33 Years Old, 3 Kids (12, 10, 1) Dr. Cabral's Magic NEEDED TT, Lipo Breast-Lift w/ Implants- Dominican Republic

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Well, I'm a mother of 3. And I have has surgery 10...

Well, I'm a mother of 3. And I have has surgery 10 yes ago. I will need to go through sx again. In 2004 while only having 2 kids; I had a TT, Breast Lift w/o implants & Full Body Lipo. Was never told about Massages (never had not one) and never wore a faja. Smoked cigarettes right before sx and was never instructed that fpr healing purposes it would be good to stop for a while. Don't even remember the Doctor's name (but he's irrelevant at this point. ) LoL Well, I had a baby April 10, 2013 and let say that I need to have sx again. My old TT scar look terrible and my breast are starting to look sad lol. So I started checking online and a friend of my recently went to Dr. Cabral and she looks SUPER!! I contacted Cabral thur Whatsapp. And sent him my pics. He was great in responding. A few hours later I got a quote with what I needed done according to what he saw from my pics. And of course if I would like it. I started following him on IG. And seeing the work he continues to do. And I have to go to him. I just have too!! He is know for the Barbies and the hands of God that he has in sculpting women's bodies. In Spanish he's called Papa. Lol which is Daddy of Surgery.
With that said he stated that I should:
-redo my TT stating that my abdomen has tp be stretched(pulled more) he stated that my scar did not look good and that I needed a Breast Lift bit with a small implant this time. Also a full body lipo. Meaning a recommended 3 weeks in DR. So here is where my story will begin.
I spoke with my fiancé and we agreed that this wpuld be a great birthday gift for myself. Yiiiiieeeeehhhh love him for being 100% supportive. As a full time mom, wife soon to be and worker. I need to think a bit of myself. YOLO like he says= You Only Live Once

So 6,300 for surgery
250 for meds, & tests.
And now the thing is planning where would I stay and if I will be going alone.
Don't know what are thinhs that I should start buying that will helpe spend less while I'm down there. But I'm thinking a totla of 10,000 will be going on this Process to the New Me.

Excited, Scared of pain. But soooo looking forward to how I would look and how I will feel after all this.

Problem. ... I started a new job in sept 2014 and well to ask them for 3 to 4 weeks off will be hard. But I feel that from here to the Special date. Things will fall into place. (Right?!?!?l) here are the pics that I sent Dr. Cabral.

P.S.- any advice...I will take them. And things I should get. Ex. Creams, oils, supply, meds... let me know!!

Should I lose some weight before Tummy tuck & Lipo

Well I have been thinking... should I shed some pounds off before the sx? I was thinking that a diet and the gym before the sx might make things a little better for me. And maybe a little less in money?? Any advice? ??

SO its still on!! Aug 15

Well, i know I have been MIA for a while. Work, family, kids and hubby taking up of all of it. But the planning is still a go! I am like so ready to have this done. I have picked the date as Aug 15. I took time off of work. And now its time to start getting everything I need. I lost a bit of weight and sent new pics to Dr. Cabral. And this time I think I'm only going to do the Lipo (FullBody of course) and the Scar revision. He gave me a quote of $4000 for that. I also asked about the Breast Lift with Implant and he said that it would be more of course. But the fact is that these quotes are just an estimate of the price. Because when you are in front of him the price might change. I called his office to hold my date. Super happy!!! And I wanted to make sure that the price would be written down or like should i print the conversation. I was told that the quote is an estimate being that people can send them months in advance. Just like I had done. And that people's body change through months. To be save Im going to take a bit more then $4000 for the surgery not to mention that it doesn't included anything else. ex faja, blood work or anything. I believe that it includes the stay for a day or 2 after surgery.

Another thing happened. My mom tells me that another person passed away. July 2, 2014. I don't even want to hear things like this. but the facts are there. I sent Cynthia Dilsa an email. My friends had her surgery with her and loves her results. Not to mention that the price is different $3600. I know you would say that its only $400 less. But it includes meds, your 1st faja, bloodworms before surgery and X-rays. 1 day stay after surgery. and few other things. And she said that if I get the Breast Lift with Implants she would do it for $1500 more. And she uses the Gummy Bear implants. ( I know it sounds SUPER!!!) But part of me still wants that CABRALBODY!! :(
So want that tiny waist line. And I have a big butt so I know it would look CRAZY!!!
I also did a whole physical done. Blood is great 13! So I would be good for surgery with both Doctors. I have to buy my flight and get an RH.
Cabral was telling me to stay in CIPLA- $80 a night 3 meals included
Disla was telling me about 3 different RH that she works with, I have to check the email. I will keep ya posted! Look for a Buddy! Im going to be out there from Aug 15- Sept 1
Dr. Hector Cabral

He replies to all messages in a timely fashion and very politely.

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