Never mind the Haters

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I haven't had my procedures yet, I'm trying to get...

I haven't had my procedures yet, I'm trying to get a July 23, 2014 date with dr. Robles, but I'm getting anxious. I wanted to start my blog because even now, this decision has affected my life. I only told a few close friends and family, but all feedback, no matter how well intended was not positive. You see, I am a 45 year old, married woman of the cloth with nine grandchildren and for some strange people think I'm not suppose to care about what I look like on the outside. I am having a TT and (even more controversial) a BBL. I know God looks on the inside and our spirit more than anything else must be right, but that doesn't stop us from dressing up the outside. God made dr. Robles with extraordinary gifts and I plan to use those gifts to enhance the temple that God has given me. While i am on this journey, i don't want to say anything to hurt anyone's feelings, so pray for me to be patient with Gods people.
Will keep you all updated.
Truly blessed!

Deposit made...

well i did the deposit western union. no response from laura. its settled. im excited. on my way. lost 6 pounds so far. any suggestions to get the weight off. im already doing cardio almost every morning. its time to get serious!
keep u posted

Date is set...

I put down my deposit with Dr Robles and my date is set. i am down another two pounds this week and feeling good! Althoughi know big girls can get the procedures too, i am taking Dr. Robles advice and Im going to loose as much weight as possible. My friends seem to think that once I loose the weight i wont need the surgery, but after 4 children, there are some things that diet and excercise wont fix lolol. another thing, i am an apple shape with a flat butt, and i want to be a coke bottle with a round butt. not diet can make that happen.
the truth is they will never understand and its not going to stop me! God know my heart and my motivation and I believe He wants me to be happy!
This is a spiritual, financial, physical, and emotional journey for me. I remain in prayer for you all. Please pray for me too.
Truly Blessed

Flight Booked

My husband is going with me!

Coming Down and feeling good

I am down 15 pounds. Juicing is great! Not hungry, no cravings, but expensive. I'm taking my supplements, lots of energy, and feeling good. My surgery date is slowly creeping up and i really want the best results. I see others have opted to have their surgery at my weight, but I am no surgeon and if the doctor says loose it... I'm loosing it! :-)

Well, my haters and now more excited than I am. They have come to terms with my decision and are very supportive. I am still seeking God's face in all of this, but I am sure that God knows that my heart is not selfish or vein but just in need. I need to feel better about my body. I love myself. I have come a long, long way in life and in bettering myself, four degrees, I have let my body go. So now this is my new goal. I want to like what I see on the outside, just like I love what i feel on the inside. The Spirit of God, who dwells in me, refreshes my soul daily. Dr. Robles will refresh my body. :-)
Thanks for listening
Keep you updated

More expenses

We are at the post office now. $185 expidited Passport. $25 processing fee. $16 stamp. This is adding up. When I look at the total cost I think, I can have the work done in NY. But I havent seen any work in NY or in the surrounding states, that even compares to Robles' work. I think that historically women of color have been more curvatious than others and Robles has tapped into that knowledge. No I didnt say black women got big butts. If that were true I wouldnt be needing a BBL... lol... If you look at Robles web site, even she know that the type of work we're looking for isnt mainstream. The work there is more tamed. thank God for realself showing us what she can really do!
keep you updated
be blessed

docs appointment tomorrow

tomorrow im going to see my PCP. she will order the CBC. im down 19 pounds. ive been taking my VC, folicacid, iron pills, and VB. well on my way to a fabulous me!
keep you updated

date change

ok, i cant wait... changed my date from July 22 to June 18!! yeah... 22 pounds down and counting.

start shopping

now heres the fun part. time to start shopping

Update on my Haters

well, it appears that all my haters and now on board. It seems that all they needed was a reason or someone to step out in holy boldness and now they are going forward with things that they have been wrestling with themselves. So its true. sometimes it just takes one to step out of the norm and say, this is what im going to do. I guess I broke the norm! To God be the glory.


Now i have cheerleaders!

Closer to my new date.

Did a lot of shopping. I brought my t'shirts. My compression socks, butt pillow, body wipes, and adult diapers ... just in case...

I'm so excited.

Ready or not!

Well, i only have two weeks before i board the plane to DR. Im almost there. I've been juicing for 32 days. Im not sure how much im down but I know its over 23 pounds. thats what I weighed a week ago. :)
im looking forward to what God is going to do through Dr. Robles and her team and to God be all the glory!

7 More days

Hello everyone. I just decided I would share some pics. I have been so inspired by the reviews and pics I have viewed I feel obligated to share. These are some before pics. They are not nude but you can see my struggle. Be gentle.

Two more

My neck

Omg, I just started noticing the fat hump on the back my neck. God help me, I, a mess!


Side neck shot

A moment

I just had a moment of clarity. I keep reading how most of us want our pre child bearing body back and that is why we are having the surgery. I was dying to. Reflect on my pre children body and realized that I don't want that body back. I was sixteen when I had my first child. I was want they called a beanpole. Now that I think about it, I never had they body of I have been trying to obtain through diet and exercise. In my late thirties I began to let myself go, so now I'm over weight, but I was never curvy or shapely. I never had a small waist and womanly hips. I really need a physical transformation to take place. I don't even know what I was suppose to look like as a woman!
I'm gonna start praying for Dr. Robles because she has her work cut out for her!

Three days before take off

Four days before surgery. Just had a big salad. Feeling full and. Fat. God help me, I'm so ready to get rid of this extra person standing in front of me...

Here in DR

Hello friends. I landed in DR at 2 pm. Was taken straight to clinic and I am just about done here. Had my blood work done, my medical history, x ray, and an EKG. I'm food! My surgery date was pushed to Friday but I'm still good with it. I'm hungry, can't wait to go eat!

First impression

Btw, everyone is wonderful. Some may not speak English, but I guess I'm getting to know what that feels like for those who come to USA and can't speak English. Gives you a new perspective...

Good morning

It is so quiet here I am afraid to get out of bed. Ok, first,I'm in queens house now VA like I thought I would be. But it's ok, I'm rooming with my friend and another girl in a room for four. It's clean and the people are very nice. I'm up and ready to go... But I have no where to go, lol. Surgery is moved for tomorrow so all I can do is wait. I didn't get my results for my blood work yesterday so that is still on my mind. I will try to reach the,clinic in a little while. I'm getting ready to g o out to the living room and sit and read. Can't stay in bed!

Hello everyone

I'm just updating again. I saw the doctor last night. Finally! So the word is in, I need iron treatment. Got two shots last night and two this morning. No IV yet. I'm waiting for someone to put it in. I'm getting a little frustrated to be honest, but that's just me... God is taking through something to get the glory from it I'm sure. Will give you another update tomorrow.
Peace be still!

It's time!

Doctor just marked me up. I still won't be doing the back loop and bbl but by the marks I am encouraged! It's gonna be off the hook! Well, two hours to go and I'm going under. Those of you who know Jesus Christ, please pray for me!

Update with pic

I'm sorry I can show more but it's hard to take this one I look great. I'm so glad I didn't do the back lipo with bbl together. I'm a strong woman hut this is ridiculous! Like I said bore, you ladies have helped me so ugh that I gotta share!

Sorry feeling weak

Here's the pic

Hi everyone,

Rory it's been a few days. I really got to hand it to those girls who are able to post every day during recovery. As I said before, my iron was low so no bbl or back lipo. She did lipo the sides,and do the tt. Excellent job. I am healing well. I won't post nude pictures of myself, but I will show my scar. It is perfect. In fact some of it will be covered by my pupil hair when it grows back in. :) here are two more pics. One without the garment, the other of the scar. God bless dr. Robles! Sorry no scar. The pic is two dark. I will try to get one later. Here is, however, my before and after belly button. I don't know if it's perfect, but yes Lord, I am finally rid of the third eye!

My belly

You can see in my before bb pic how much fat dr. Robles had to deal with. To God be all the glory. She did a fine job.

Three weeks post surgery

Well it's been three weeks. I'm home, safe and sound and my drain is still in. I have been draining 100 - 150 cc all week. The last 48 hours I drained >60cc, but I left it in anyway because I want to be sure, plus I am seeing the doctor this morning. I have been in contact with Laura who says leave it in until >50 cc. It's not convenient but I am not taking it out early. I will be going back to work Monday, so I pray it is ready to come out.

My wound is healing perfectly. I am very very happy with the process. It doesn't hurt at all. The lipo areas still swell and harden whenever I take off my faja. I brought another a size smaller to help with that. Since I got lipo on the sides and under arms I brought the faja with the bra and it is wonderful.

Lastly, I went back to juicing Fter I returned on the 39th and I am down 12 pounds! And my waist is down 4 inches! Yeah! When I do the math regarding my return to DR for my back and bbl, I'm still glad Dr. Robles didn't do it all at the same time. The lipo pain may have been unbearable for me.

I'm still praying for all my tt sisters and I encourage you again that if you want it all done at the same time, get that iron up!

God bless

Drain out

Hey y'all, I took out my drain last night. I'm so scared I may still need it but I waited for three weeks to take it out, plus it was draining less than 50cc for three days. Pray with me!

The importance of the raja

Hello all. It's been almost two months since my tt and lipo. I am healing great. The tt scar is looking good and the bob is healing nicely. No flesh pics will be posted. I just wanted to tell you all that the raja is a must. I have been fateful with my Fuja. But yesterday, I wanted to ware a dress where the straps would not cover the raja. So I wore are realy good waist support girdle instead. Under the girdle I it my thirst all bundled up as to not mark my body with the ridges. Guess what happened. When I took it off my waist looked like a ruffled potato chip. It actually molded my waist to the shape of the bundled up thirst and girdle. Now I know. The faja does continue to shape your lipo suctioned sections after so when you choose a faja, make sure you like what you see when you put it on and don't forget to ware it!
To God be the glory

Photo 2.5 months

Master cleanse

Well I am still waring my raja. I took the first one in two inches, the second one one size smaller I took in. 1.5 inches. I will ware it until I can't take it in no more. I see and feel the difference in my body when I leave it off. Even on women who have not had surgery over time. It shapes your body. I love it and will probably make it part of my regular wardrobe well after I'm healed.

Very, very pleased

Well it is two months since my surgery and I must say i am very pleased with the results. Dr. Robles is phenomenal. What skilled hands! She has shaped me like I never expected. I just wanted to have a waist but I have gone now from a 43 to a 33! Yes I have lost some weight on my own but I don’t think it would be this small without the TT and lipo.
So, I am still wearing my fajas. I have them taken in every time my waist drops an inch or two. I want them to stay tight and continue to work their magic. I stopped my massages, I did about 12 of the recommended 14, but I don’t feel I need them any longer. If I do I will just go get another. I still swell regularly because I am constantly on the move, but not hardly as bad as before and it doesn’t hurt, just uncomfortable.
I am still considering doing the back lipo and BBL. My shape is nice, even from the side and behind, but I want my lower back to slope more at the top of my buttocks so more lipo and a little BBL will help with that. However, I am not sure if I will do it because recovering from the lipo is more painful than the TT for me.
Lastly, I just wanted to say, I am pryaing for all of you who are going in and the healing and recovery for those who are on the other side.
Grace and peace!

13 weeks post op.

hello everyone, today i am 13 weeks post op. i am obviously bac to work and a regular schedule. i am doing some working out, treadmill, started last week. taking it easy and feeling great. my journey has been such a wonderful experience. No not prefect, but just what i needed. i am still thinking about a little back lipo and a bbl. but maybe not. i realize now that ive lost some weight that im not flat! not round like i would like to be but i dont know if it would be worth it. i will pray on it and let the Lord be my guide. great news, i am still in my faja, daily, today i measured my waist. 34!!!! post op was 42. after op was 38 now 34! my granddaughter said my waist looks strange its so small! ha! im loving it. well thats it for now. will post a pick from work.
still praying for you all to experience a desired transformation inside and out!
God bless

feeling great... and looking decent to!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Robles and her team were ok people. Very professional and knowledgable. The language barrier was frustrating at the but they made every effort to understand me and communicate with me. I will use them again.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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