Can't Wait for my Tummy Tuck

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I have always been thin & able to eat what ever I...

I have always been thin & able to eat what ever I want without putting on weight until I hit my 40's. The only place I put on weight is my tummy & I hate it. I work for doctors so had an excellent PS recommended to me who I saw a couple of months ago & she has assured me I will have a flat tummy after surgery but will also need a vertical incision as I don't have enough loose skin. I have been put on a afternoon list on Tuesday 27/5/14 & will be spending 3 nights in hospital. I am really nervous & excited at the same time. This site has really helped me as I have really enjoyed following so many different journeys. I will post some before pictures soon.

This is it!

Today is the day, my admission is 12 & I am scheduled for around 3.30. Feeling mixed emotions excited & nervous. I finally took some before photos as this was the last chance. Once I work out how to add them I will. My next update I will be on the flat side :)

The flat side!

I made it to the flat side, 1st day post op I was very sore last night especially getting out of bed to go to the toilet. Feeling much better today I haven't seen it yet as dr not coming around till tomorrow but it is looking flat even with the bulky binder. I just had all the family here & am surrounded by beautiful flowers. All good so far :)

Day 2 post op

I had a coughing fit through the night & it was so painful, it didn't help that my pain meds were overdue. Also I have a chronic backache. I have just been given more meds so pain should settle soon & hopefully I can go back to sleep as it's only 4am.

Day 2 part 2

I am near the end of day 2 the doctor visited today & I got to see her results & it looks great, a little swollen but that's to be expected. I did need to have a vertical scar which I was expecting . She cut along my c-section scar & it looks so neat. The drains were removed which didn't hurt at all. Heading home from hospital tomorrow :)

Day 4

Just had my 1st night home, didn't sleep too well as had chronic back pain & couldn't get comfortable even with pillows under my knees,I usually sleep on my tummy. The family are looking after me cooking meals etc so I am very lucky. My post op visit with the surgeon is next Thursday day 9, feeling stronger each day :)

1 week today

I can't believe this time last week I had my op. Getting stronger each day I am only taking Panadol every now & then but I definitely need a mild sleeping tablet each night. Regular BM every day now so no more wind pain, I have been so lucky with friends. & family dropping meals off each day. My 21 year old son wants to know what I am having done next as he is enjoying all the yummy meals & chocolate! I will upload photos soon I am so happy with the results. I am still hunched over like an old lady & still getting back aches but overall so worth it ! :)

Post op appointment

I had my 1st post op appointment today & the nurse is very happy with my progress so far. The stitches were removed from my belly button & dressings removed, so excited I can have a shower tomorrow. :)

1st picture of the flat side

I have finally posted a photo & although tummy is really swollen ATM I know it will get better :)

Amazing shower!

Had my 1st shower today & it was amazing! I did not want to get out. Then I relaxed on the lounge while my mum & sister cleaned the house & did all the washing & ironing-feeling loved! :)

Having a down day

Feeling a bit down today,, fed up with this house & feeling useless. All the family have gone to watch our favourite AFL football team play so I am home on my own feeling sorry for myself. I am very swollen today as well which doesn't help. I know I will be ok tomorrow I just needed to vent & know you girls would understand . :(

Good nights sleep

Feeling better today after a great nights sleep, it makes such a difference. Our footy team won yesterday which I watched on TV & friends came back after the game to share a pizza & a drink. Was great to catch up with them. :)

So happy

My daughter is having the family over for a barbeque tomorrow & thought I would try my pre TT jeans on with the thick binder & swelling & they fit...yay ! So glad to get out of these tracky dackys! Also no muffin top :)

2nd post op appointment

All went well today strip taken off incision healing well except for a small section in the middle so need to betadine & dressing for a week, dr not too concerned about it. All ok to drive & I can sleep without the binder at night-YAY! Still need to wear it through the day for another 4 wks. I have another app next mon to check on wound. & get the ok to start wk on tuesday. Overall very happy so far :)

Stronger each day

I am feeling stronger each day, I am not needing Panadol at all now. I have to stop myself doing certain jobs around the house as although I feel up to it I know I have to take it slow. I am still very swollen but I know that will subside. I have another app on Monday & will then know if I can start wk on Tuesday. Having a quiet weekend keeping warm & watching the footy :)

Back to work tomorrow

I had my 3rd post op app today & still dressing vertical scar & front section of the main scar. I start back at work for half days this week. I am a medical secretary so should be ok. I will be glad to get back to wk as I am so sick of this house! Still really swollen-apparently no seroma, thankfully! :)

1st day back at work

All went well, I only worked from 10-2 & it was great to get back into it slowly. I love my job & the people I work with so I am very lucky. My hubby dropped & picked me up as it is a long hilly walk to the car park. I went home & slept for 2 hours! :)
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