,, not bad at all,,,I like it, very tropical......cecip surgery center was also nice, better than what I expected,,, day of surgery was good until I woke up,,,, I had trouble breathing but I assume it was from raja being so tight and from tummy tuck ,,, felt like my ribs were crushing,,, not really pain just so much pressure and I panicked but that went away after a few days ,,,,,, my back from lipo feels like I'm carrying 20kids super heavy but gets better each day, I walk but get so tired after a few minutes,,,,,,, hate this swelling so much

Front view 3rd day

got home safe and sound

stayed at Virginias recovery house from 1/21 to 1/31(ten days) its great to have someone help u there cuz I woulda never been able to do it on my own, I had help for everything from putiing my socks on to wiping my booty lol, I was swollen so I couldn't reach..thank god for them...they also cooked, did our laundry and heard me vent allday oops(sorry).....I flew in to Orlando Friday and am to be happy to be home.....I contacted dr robles about my drains on whatsapp and she responded immediately......its awesome how she responds in a timely manner and cares about her patients.....let me tell u,,,,she is on point,,,her patients come first....the whole experience was good and I have no regrets except being on a diet before surgery.....I shoudve been eating 2months before nothing but healthy food....I blame some of my swollenness on my high eating sodium before and after surgery eating.....I started eating healty and I noticemy severe swelling is going away each day now that im home.....if I eat unhealthy, I swell back up.....took me a few days to figure this out after surgery.....so ladies watch what u eat after.........I gained almost 20lbs of wATER retention....changing subject...im so happy I met mommyof4 and her sister.....they were so nice.....we still keep intouch on ig and fb:).....I will be posting more pics soon as I progress.........did I mention im so happy with my new waist and curves???? I wanted DR Duran at first cuz of how she makes booty but after keeping it real...nawwww.....the whole video vixen is tooooo much....robles is keeping it real and not over doing it, ladies u will not be disappointed.......im glad she didn't give me a bigger booty and just "fixed"me in the right places......I luv ROBLES lol

Peek a booo

Cleaning my belly button and thought I would take a pic:) it looks so natural, that's the main reason I chose to have tummy tuck in different country,, I wanted the natural look and not looking like a flat wall with a peeping whole like some surgeons do in u.s,,,,,,, I was looking for that I was born with this look lol,,,, can u see my thin incision soooooo thin n low??? I luv been though I'm still super bloated

sorry for all the typos..what the heck(oops) LIST i used in D.R

heres a list of what I used and didn't use after surgery in recovery house
1.bought 5 packs of wipies and only used ONE regular package.
2.travel toiletries bag 1 that included, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, mouthwash, lotion
3.arnica and bromelain pills to speed up recovery and bruising...came home with only one bruise
4.Arnica Gel tube from walmart...same one dr uses:)
5. one pack of depends diapers for back drain leaking or thick pads
6.button down short sleeve pj
7.thin satin robe
8.Compression socks
9.2maxi dresses(for post op visit and airport}
11.money...I used extra money for 2circulatory shots after and 4iron shots and water pills, not expensive but everything adds up...more money if ur picky with food and want 2order out food
12.tshirt bought the one they sell for 10bucks and loved it....I had wife beaters but shirt worked better and was better quality and super soft
Didn't use list:
1.boppy pillow
2. qtips,
4.any scar treatments likedermaplast spray, bio oil, scaraway ect dr said don't use any till she sees scar, many scar treatments are not required and can even make scar look worst(that's what she said) advise her first, we all heal differently
5.underware/panties....did not use one pair not even one


Took my front drain out at day 18 and back one yesterday! Ouch I'm a sissy ,,back one burnt my skin as coming out and was super clogged

Still fat but loving it

Still fat but loving it



Switched my faja yesterday to fajate ,, same one doc sells n her office for 150 except I paid 54 on eBay ,,, already I noticed in one day that it's shaping me better n swollen on my hips has gone down abit

lost my cell

and all my naked before pics lol smh.....haven't updated but still look super swollen in back and nt quite walking straight yet..ughhhhhhhhh im so impatient.....the healing process is a bihhhhhhhhhhh little did I know....I thought I was gonna be out n about in a week or 2...(((yeah right))) thank god I don't work ....I don't know how people can get this done and return to work like nothing....im swollen and exhausted each night on top of not sleeping comfortable...........ok, nuff barking on my side...will post pics later

So sorry update

Bought my 1st swimsuit today :) still healing, can't stand my back still swelling n hardening but still love the results ,,, better than before will post a few pics tomorrow
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr robles....la mejor/the best, u will not come out looking ridiculous ...im so happy I chose her, she still gave me curves and womanized in all the right places....round 2 for sure!!!! TEAM ROBLES

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