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Ok after 2 years of deciding should I do it or...

Ok after 2 years of deciding should I do it or should I to, only thing I was worried about was taking 3 weeks off since I have a home daycare. I went to go see Dr Islur at Maple surgical centre in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada . He was fantastic, I knew every thing he told me since I have been stocking this web site for 2 years lol. He examined me and said we should have great results, but would like to do lipo on the love handles to get best results. Had I not read on here most get lipo with tummy tucks I would of thought he was trying to up sell me. I am so happy I have this site for reference. After exam he sent me to talk to their finance department and I thought here we go pressure sell. Nope, she told me all my options, she said IF I book I would need 25% down the rest 2 weeks before surgery. If I want to think about it it was a $50 consult fee ( which I knew about) but that would come off my end total. Asked if I needed to apply for financing, once I said no, she said ok well once. Decide give her a call. Well my husband was with me, and said no she is booking today and pays her, I was a little shocked that we didn't discuss it because it is a lot of money, but he knows how much I want to do it. Soooooo we booked for June 17th. She fitted me for that synching garment, gave me forms for my family dr to fill out, gave me all my before and after what to expect forms. Told me time line, and said ok on June 3 rd balance is due, see you on the 17 th at 7 am. Gave me her email , her cell and her office number if I have questions. Gave me drs email and phone number if I have any questions for him. Walked out feeling like a kid getting a new bike. Still can't believe it's booked. Husband said don't worry about the costs he would cover it all ( I stress over money and have been saving like crazy for this but still didn't have enough saved yet) . Now for the next 3 months it is gong to be so crazy busy here that time is going to fly. I am not nervous yet, just excited!

Wow negative response from friends :(

I have told very few people that I am going to get a tummy tuck but I am soooooo shocked by the responses. My very good friends are the least supportive. I get every thing from big waste of money, to must be nice to have money to throw away, to what are you lung threw that you need to want to look good. My kickboxing friends and instructor have been most supportive as they see how hard I work out with little results on the tummy area. Any one else experience ths? The negative feedback from friends???


Did you all get all the supples recommended by ladies on here? And actually use them? I am starting to get supplies, I ordered gauze pads and tape from ebay ( way cheaper) and picked up baby wipes and rubber gloves yesterday . I thought f I pick up stuff slowly I won't notice the extra costs :)

9 weeks to go!!!!

Only 9 weeks to go, I have so much going on with income taxes needing to be done this month, and then May 1st we get to open up our seasonal summer trailer weeks are flying by!!!!! I still have 7-8 pounds to loose before surgery but I will do it! I have been reading so many reviews and 1 thing I am happy for is I have no little kids at home to have to care for after surgery, just my dogs lol. My boys are 23 and 25 and do not live at home. And my hubby is very capable of taking care of me, the house, the dogs and himself as long as I leave notes on what needs to be done daily as he has ADD and very easily distracted. The count down is officially on.....63 more days :)

8 weeks to go!

I can not believe I am only weeks away. I am so busy no time to be nervous excited or scared. Been buying a few supplies when ever I am out and think ohhhhh I need this! Already have 5 new books to read, and my husband bought a subscription to next issue, so I have tons of magazines to read on the iPad :). Hope every one is healing great and have a good week !!!

7 weeks

I can not believe its only 7 weeks away, went to family dr. to get preop papers filled out, and my blood pressure is still to high, so she put me on different meds, and hopefully it will be fine. And since its high I need to go for an EKG before she will sign off on me, so May 16 th I go for that. Plus iron and b12 is low, so need to get that up. She didn't seem to worried about that. Have most of my supplies bought, I just want to go and try and find either a bandeau bra or a no wire front closer bra just to be able to puts one in the morning and if I sleep in it I want it comfy. But I did buy a zip up light weigh robe with pockets in the front. It's not cute or pretty but will serve the purpose. I am only 5"3 and it hits just under my knees so I do not have to worry about tripping over it going up and down stairs. I am going to pick up a second 1 as I think I will be living in it the first few days. Only $19 at walmart , can't go wrong! Have a great week!!!!!!!

6 weeks, 42 days!!!!

Can't believe I am 42 days away from flat side, decided to go for my EKG today rather then the 16th, hubby wanted me to get it out of the way just in case other tests need to be done. Started back on " juicing" for breakfast and lunch and will have a lighter dinner, still need to drop about 7-10 pounds, and it's not raining out so I will be able to do a run before kick boxing tonight. Still not nervous but staring to get excited! Have an awesome week all :)

5 weeks

Hope all you ladies had a great weekend and a nice Mother's Day . 5 weeks and counting, family dr got EKG report back every thng is normal, so they faxed it over to the plastic surgeon and I called and they received it, so all the medical stuff is done and set. Still need to pick up a couple things but pretty much all set and just waiting. Next few weeks are going to be very busy so before I know it the date will be here. Lost 1 pound last week, I know it's not a huge amount but only 6 more to go! Have an awesome week !!'m

4 weeks

Well this last week has been a whirlwind. Had Friday off so had a dentist appointment for out a need a ton of work to be done but I only have 2 weeks to get it done as the surgeon doesn't want any dentil work done 2 weeks before surgery or 4 weeks after. So I am going to try and get some done at least. Took to truck to insurance to see what they will cover from my little bang up this winter and that was very successful so I am very happy about that :) Saturday had an out of town funeral, was very emotional day. Sunday went out to our trailer to open it up for the year. And Monday I started my 6:30 a.m. bootcamp. It was awesome, I am a morning person so I do not find it challenging to get up, so thats a plus. This week is going to fly by as I only have a 4 day work week, and with boot camp, kickboxing in the evenings, and I have a hair appointment tomorrow, dinner with friends Thursday, nails and hot yoga Friday night, Saturday to Sunday out of town for an anniversary party the 3 week mark is going to be here in a flash!! After this week there is only 15 more work days, I can not believe its that close. Still not nervous, or scared, but starting to get excited. We booked our Christmas vacation yesterday ( dec 28-jan4) so now hope that 6 months will be enough time to completely heal! Have an awesome week :) :) :)

1 week

There is only 1 week to go until I am on the flat side, I can't believe how fast time is going. I am all set with supplies and now just getting stuff done around the house like washing windows and organizing closets. After today only 4 more working days ! I have Monday off ( surgery is Tuesday) so I can do last minute laundry, dusting , grocery shopping ext.... even though hubby is very good at doing things and keeping things tidy the OCD is me needs for me to do it really well first :) I will post before pictures this week


Woke up today with a cold, sooooo snotty, sore burning throat and a throbbing headache. Better be gone by next week!

5 more sleeps!!

Well only 5 more sleeps and 1 more work day after today. I am still not nervous or too excited yet as I haven't had a lot of time to think about it. I have been "nesting"like crazy, and I don't know why since it is only my husband , the dogs and me living here. Making sure every closet and drawer are cleaned and organized. making sure I have enough bedding ready in piles for my husband to change the sheets on the bed, but not having to worry about him doing any laundry. Making sure he had work clothes washed and in piles. making sure he has golf clothes ready, making sure he has after work clothes ready....and why am I doing this where there are 50 little piles of clothes in the spare room? I have no idea, I think i am going crazy or some thing. Its even gotten to the point where I have my chihuahuas out fits on a pile too ( we have 2 little chihuahuas that are always cold and wear clothes every day) The next 5 days awe going to fly by, after work today is kickboxing, then out for dinner with my girl friends, boot camp tomorrow at 6:30 am, then work day, then after work, pulling out all furniture to sweep and wash all floors, then hot yoga at 9pm then bed. Saturday want to wash all the dogs blankets and sleeping pods, then kick boxing at 12 and then friends coming over for the afternoon/evening. Sunday hoping to sleep in a bit and then kick boxing at 11 and then nothing planned for the rest of the day yet. It is fathers day so chances are I will make a dinner for him and the boys will come over. Monday will be crazzzzyyyyyy day......6:30 boot camp, 10 am kickboxing, 11:30 pedicure, 1 lunch with friends, then have to go grocery shopping and last minute laundry cleaning ext and then 6 pm kick boxing and then hopefully early to bed as I have to be at surgical centre 7 am on Tuesday. I will post before pictures probably in the next couple of days. Have an awesome few days :)

I can not believe I am showing any one these


:(. So sad. Got a call my surgery is postponed My surgeons wife had a baby. Will find out tomorrow when my reschedule is :( :( :(


My new date and time is Friday at noon. Thank goodness it is this week, was getting so worried about having enough recovery time, but all is good :)

2 hours

2 hours until I leave the house, had a really good sleep last night which shocked me, got up early, threw n last load of laundry, swept and washed floors, now jus reading emails before hitting the shower. Man wish I could have a cup of coffee, but oh well. Have an awesome day and I will post as soon as I can :)

Day 1

Well yesterday went so fast. Got to surgical centre at 10:45. Signed last minute papers and got into hospital garb. Surgeon came in marked me up and then it was off to or room. Anistesiologist put in IV said I would start getting groggy in a minute, they put oxygen mask on, next thing I knew I woke up at 3 in the recovery room. At 3:15 she gave me gravol and 2 OxyContin had water fell back asleep to 4:15. Then she dressed me, put me in a recliner and hubby came to get me. Besides the light headedness I feel really good. I only took 1 oxy at 11 last night. And a motion at 5 this morning. I am getting up and down no problem , stairs are easy, been peeing like crazy. Worse part is sore back from laying down. Had some dry Cheerios and an orange this morning and made my own coffee. Will keep you posted.

End of day after surgery

I only took the 1 oxy at 11 last night, do not like them at all! Light headed, sweaty, shakes, nauseated. They are aweful. Today I took 2 Motrin that's all I have needed. Now I know this is TMI but I took MOM last night and again this morning.....omg did it work fast! Good thing I didn't leave the house lol

48 hours later

Had a great sleep night 2, would sleep 2 hours and get up and pee all night long, but I would fall back asleep really fast. Woke up not hungry and had a hard time eating all day, but finally got a muffin and a smoothie down. I only take a Motrin at night, but pain has been minimal. Drains are a pain in the butt and hopefully they can come out Thursday. Getting up and down isn't too bad, coughing, aughing and sneezing is the wort!!! And very gassy which makes the syncher tight and pinchy. But nothing I can't handle.

72 hours

Took bandages off stomache, looks good. Had a really good sleep last night, but today I was tired. Oh yeah and woke up to my period! Great just what I needed. Went for a drive with hubby to fruit market, got home had to rest. Got up had dinner and now feel bloated and very very full, even though I didn't eat much. I think it will be an early bed time for me tonight

20% over yesterday

Well today is day 5 and I feel awesome. Still nauseated at times but I think it's from the antibiotics. Got up cleaned bathroom and bedroom, changed bedding, got my self cleaned up for th day, made a cup of tea as coffee still doesn't sit great, and put my butt on the couch and have been siting here ever since ( 1 1/2 hours) going to sweep floors and make some lunch, not very hungry at all which is ok as long as I get some thing in that's nutritional. Hubby is at work today so it's been kinda nice not having some one watching every move I make. Making appointment today to get drains out on Friday. Hate the drains!!!! I feel 20% better then yesterday so I'm hoping by the endof the weekend I will be 75%

Drains coming out Friday

So last night my binder was dinging into the bottom of my boobs and on the top of my legs ( I'm short) so I thought I would put a tank top under it before bed. Well woke up 2 hours later so itchy and sweaty it was driving me nuts, so had to take it off and put up with the digging in. Woke up today feeling amazing. Made some potato salad, cleaned up, sat out side a bit, had a friend come over for coffee and now just relaxing a bit. Hubby and kid are going to foot ball game tonight so I am home alone tonight so going to be a quiet evening for me. I get my drains out tomorrow at 3:00 and I can not wait. I was taking Advil nighttime for a few nights to help me sleep because I'm not in pain or any thing just simply not tired. But last night I didn't take any thing, but still on antibiotics until Saturday. I wil post pics once my drains are out, I do not like blood and just seeing the drains I get nauseated and light headed. Wish me luck tomorrow getting them out!

Little walk

Just a fast up date, its such a nice evening out and I'm home alone decided to take chihuahuas for a little walk, make it around the block ( about 1 km) and could of done more but I got scared in case some thing happened no one is home

Amazing day!

So slept in a bit, lazed around drinking tea until 10, got ready for the day, cut the grass, sat out side with hubby and then went to get drains out. What a weird feeling that was, right one wa all the way up to my ib cage, so when she pulled it felt so weird. Didn't hurt just weird. Right one was only in a few inches. She cleaned up drainage site, checked my belly button and away I went. Then we went grocery shopping, well by the time I was done an hour later I was tired. Came home and all I could do was sit for an hour, I couldn't move, so tired. But after an hour I was able to make dinner, clean up some what, and butt hit couch again. But I did every thing I wanted to do. Tomorrow have our nieces graduation party, and I have to make a shrimp pasta dish to take and once we get home hubby will help me do laundry. And best part about tomorrow, I get to shower!!!!!!!!!!!

Good and bad day

So woke this morning made my pasta shrimp dish to take to BBQ, cleaned kitchen and thought hmmmm going to for a manicure. Went up stairs to get ready and took my last antibiotic and in about 5 minutes I was so nauseated I cold nearly stand . So didn't go for a pedicure since I was home alone ( hubby out of town) and just didn't feel like going out. So did my own nails. About noon I went and showered and it was the best feeling ever. Did a fast costco shop and then went to my BBQ. Got home at 9 and I am 100% exhausted. Let the dogs out, put on a night gown and I am watching a movie and then right to bed. Doing nothing tomorrow until hubby gets home and we have laundry to do. Only crappy thing today i wore a dress with a big sweater because none of my husbands family know I had surgery and I don't want them to find out and it was so hot wit the humidity I was so itchy under my binder was driving me nuts!!! But no one even asked me any thing, I just said my back was sore.


Feeling wheepy today. Don't know why, was listening to music and just started crying. Then I'm missing hubby, he's been out of town since Friday, so when I was thinking of how much help he was I started to cry again. Haven't seen my youngest son since Thursday ( he's turning 24) started crying again lol. I'm a mess today. Good thng hubby's coming home today

Better day

Hubby came home around 4 yesterday and we made dinner together, watched a football game and then went to bed and just talked a lot. I feel so much better today. Doing laundry going to get a manicure and grocery shopping. Then off to the lake for 6 days!!!

Scared as heck

Well some thing kinda weird happened......yesterday (Tuesday) I got up early loaded the car and headed out to the lake. Got here unloaded every thing put things away and thought ok relax time, and I really wanted to take my binder off for a little bit. So get all comfy on the couch, 3 dogs, cup of tea, watching cooking network and was just laying down relaxing. After my tea was done thought hmmm I would like another, got up make a cup went back on the couch and my pants were wet. The floor was wet, and I'm dripping. I'm like wha the heck am I peeing my self, is my drain holes leaking, my insition? I look down its pouring out my belly button. I'm freaking out, call my husband for the surgeons number, call him, of course it's a paging service and I get pretty shitty cell service up here, so I call the hubby back and he's like ill come out and take you to the hospital. As I Amon the phone wit his my other line beeps audits the dr. He said its perfectly normal, my body has been retaining a lot of fluid, and since my drains are out and healed up by body found a way for it rid its self of fluid and its better then it pooling in my body, just to put a gauze pad or maxi pad over my belly button to absorb the liquid and as long as its not really bloody or smelly that its fine and to put polysporn around my belly button. Went threw about 4 maxi pads all da yesterday and 2 over night and. Have one on now. Just In case it happens agin. Freaked me out totally, but now I'm all good :). On Monday I think I over done it and by the end of the day the front of my vagina was soooooo swollen and hurt to touch I'm guessing that's where all the fluid went to, and today it's back t normal and doesn't hurt.

Day 16, back to work

So yesterday was my first day back to work, daycare kds were excellent so day went very smoothly. Went to get my 2 stitches out last night and got crap from my dr :(. He said I'm doing way to much and I wa retaining too much fluid so he had to drain some out. Let me tell you that was th weirdest feeling ever! The needle was huge, I felt it going in but didn't really hurt,hen they squeezed the crap out of my stomache. He said if it doesn't go down I have to go back n a few days. But on the Plus side said every thing looks great. Started putting bio oil on at night and maderma on in the mornings. Not sure how I am going to rest more, but m trying I will add pics tonight

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op

Last week was really emotional. The fact that I had to sit and relax a lot killed me. Thank goodness it was a nice sunny week and could have my daycare kids outside a lot which meant I could sit a lot. But I still was swollen like crazy. So not sure if it helped or not but the big lump is going down. I have started scar treatment. I use maderma in the morning and bio oil at night. I am so itchy every where. Still keeping calories to about 1200 a day, since I am so inactive I'm scared to gain weight. Right now I go between 155-158. Starting next week I will start juicing 4 out of 7 days to get down to 148 ( my ultimate goal weight). Calling dr today to see if I can start walking more too see if it helps get rid off all my energy. Wish me luck! I posted 3 week pics, but they were taken end of day and so bloated and swollen :(


I have been taking Benadryl the last 3 days I am so itchy I have scratched my self raw. It seems so help about 80% so I'm ok with that, but they only last about 8 hours :( so I'm taking 2 a day and I don't like taking meds, but can't stand the itch! Went to walmart last night to buy a cheap pair of jeans to wear camping since none of mine fit, and I went from a size 12 to a 8, I am hoping by time I am all healed and down to 148 I will be in a 6. But I'm not pushing it, it will happen when it happens, I also picked up some bikini panties in a size medium, I have never been a medium in panties or i have never worn bikini panties and for me that was better then being in the size 8 jeans lol

Almost 4 weeks

Tomorrow will be my 4 week mark, and today is the first day that I feel completely normal. Am not itchy, binder isn't too tight, scar is not itchy or binder digging in. It's almost like I never had it done at all! Now saying that its 6 am in the morning, who knows by tonight how I will feel. I am having a busy day, making cinnamon buns ( wish I could have one but I die of heartburn from them) taking kids to pool, and then out for dinner tonight with friends. Hope every one has a good day :)

4 weeks

Well just over the 4 week mark, and the other day I went out for dinner and a friend of mine asked me, would you do it again? And I said hell yes! She asked me the pros and cons. I said pros are: I have a flat tummy ( well semi flat, I'm so swollen) , when I start running again it won't rub raw from rubbing against my clothes, no sweaty folds, I got to buy pretty little panies lol, and for me it was also emotional baggage from my child hood. I had a very stressful childhood and that's when I started to get my lower tummy, of course having 2 csections didn't help, but a lot was from childhood. Cons: Hate the swollen feeling, hate that I can not do the things I want to do because dr wants me to rest as much as possible. I have a ton of energy and it makes me restless, which makes me a little crabby. Hated the nauseated feeling while taking antibiotics. Hate asking for help. But as far as healing, pain, and setbacks, I would for sure do it again. I am starting to wonder if my body retains liquid more then others as when I was pregnant with my boys, I had toximia with both of them, ( it's where your body retains) and had to goon meds after wards, I am gong to call dr on Monday and see if I need some thing. Have a wonderful weekend every one :)


Once again I have to go get more fluid drained. :(. Button up side, scar is healing beautifully!!!!

Week 5

So went to the drs on Wednesday and he didn't have to drain any fluid. But made the appointment on Monday and by wednesdayit wasn't as bad. Plus I started my period on Monday and I was constipated and didn't "go" until Wednesday morning, so maybe I wasn't retaining as much as I thought....he said there was about 10 cc of fluid in there and it will be absorbed and don't worry about it. He is extremely happy about my belly button and my scar, he said its healing great and I have to start pressing really hard on my scar when I massage bio oil in. He cleared me to do any thing I want but he wants me to wait 3 more weeks to do kick boxing ( 8 week mark) Starting today I do not have to wear my binder any more, but I took it off this morning and by 11:30 I put it back on, I find with out it I walk hunched over more and my back was hurting, so I guess I will have to wean my self off of it. He wants to see me in 6 weeks, seems far away but he said if any problems call him. Going to go tonight and by a spankx type thing for those days when I feel like I need it. Also going to go see if I can buy a couple pairs of shorts, before tummy tuck I was between a 10-14 depending on cut and now I am a 6-8 and we are going to Mexico at Christmas and if I don't buy shorts now I will have a heck of a time buying them in December lol. I wil take pics next Friday at 6 weeks :). Have a great weekend all, and happy healing!!!!!
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