Getting my Body Back at 34(TT)! Married W/3 Kids; Dr. Billy Lynn

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I have been struggling with getting a Tummy Tuck...

I have been struggling with getting a Tummy Tuck for the past two year. I have never had surgery before and the idea of going under the knife kinda scares me. So I decided to choose three doctors from my area and have a consultation with each one of them and then make a decision by March 31, 2014. Today was the last day of my consultation and I have met with all three doctors but it is difficult to narrow my decision because people in my area are getting procedures done but no one is talking about them. Shhhhh!

Surgery Scheduled!!!! May 15

Scheduled my surgery date! I didn't have to pay a deposit! I so excited and a little anxious. 30 days and counting.

Preop Tomorrow!!!!!

I can't believe it is finally happening. I'm a little anxious and nervous but hoping everything goes smooth and I can be ready for surgery.

Tummy Tuck Supplies (Post Op)

These are all the supplies I recently purchased for my post op care. Does anyone know if I'm missing anything?

Scar Therapy

Just a couple of things for my scar therapy once I'm cleared.
African Shea Butter
Bio Oil
Pure Coconut Oil

Scar Therapy! (Picture didn't post)

African Shea Butter
Bio Oil
Pure Coconut Oil

Compression Garments

Just got my compression garments in. I ordered a Stage 1 and 2.

On tha flat side!!!!

Finally made it to the flatside. Not a lot pain just major discomfort. More news tomorrow.

Just what I expected

Today my pain is very manageable. I'm wrapped up so tight til I now am having some anxiety about how my stomach and belly button looks. I have been experiencing some gas pain but it passes. No BM yet, but haven't eaten very much solid food. Monday is my first post op visit.

Best Ever!!!

Dr. Lynn has been wonderful! He explained every part of the surgery to me with great detail and made sure that I fully understood my procedure. It's been two days post op for me and Dr. Lynn and his staff have checked in with me continuously. I couldn't have asked for a physician that is more caring.

First Appt!!

My first post op appt is today. I finally get to see what I look like.

Thinking the Worst

So today is an emotional day. Every second I'm asking myself did I make the right decision and should I have spent this much money. My staples were removed yesterday, the nurse applied body glue, and steristrips. The taping down of the drains and tight feeling I had after surgery is gone. I find myself going commando after constant pinching of the drain and struggle with my panties. No BM yet and the gas pain is getting worse. Does it really take this long? GEEz! I'm only eating yogurt and granola bars. I drink plenty of water and sit on the toilet for hours with nothing happening. Yet in the middle of the night while I'm in the recliner it feels like my bottom is going to fall out. I don't understand and it is very frustrating. If the MOM doesn't work today I'm going to try something else. On a good note I'm happy with my results thus far. Today I'm going to try and take a bird bath, change into my other compression garment and wash my binder. Wish me luck!

Feeing better

Feeling much better today. The pain has subsided greatly so I'm going to try just Tylenol for today. Wish me luck. Had a BM yesterday and one today. YAY!!!!! That made me feel 110% better. My incision looks good and I'm still wearing my binder. Drains are still in but will hopefully come out tomorrow when I go to the doctor. *Fingers crossed*

Drains Are Out.....

Today my visit with the Dr. went great. He examined me and said he loves the way I look. I was like ME TOO! Lol. Anyway the murse removed the drains and that was tha sting from hell. OMG!!!! I am so glad it is over and they are out. I feel 10X's better. In other news the gas pains still come and go. I do find myself feeling like I'm going to pop everytime I eat something. Like a ballon just expanding but I have found a remedy. LEMONS!!! THEY WORK!!!! Whenever I feel that swelling or bloated sensation, I just cut a lemon in 1/2, squeeze it in my water bottle, and suck the rest. I don't know why but I get instant relief. The next couple of days I'm just gonna try to take it easy .

Feeling Pretty

So today was " Shower Day!" YAY!!!! I'm so thankful for it. My hubby was in the shower with me for support since I opted out of getting a shower chair. Aaaaah, water never felt so good. After that I just relaxed, my husband lotioned me down, and we played around for a little while.;-) My drain holes are healing nicely and my incision looks good. So far I have no complaints. Next Dr.'s visit is a week from Monday.

I'm Over It

Ok I'm officially over this healing process. Ugh! I guess some of it is my fault because I've been a homebody since the surgery. My incision looks pretty good from what I can see (still have steri strips). It does itch alot now and sometimes has this burning/tingling sensation. No real pain experienced the last couple of days just tons of discomfort. I will probably get a good shower and try to put some clothes......ooh I forgot NOTHING FITS! Well summer dress it is.

It Gets Better

Today I'm optimistic and look forward to the rest of my journey. I'm finally starting to feel normal. I haven't done much but I have eliminated naps and it helps me sleep better through the night. I've been practicing walking a little straighter everyday. My belly button is healing nicely but most of the scab hasn't fell off yet. I kinda looks like when a baby loses it's umbilical cord. Eek! It freaks me out. Swelling hasn't been as bad as I thought is would be thanks to plenty of water and eating lemons all day. My lips are paying for it though (can you say Vaseline). Will post some two weeks pictures later.


So not much is going on. I'm driving but my dr hasn't cleared me for work. My belly button is about 95% healed with no complications. The incision looks good & the steri strips have started to lift. My jeans slide on but still not that comfortable. My incision is so tender. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyway that's all for now.

Time flys.......

So I'm feeling pretty good these last couple of days. My walk is about 70% straight and I haven't experienced any pain just discomfort from this binder. Yes, my dr. still has me wearing it. The steri strips are slowly lifting and the incision is looking really good. I got my monthly visitor so my nelly is swelling mote than usual. The ice cream & chocolate isn't helping either!!!! Overall I'm very happy with my decision and look forward to feeling more normal day by day.

5 Weeks Post Op

I had my 5 week post op appt. with m dr yesterday. He has cleared me for light exercise, work, and I can start to wean myself off of the binder. Today I went all day without wearing it and it wasn't too bad. The steri-strips on my scar are starting to fall off and it is looking very NICE!!! Thin and low just like I requested. Can't wait to upload pictures once all the strips come off (dr advised me not to remove them). I'm starting to feel like myself again and waking up enjoying my new belly.

2 months post op

Well it's been two months. Let the normal me please stand up. I been feeling like more and more like myself everyday! My scar is looking good and I have a good bit of swelling by the end of the day. Overall I'm happy with the surgery.

3 months

Whew! Time has really started to fly. Well not much has changed. This week I have started the Julian Michael's 30 Day Shred and finally started work on my ab muscles. It felt a little weird but I didn't experience any pain. I still have swelling at the end of everyday and I still wear my binder at night. My scar has healed very nicely. It's in the dark phase but it is low and very thin so I hoping it will fade more as the months go by. Everyday I get more comfortable with the decision I made to have the surgery done. If I could do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing!

2 years & Still happy!

Just an update after two years. I'm still happy with my surgery. The scar is still there but has healed beautifully.
Evans Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lynn has been wonderful! He explained every part of the surgery to me with great detail and made sure that I fully understood my procedure. It's been two days post op for me and Dr. Lynn and his staff have checked in with me continuously. I couldn't have asked for a physician that is more caring.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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