Mom of 4 Jumbo Sized Babies' Journey to the Flat Side!

Today I begin my (short) weight loss journey. I...

Today I begin my (short) weight loss journey. I hope to lose 10-15 lbs by my surgery date (not set yet). My consultation is set, however, for May 19th!!! I am super nervous for the recovery time, since my children are still small. They are 2, 5, 8, and 10. My babies ranged from 9lbs 2 oz to 9lbs 8 oz at birth. Since I am stretching to hit 5'4", my belly went straight out and there is a LOT of evidence. I am adding a few pre weight loss pics and hope to take measurements tonight.

Trying not to obsess

I got on the scale a couple days ago (in the afternoon) and about had a heart attack. So I started counting calories. I've downloaded and subsequently deleted a food journal/calorie counting app twice in the past 3-4 days. I get really freaked out (obsessed) by the numbers. I can't do it. So I am just consciously making better food choices, trying to have more frequent/smaller meals and avoiding going out to eat as much as I can. I'm hoping to start working out more too. Ugh, having 4 kids and a full time job doesn't make losing weight easy. At all. Boo!

I know I'll have a good result whether I lose weight or not. I've dieted and exercised like a fiend before but quit because the belly wasn't budging. I think I will really be a lot happier with myself once the surgery is done. I'm not going to obsess over it. At least I'll try not to. :/

On the upside, I weighed this morning before I ate and I was a good 6 lbs lighter than on the first day. That's something... Right? LOL


I am SO anxious for my consultation. As I look through all of these reviews I get more excited for the end result. While the recovery is a big worry for me (babysitter, cleaning, cooking, etc) I can't wait!

Had hubby go by and spend my Kohls cash before it expired...

Had hubby go by and spend my Kohls cash before it expired. He bought me something for my work outs... LOL I will not be wearing this in public for quite a while. I may do a before pic in it though :/

Here's the outfit...

Scale didn't budge this week...

Boo. Scale is holding steady, I didn't get to work out much though. Sick baby and busy at work. Hoping for a change this week. Here is the before in the "booty shorts" my hubby bought. Hoping for a much nicer "after" photo one of these days. At least I didn't gain right? :)

Getting closer!

Although I haven't weighed in over a week, my dieting has gone down hill. On my kid's field trip we went on a nature hike and ended up a mountain (really a big hill) lost. I'm still sore from that hike 3 days ago so... Oh well. I took a few pics today of me doing my best "sucking it in" and I am getting excited!!! Consult in 4 more days!

Pics didn't post!

Tomorrow is the Consultation!!!

Nervous and excited for tomorrow, I hope he doesn't tell me to lose more weight before he'll do the surgery... :/

Got my date set!

I am scheduled for June 25th!!! It doesn't even seem real. The nurses and doctor were all very informative and helpful. I paid my consultation fee and my surgery reservation fees today and I go back June 17th for my preop visit and again on the 25th for my TUMMY TUCK!!! My total cost is just under $6,400.

In the home stretch!

At this time next week I'll be on the flat side!! I am also SUPER happy that I just started my period and THAT should be over by surgery time! Now to get my house prepared!


I'm out of surgery and back home resting comfortably. Now that is RESTING comfortably, getting up for the bathroom is AWFUL! I don't get to unwrap until my post op appointment on Tuesday so here is what I look like (excuse my hubby's crappy photography).

I've been home 2 days now.

I'm still pretty much bedridden, but today I have gotten up twice on my own and made my way to the bathroom and gotten back into bed. So progress is being made! Slow and steady. Thanks for the encouraging words ladies!

One Week Post Op

I was one week post op yesterday. Finally got to shower and my dressings off! Praying these drains come out next Tuesday when I go back. I had severe nausea from about day 4-6 but I finally got that under control and have an appetite again. I never even felt pain in my incision until the dressing came off and now it is a burn here and there. My drains do burn rather frequently as well. Here are my updated pics! I'm excited about my results so far!

Cross your fingers

Going back to see my PS tomorrow. I'm desperately praying that these drains come out! They are on my hips in a very inconvenient place. I don't know how the ladies with them at the crotch do it!

Still have one of my drains until Monday.

Ugh, this drain is sore and annoying! I just want it out! Here are my updated pics. I think I am a little swollen now in week 2.

Drains are done!

I finally got my 2nd drain out at 19 days post op! I felt like a prisoner released from jail! Swelling has definitely been an issue but not so much I can't deal. I wish I could wear regular clothes but oh well. I attempted regular button fly lightweight khaki capris (that I wore before my TT but were technically too small and I squeezed in with a major muffin top) and the waistband was a bit snug but not tight but I think it made me swell worse. So I'll give it another week and try again I guess. I have about 3 weeks until I go back to work and I need to wear real clothes! Anyway here is my week 3 updated collage...
Cape Girardeau Plastic Surgeon

Doctor and staff were all very informative and patient. Very professional environment and nice facility.

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