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Hello future dolls! I have been stalking this...

Hello future dolls! I have been stalking this sight for over a year. I've always wanted to have my body back after becoming a young mother. I had my first at 15 but stayed pretty small until I hit 40. I went through some major life changes and slowed down so much that my weight began to creep up. I've always tried to take good care of myself health-wise but I got lazy.

Anywhooo, I'm going to the DR to get a mommy makeover. I've been very impressed with the work of three doctors; Yily, Robles and Duran. I got quotes from two of them as I don't really need a bbl so I ruled Duran out. I have two teenagers still at home and I'm single. I'm very excited. Did I say that again.

Well ladies wish me luck and I will try to keep posting. I have not bought any supplies yet, I procrastinate. Sorry. Good luck to all you wonderful ladies yet to have your surgery and speedy recovery to those who have!


When I first started this journey over a year ago, I really didn't think it would become a reality. I was told to lose 20 lbs but I'm muscular so I have lost 16 so far. I'm got my leave approved, my tickets and paid my deposit. My sister will be traveling with me. She said she couldn't let me go over there alone. How sweet is that? Anywhooo I still need to purchase my essentials like chucks, maxi pads, arnica cream, etc. I can't stay off RS reading other people's journey. It really encourages me cause I sometimes think I'm being selfish for spending all this money on me. We moms always out ourselves last no matter what. I am getting myself in better shape to deal with the pain of recovery and being helpless is foreign to me. Gotta go ladies I have some stalking to do!!


Hi dolls,
I am looking for a surgery buddy traveling to the DR late April early May. I plan to have surgery on the 30th of this month. I will have family traveling with me but I want to share my experiences with someone getting the same thing done. Initially I am having a tummy tuck with lipo but I am interested in getting my breast done too. Kinda want to get it all done at the same time. I'm nervous and sometimes wondering if I am being selfish and vain. I believe that this is going to be. A good thing for me to feel sexy again and give me reason to continue to focus on my health. Plus after spending all this money, I better not get Fat and ruin my results. Yily gives that beautiful small waist and curves so that will be incentive enough. Currently I'm working out to make sure I am healthy and lose a few pounds before surgery. Even if its only 10 labs that will help. I haven't shopped for my supplies yet. I'm still in shock that this is actually happening. Well gotta go. Off to work. I'm sneak back on to read some update later. Happy healing those of you having surgery soon.

Time is Ticking...

Ladies, the time is getting near and I still haven't packed or bought more supplies. I will be buying the t-shirts and toiletries I need. I read that you won't need much clothes. I've told a few people and most seems supportive. I'm kinda second guessing myself again. Was thinking am I sure I want to do this? Am I selfish for spending so much money? Maybe I should just exercise and work on my stomach. All the questions in my head is really doing a number on me. I'm all of us have doubt at some point in this journey.

Let me get a little personal if I may. I started having kids when I was 15 Yeats old. I didn't even weigh 100 lbs soaking wet. When I think back on it, I looked like a baby having a body. I look at my daughters now and can't imagine them having a baby at this age. They are older than I was at the time. So getting this surgery so late in my life will give me the chance to experience a youthful body for once in my life without strechmarks and a flat tummy with breast. Since I had children my body stopped developing so I still have a boyish shape. I have a nice size but but no hips and small breast. My sister used to tease me calling me president of the itty bitty titty committee. Yes this was true but as Diana Ross sang "IM COMING OUT." Soon I will be getting my mommy makeover.

OMG 5 Days Until I'm on the Flatside!!!

Ok ladies. The time is getting closer. I'm somewhat nervous and excited if that makes sense. I started getting cold feet asking myself are you sure you really want to do this? But the answer is yes I am ready to start new and that means getting rid of the old me and that baggage of excess tummy. I hate it. No waist no six pack. Who need that? I certainly don't. Im concerned about the pain. Boy I hope I can handle it as well as you ladies that have gone before me. I mean I hadn't birth without any medication five times. Surely I can get through this. Please be praying for me. My next update will be when I land in the DR.

Baby you deserve...

Remember that song by Tank I think. Well I just read a very inspiring story of a young lady beginning her journey for a better body whirl at the same time opening up about her past abuse.

Yes, ladies, each of us has some stories to tell. I prays that if you have never been sexually abused, you please know how fortunate you are. Reading Dlady's story brought back memories that I had long forgotten. I was always told growing up how pretty I was by both men and women. Being a little girl you don't think much of it. Until I begin to get older that is. A family friend began giving me and my sibling money on occasion. Then later he would give me a ride to my bus stop. My brothers and sisters went to a different school. Soon he began rubbing my leg and I was so uncomfortable. This progressed to trying to rub between my legs. I hit him and stopped accepting his dollars and rides. I walked to school in the rain one day after I started another school. I made it to art class were the teacher proceeded to says how cute I looked wet and rubbed my face and kissed me on the cheek.

I'm sharing all this to say, I understand how a woman would eat to not draw attention to herself. I didn't take that path but I became very mean towards older males. I didn't trust them and I never wanted to wear makeup or sexy clothes cause I didn't want the unwanted attention.

Back to the song... I deserve this surgery. I deserve to start a new chapter in my life. I put my children first my entire life. This is my new beginning. My surgery is in three days. Even at this ate day, I was thinking of backing out. But because of Dlady and Sandra361's inspirational stories, I'm back in it to win it.


Hello ladies. This is my second attempt to post. Anywho, landed safely and I met a cities named Félix who stuck with us until we left the airport. He was born in zmiami but raised here. He thought I was Dominican too.

Wilson was waiting outside with the sign with my name on it. Met another RS sister named Tia. We rode together to the hotel. Laura called to say there were no beds. So I'm all showered waiting for Laura to come by with the paperwork and we will be off to Cecip for our test. I am so excited. I will update after surgery tomorrow. Boy am I hungry but I couldn't really eat for like two days now. XOXO


First let me say that my wonderful surgeon was Walkris Robles. When we landed, I attached myself to a handsome man named Félix. Félix allowed me and my sister to tag along with him until we made it out of the airport. He said he was born in Miami but grew up on Santo Domingo. Anyhoo, I stopped at an exchange site at the airport that only wanted to give me $26 pesos per dollar. I said no way and proceeded to leave the airport. Said goodbye to Félix and there outside I saw Wilson. I recognized him from other photos posted by fellow RS sisters. He picked us up with another lady from New York. We were taken to a hotel named Corey's House. I made sure that we didn't have to pay for. I saw about four other women at the hotel. They were such nice, friendly people. A few are RS sisters. This is a great community. I took a shower with the Hibiclens soap. Ok, so after showering and taking a nap, there was a knock at the door. I didn't hear it but my sister did and woke me up. It was Laura. She wanted to collect the money. I was hesitant because I wanted to see the doctor first but agreed to pay up front. We went to a restaurant nice restaurant and the food was pretty good. Only problem was, one of the diners with us , another patient I won't name, was interpreting for us but she screwed up the bill and got over on us. After the dinner we went to the clinic. We got our blood drawn, ekg and x-ray. I joked with the phlebotomist about being a big baby about needles. Everyone was nice and friendly.


Ok, so after getting the ok from all of the test it was time to see Dra. Robles herself. Mind you, it was me and the four other ladies; Sha'Ron, Angela, Kadee and Tia. They were all nice and friendly. So, first off, Robles looks nothing like her photo. She is very tall and pretty. She is the sweetest doctor you will ever meet. There were like a million women waiting area. There are like at least 14 doctors' offices in this area. Finally my turn came. She marked me up and at first she said I may need a lift. I had seen some of the best doctors in my area and they all told me I did 't need a lift. I planned on getting my arms done too but she was reluctant. I paid extra and she agreed. However, Laura had an attitude cause I refused to pay for a lift. So Robles proposed that if I got a larger size implant, then I may not need the lift. So I selected a larger size off the top of my head without trying it on. Robles told me I didn't need anything added to my butt because it was already big. She told me she would not touch my back at all. That was 't a problem for me because I lose weight there easier than my stomach. So back to the hotel we go after everyone was marked up. We were told to be ready by 7am I think. Ok, so I take another shower before the driver came to pick us all up. I noticed one of the ladies was not with us. My sister and us four ladies arrive a Cecip and go up the stairs to a waiting area. There were other doctors there and their patients too. We see Dra. Robles come out and visit with the nurses at the station. This waiting area is right near the patient rooms after recovery. One by one we are called to another room and then placed into our gowns. We met other patients and heard their stories. One lady had surgery with another doctor and she was proud of her results. The women in the DR get surgery like getting their teeth cleaned. It is so accepted. There were husbands and boyfriends waiting too. After several hours and being hungry, I decide to ask about our rooms because I heard there were empty rooms. My sister and I moved to my room with our luggage. We went to visit all of the ladies we came with except Kadee. Her room was locked so maybe the doctor was in with her or something. My sister is a nurse so she made sure everyone's IV lines were in properly and we requested pain meds for two ladies that couldn't call for help themselves. I was glad I was last because they were each alone and me and my sister were able to make sure they got good care. We were supposed to each get an English speaking nurse for 24 hours during recovery but that didn't happen. No biggie for me cause my sis was there. I'm just glad we could be there for them. Its ki ds scary if you don't speak Spanish. I took another shower cause it had been more than six hours since I showered with the Hibiclens and the antibacterial protection is o Ly for six hours. So I'm waiting my turn when I get a call from Laura. She ask if I had to have my surgery Wednesday or did I want to wait fir first thing in the morning when the doctor will be fresh? She said the doctor would be done around 6:30or 7pm and if I wanted, I could still have my surgery. Well I decided that I would rather the doctor be rested so I agreed to have it first thing I. The morning. She asked me if we wanted something to eat and I said yes of course. She said someone would bring us something soon. Well I fell asleep but my sister tells me someone came to see what we wanted but since I was sleep she said she would be back but never did. I woke up to go check on my new friends and saw Robles. She asked if I had eaten and I said not yet. She was upset and said that was hours ago. She called Laura. After I checked on everybody, someone brought us not KFC with fries and biscuits. I ate the chicken and a few fries. It was delicious. I was so hungry. I was anxious and couldn't sleep. I kept counting down the hours and bugging my sister. I woke up at 3:41am. And took a shower and changed into the paper gown and booties. I braided my hair and put on the bonnet. I used the previous paper gown as a sheet so I didn't get crumbs or anything on me to mess with my surgery. No crumbs or germs for me. 5:30am came and went. I kept watching the clock. Finally at around 6:12am. Someone is knocking on the door. By the way, everyone is a doctor. Hehe. If you go, you'll get the joke. A "doctor" gives me the blue pill. A few minutes later another knock and I'm dire Tex to get in the wheelchair. I walk to the wheelchair and away we go. I get on the elevator and go down to the surgery floor. I'm pushed to my surgery room and dire Tex to get on the table. The room Was really small. I asked the guy "is this the operating room?" he said yes and inserted my IV and I don't remember anything after that. Next time I wake up in my room with my sister laughing at me. Dra. Robles is there removing my bandages and I ask my sister to take pictures. I'm so happy looking at my arms I want to cry. My tummy is almost flat. I think this because I a sitting up and hunched over. Had I been laying down I would see it is very flat. My sister said it was flat. I don't remember them putting the faja on. They bring soup but I can't eat. I'm nauseous. I go to sleep for what seems like minutes when they come back a d say get ready to go to the recovery house.

Recovery Continues

Sorry for such a long review. I will try to shorten it. We are sent to Virginia's recovery house. I was separated from my surgery buddies except for Tia. She was already at the recovery house when I got there. I met four other vets there besides Tia. They were all nice and in varying stages of recovery. I was so out of it. I was given soup and asked a series of questions a out what foods I like or didn't like, allergies, etc. They are very thorough. I liked them immediately. I was afraid to feel pain so I asked my sister for my American pain meds. She said since they gave me meds in my IV I should only take half. Boy what a big mistake. The first night I was sick. I threw up a little. That was nothing compared to the second night. Not only did I throw up but I also had diarrhea too. Too much pain meds. I had to have iron IV and two iron shots before leaving the hospital. The doctor ordered more iron shots so I had two more my second day at the recovery house. The second night was the absolute worst time for me. My sister ran to get a bed pan and a small wash pan to throw up in. It was very painful and I felt like "Lord please don't let me die." Well if you are reading this you know I didn't die. God was with me all the way. Virgins and Julissa (not sure of spelling) dispenses all medication and massages our lipo areas with cream and a gel especially for prevent g blood clots. You must remember to bring compression socks. You will definitely need them. They fed us good food and made sure we took our meds on time. The fresh fruit juices are heavenly. I was so spoiled on the juice that I came to not like drinking the water. You must drink lots of water. They spoiled my sister too. I loved that place but mentally, I had to really psych myself up to prepare to stay there for almost two weeks. I read a book on my tablet, watch tv shows on Netflix. I watched a show called "Drop Dead Diva" that I would have never watched back home. I fell in love with Deb and Grayson. Anywhoo, recovery is physically and mentally challenging. I'm not one to ask for help so I was using my left arm to pull myself up to get out of bed. You can't use your arms if you have lipo on them. But I did and caused myself unnecessary pain in my left breast area. After three days I told the doctor and she told me "don't do that, ask for help". Hard headed me. I came to enjoy getting out to go in to see the doctor. I wanted assurances that I was healing properly. My legs swelled where my compression socks ended so next time I wore them I made sure to pull them all the way to the top of my thighs. The swelling finally went down. It was hard too as if I had lipo. After a few days some of the women already there began going home. I looked forward to my time to go only because you are there 24-7 and we don't go outside. It was starting to get to me. One day while waiting to see the doctor, I had like a panic attack. I has hot and felt like I was claustrophobic or something. My sister tried to reassure me but I was not hearing her. I went downstairs and pulled my dress up and leaned back in the chair. Y sister tried to pull my dress down so e because the security guard perked up and was sitting across from me happy. I didn't care. Doctor Robles assistant Dr. Gonzales came and brought me water and looked into my eyes and said "you need more iron shots." I came to hate those cause they hurt a little. But I paid for them and took the shot like a trooper. Besides, I didn't want anything I interfering with my results. After 11days, I was ready to go home. I saw Robles the day before leaving and she ended up replacing my drainage tube. She apologized for having to give me a numbing shot. She pulled it out and pushed in a new one and reattached my drainage bulb. Doctor Gonzales called them "our babies". She used to say take care of your babies. I only had one. It got on my nerves cause it was always in the way. I had to make sure not to drop it or get it caught on things. I used to wake Jo so many times I. The middle of the night to use the restroom. So on may 12th I went home. The plane ride was smooth. Getting through customs went smoothly. I didn't swell cause I remembered to wear mY compression stockings. When I landed in Miami I immediately had to pee. I peed more than I had ever peed at the recovery house. It was like, now that I was on American soil, all was good.

Back home and loving it!!!!

Hello ladies. I will make a quick post and not be too long winded. So far I haven't had any major issues. I removed my own drain on Friday. I was a little scared so I took a pain pill in case cutting the stitch hurt. I washed my hands and put on my gloves. Then I cleaned the area with alcohol and a betadine swab. Then I place a chux under me and tried cutting the stitch. At first I didn't cut it enough cause the tube wouldn't move. I almost panicked cause I started thinking 'oh no' its grown into my tissue. But the way Robles placed it, I saw that I needed to only cut the string wrapped around the tube and then I could easily cut the one visible stitch. I did that and "voilà" the tube came out as I slowly pulled on it. Mine was not even that long, maybe 14-16 inches inside me. A small amount of fluid leaked onto the chux. I then cleaned the area and put Neosporin on it and covered it with a waterproof bandage. I then showered and put on my alternate faja. Mine was crying of course. Well within a few minutes, I noticed my t-shirt was wet and so was my spar faja. It must have been a little tight causing fluid to be pushed out. Well good thing my faja was dry. I took everything off and used an extra large maxi pad to cover over a fresh bandage and taped it down. Problem solved. I feel so much freer without my 'baby' hanging on my side. I had my first lymphatic drainage message on Friday too. It felt awesome. The lady I found is going to make sure to help me get all of the excess fluid released. I did noticed I was going to the bathroom more. I ordered my second stage garment today. It is a Columbian faja with four rows of hooks. I can't wait because it is high compression. The scales keeps going down and that makes me happy. My husband wants to get remarried. I sent him a pic of me and he keeps calling and telling me that he can't keep that picture off his mind. Haha. I told him to get two more jobs so he can get me the right ring this time. I still get tired if I stand too long but every day is better. I will post more pics soon.

OMG Recovery is a bio'ch

Hey tummy tuck sisters! The one ADVICE I'd give is please drink your water and eat your pineapples. Swell hell is very real. I just had another massage and I was counting down the minutes until I was off the see the massage wizard. I feel so much better now. My swelling is mostly in my lower belly but it's very tight.

My new garment should be in today. Now I'm like a hawk at the window waiting for that delivery truck. I'm in pain too. But I'm optimistic about recovery in spite of swell hell. Well I'll update more later.


Hello Ladies and gentlemen. Let me say first off, anyone who is brave enough to get this surgery deserves a medal and a prize. It has been quite an emotional journey. Its true what they say, you swell so much sitting at your desk. You have to try to walk as much as possible. I walked some but it must not have been enough. I swelled so bad it hurt. I couldn't wait for my lymphatic drainage massage that week. It helped tremendously. I finally got my second stage garment. I had to chase down the postman to get it. I'm so tired of not being able to sleep like I used to and this swelling is annoying. But in spite of all that I'm hopeful. I finally got my nerves up to completely remove my belly button bandages. I still treat it but it don't need a bandage. My tummy tuck scar is smoothing out and I rub rose mosquetta oil on it and apply silicone strips once the oil dries. I'm satisfied with my results although I think my breast a too big. I'm definitely not used to 'tig ol' bitties.' R Kelly fans know what I mean. Ladies I need a nap sometimes when I get home. I took one this evening and now I can't sleep. Well good night. I'll post pics next time.


Hi Ladies and Gents,
Let me first say that from my perspective, the surgery was the easiest part of this process. I had very little pain if any. Mostly discomfort and fatigue. I also what to tell everyone that Dra. Robles and her staff are truly the best. I was approved for my leave by my employer however, they also use a third party to approve whether you get paid or not. Well, I was pretty much out of it after surgery so when I checked my email I noticed they were requesting some info. I emailed the original form the doctor's office completed. I forgot to update the dates. Originally I was going in March or early April. On some parts I updated some I didn't. So when they approved me I did not notice they only approved three weeks paid. Not until the fourth week when I checked the olé bank account and noticed I was partially paid. I immediately became completely awake and started checking my email. I went back to their original approval and from there went to the site. Low and behold, they were requesting more information to pay me for all of my time off. Sister has to get all her ends. So I re-read the approval and focused on what they needed. I contacted Laura and explained what I needed. Granted I felt the urgency to contact Laura, Dr. Gonzales, Dra. Robles and Virginia. I emailed and Whatsapp everybody I could think of. Laura responded via whatsapp that she was on it. The info was faxed and was approved. I thanked everyone and gave Laura her props. To me, this shows that they don't forget about you after you're gone. They could have easily ignored me and I would have stuck out of luck. But no everyone responded and while I was still Whatsapping Laura, she had already responded to my email. It made me appreciate her more and Dra. Robles.

When I was stalking RS, I read many women complain of swell hell. To be honest, they didn't look too swollen to me. Just slightly puffy. Well huntay, let me tell you...PLEASE FORGIVE my ignorance. Swell hell is alive and annoying. You start out somewhat flat then by the end of your work day you are so swollen and uncomfortable. I couldn't walk right. Now I truly understand.

The faja. Thank God my building is very cold inside. All this t-shirts, faja, bras, etc. SO hot and a pain in the azz. I still can't sleep on my sides. If I slip and sleep somewhat normal, I wake up still and sore. So I still sleep sitting up. Anybody got tips please inbox me. Also, I haven't lost much weight but my fat percentage has gone way way down. It makes me think something is wrong with the scale. The weight is going down without me doing much. I just wished I lost weight like some of the other divas did. Massages are going great and they are very helpful.i apologize for not posting updated pic. I will soon. Ttls
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