I did it! 80lb weight loss after 3 kids inc twins. I finally feel normal! UK tt without mr!

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Hey there, I have just booked my standard tummy...

Hey there, I have just booked my standard tummy tuck and liposuction to my abdomen for the end of April 2014, after much consideration i decided to choose - Dr Barbara Lutz at transforming lives - I liked her no nonsense attitude and i feel she will give me the result i want to achieve.

So.... i only have 18 days to go now. i am 29years old weigh 158lbs and im 5' 3.5" I am feeling pretty scared and anxious now, i keep having random dreams about it all!! As i have 3 young children I am trying my best to prepare for it all now! i have plenty of support from family and friends so i am very lucky!! I must say - the reviews and forums on here are helping me so much already so that is why I have decided to stand up and be counted. I hope I am able to help somebody else with my story and results, I am very excited about it all and more worried about my husband managing the kids while i am recovering if i am totally honest as im gona miss not doing stuff for them all but the main thing is i am really looking forward to a brighter future for me and my family.

I have decided to go ahead with a tt and lipo as for most part of my life i have been obese, between 15-19st and in the last 2 and half years i have had 3 children. I had my first child, and soon after i managed to lose the bulk of my main weight which was over 80lbs!! This got me down to my all time lowest weight of 10st 13lb but we still wanted another child so we managed to get pregnant again and this time it was Twins!!! all went well as i only put on 2stone 7lb in pregancy- and i didnt have any c sects with any of my kids! i managed to lose my pregnacy weight in only 6 weeks (i think due to breast feeding and twins being pretty full on!!lol)

I have been maintaining my weight now of around 11st 3lb. I have varied in size so much thoughout my life the laxity in my skin has completely gone, the more i lose the worse i look and feel now which brings me onto my decision of a tt - as i know that is the only way i can get a stomach/body i can be proud of.

My pictures were taken recently, please be kind!! It was hard to take the pics of my belly out, i have quite a lot abdominal fat above my belly botton and this was my main concern when talking to a surgeon. One did recommend a fleur de lis but Dr B Lutz assured me she could do what i wanted without the vertical insision! i have faith in her so hopefully the lipo in the abs will flatten everything out in the middle as it should be. I have heard the vertical scars come with all sorts of problems so i feel i have made the right choice for me.
My pics are in my exercise gear after a gillian michaels 30 day shred session - i do love exercise although i prob dont do enough lately due to 3 young kids but when i get a chance i love walking lots or going zumba. i will post a few more pics when i get a chance so i have lots on her to be able to compare before and after the op.

Chat with surgeon to put mind at ease so i could look forward to it all!

I went to see my surgeon today to ask a few questions i forgot to ask previously, i wrote my questions down in a list and went through them one by one. The questions below were ones i were unsure about and needed more clarity to enable me to relax and look forward to the op - i was glad i did go to see her again as i was quite nervous but she was very professional and happy to assist!
I asked -
1.Do you tighten my muscles - Yes, but only if necessary. This was my main question i was concerned about as personally i would rather she did just tighten them so i knew they were done and never had to think or worry about them, but.... she says If they are tight then she will not. She will not do what isn't necessary - simple. Iv got a feeling my muscles may need it after twins tho!

2. Do you use drains - yes 2 or 3 that will be removed when i leave hospital after a 2 night stay. I was happy i don't have to go home with them!

3. Do you supply a compression garment and how long must i wear it - Yes for at least 4 weeks

4. What pain relief will i use and will i get sent home with some - Paracetamol, co-codamol and antibiotics available to go home with.

5. Should i have lipo on the flanks? - No - she doesnt think i need it but mainly as i am having abdominal liop the blood flow will be restricted so i will need it to come from somewhere. I like shape and curves so was happy with that.

After my 2nd consult I think i can start to relax a bit more as feel clear on what i am going to be getting. I understand that until my skin is lifted the surgeon wont know exactly what will be going on and how bad my abs are so although i would prefer to know they are def being tighened, if they are tight and she doesnt do it at least i know that and what to expect!!

I am looking forward to it all now and have faith my surgeon will do the best job for me. If you feel unsure or need any clarity def go and see your surgeon again!! i have realised now that i need to hand over the reins to the surgeon if i want the best result surely they are the one that knows how to acheive it, its there art at the end of the day. just hard when its our body!! lol

More Before Pics

Cant wait to see the difference once its all done!! these pics just keep me focused as to why i am here and am doing this! so heres a few pics with me in clothes and out! lol i just cant wait to look and feel better!!!

10 days to go!!

Time is flying!!!! Can't stop thinking about it all!!! I'm excited more than nervous today!! Just waiting in anticipation to start my journey and to see the end result - im feeling so positive about it all today!!! Your reviews on here make me feel so much more at ease!!!

Pre op today

Hey, it's pre op day today! I Have also made final payment for my op today too! Wow.... All feeling very real now!!! No going back!! So the pre op was a chat with the nurse about medical history, I had mrsa swabs done, weight and height checked, blood test done for iron as well as testing my blood type and lastly the dredded before op pics taken. Nurse was lovely and highlighted all the things I could and couldn't do just before and after the op and all the things that could go wrong, I was told my surgeon uses staples to fix me up after and as I sat there I thought to myself what on earth am I doing!! Lol I got a bit nervous!!! And thought This is such a big deal, I'm putting myself in a position where I'm actually gona be in pain and discomfort! And I'm spending so much money for the privilege! But .....once I cleared my head I also thought It's hopefully gona change my life and the years that follow will be happier ones as I will be happier with me!!! Panic over! Lol op day coming round so quick now! Be glad when it's here!!!

5 days to go........

and i am starting to feel soooo frigging nervous!! im worrying about everything and anything and just need to try to calm down!! im having the weirdest dreams and worrying so much about what it will be like after!! i am def not a wimp when it comes to pain and im prepared for the discomfort but i am struggling with the fact i will be pretty useless after!!! is it true its even difficult to wipe yourself after a bathroom break? im starting to feel bad about the kids and not being able to hold them for a good while!! I know i have chosen to do this but i suppose its last minute nerves and all l that!! just want it over with and get recovering asap!!!

4 days - more before pics


I just took some more before pics to add, just to use them to compare after. i have a cluster of moles in between breast and belly button so il will be interested to see where they end up!! i have included a pic of me in my new fav dress!! can not wait to see how this fits after as the belly bulge will hopefully be gone!!!!!

more pics

Omg 48hrs to go

Hey there! Started to pack my hospital bag! Got all the basics but please let me know if there is anything I must have as I'm starting to get forgetful as I'm full of nerves!!

As I now I am not allowed to drink alcohol or eat garlic! That made me chuckle. It's on my list of things to do and not do from the clinic!

I am really excited, just hope it all goes well so I can get home with my family and recover :)

less than 24 hrs to tt day!!! aggghhhhhhhh

Sitting here thinking have i got everything in order, wondering what tomorrow will bring when i glanced down and thought!!! i cant beleve this is the last day i will look down and see that view!! i cant wait til its gone!!! not sure i will sleep much tonight tho!!!

Today is the day.....

And I'm here at the clinic! Got here mega early as didn't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic!! I weighed in before I left and I weigh 11st 3lb, I also measured my wais, hips and under bust. Pics attached! Can't wait to get this bit over with! Will let ya know when I'm on the flat side!!

Been drawn up!

Hate this belly!! Bring on my new one!!! Lol

I'm on the flat side!!!! Yippppeeeee

Day 2 post op!

I got up about 6am and had my first wee on the loo! God that was uncomfortable!!!! Nurse washed me down and now I'm fresh and Back in bed til the next time they try get me out, it's a bit painful at the drain site as I have 3 drains in my pubic region so that's tugging every now and agin, I also have a little discomfort along the incision it also feels like it's pulling ! I'm so pleased I managed to get up and am officially walking like a 90yr old! I slept from 11 til 1.30ish asked for pain releif even tho I was just uncomfortable then I slept 3 til now so getting more pain relief soon as I don't want to get into that pain zone!!! As it's a little too early il have some oral mophine instead. Think today is gona be a really tough day! But I will get thru it!!! Lol xx all your comments and support has been amazing I thank you all for sharing my journey!

Drains out!

I Can't say I enjoyed the experience much but I am so pleased they are out! I am now resting and having some breakfast before hopefully being discharged later on today, starting to feel a little bloated so hopefully when I am home and comfortable it will be able to do a bm, I got up on my own this morning to use the toilet, no pain just a little pulling x

4 day post op

Well.... I'm home, I'm comfortable and I am soooooo happy I done it! I managed to get my binder off to have a very quick baby wipe wash and I am so so happy with the results already!!! Everything is where it should be and If I feel this good about it all 4 days post op I can not wait to see how I feel in the months that follow! I am looking forward to the future and I am excited about the results!

Washed my hair and had my First BM today!!!!!! WHOOOOO HOO

Hey, i have been washing myself down daily with baby wipes but my mum was visiting me and the kids today to take a look at my new belly and she managed to wash my hair for me! it was amazing, my back ached a bit but apart from that all went well. When she left she took my eldest daughter home with her to give my husband a break, my twins are 9 months old and an absolute breeze to deal with so he is happy mt terrible 2 year old is being entertained at nanny's for a few days!!! when my daughter went i went to try to have a bm! it took ages and was pretty intense but finally it happened and i am so relieved!! i was getting really bloated the past few days and swelling lots too so that was an instant relief and i feel like that was the last thing i needed to do before i could feel like i was starting to get some normality back!!
well off to clinic in 2 days and i really cant wait! next step ......staples to be removed!! its all happening!! lol

Little look this morning!!

Love having my sneak peaks! Lol swollen and sore from over doing it yest but I love it sooo much! I'm so sad I know! But just feel so happy!

Itchy scar??!?

I'm feeling the overwhelming urge to take off my dressings and itch my scar!!!! Wow it's crazy itchy!! Anyone had this! So glad I get it all cleaned up tomora and staples out!! Must be healing ay?

1 week check up!

Wow 1 week since surgery! Time really does fly! Went for first check up today after op and my nurse removed just under 100 staples!! How crazy is that!!!! Lol I must say I was nervous about having staples but my scar is pretty dam amazing and I'm only 1 week post op!! I'm totally in love with my belly! My belly button is a little low and a little squished but it's quite cute and has got a lot of healing to do! So I'm not too bothered about that at all!! Iv transferred from a large to a medium binder already and I have remeasured my hips and waist to which I am currently 2 inches up on my waist prob due to swelling but 3 inches down already on my hips so I'm blown away by that!! I weighed in today too and I think they took just over 4lbs of skin and fat off my body in the op, but I'm only 2lbs Down from 11st 3lb to 11st 1lb. But I honestly don't care about stats just posting more for information purposes really! I just love my new contour!!

1 week post op pics - staple removed!!!

One more pic close up

Side pic in smaller binder!

Forgot to add this one, having a lovely day with my eldest today, were snuggled up watching tangled! Twins taking a nap on there playmat, I even managed to change one of the twins nappies today! Can't say iv missed that much haha and got my toddler dress which was nice! I'm very very slowly bringing back the normality! I had to chuckle as I was walking downstairs this mornin my size 12 leggings were falling down my legs! Suppose they haven't got the ledge there anymore that they are used to resting on! Felt pretty good about that!

In binder side on

Hit a wall today!

First day out of the house since my op and I'm not sure how I'm feeling, I thought I had prepared myself for the odd low day but I feel so sensative about everything today!!! We are off to a family BBQ and I was looking forward to seeing my family and talking about my op and letting people see my new tummy, but today I have tried on almost all of my wardrobe and everything is pretty dam tight! Or looks very different than it once did so this is taking quite a lot of getting used to!! Iv lost fat and skin and nothing fits! Lol is this some sick joke! Haha Must be swolen more than I thought as I didn't think I had much swelling at all to be honest! But it is a big op and I have been pretty much as still as I can be the past week so I may be swelling from doing more?!? I am still over the moon with my results and kno it's still such early stages I suppose it's just one of those days!! Off to mums with the kids to stay for 4 days tomora as hubby back to work! Think a bit of mum time might be just what the doctor orders!

Almost 2 weeks post op!!

Hey there
I just wrote a long post on my phone and lost the lot!!! How annoying!!
Well here I go again! Lol
Day 13 po and I'm feeling pretty good these last few days, had my wobble on Monday and since then I think iv managed to put things back into perspective! I am improving every day and I feel so much more able to do things for myself and my eldest daughter now, I still struggle a lot with my twins but they are only 9momths and most of that is down to me not being able to lift them! :( I do get lots of lovely cuddles still when my husband places them on my knees!!
I am still having baby wipe baths as my clinic stresses not to get the dressings wet, so I am listening as much as it kills me not having a lovely shower or better still a good soak !!! Ahhhhh but I can wash my hair on my own now so that is fab really!!
I am in my medium compression garment all the time now, only another two weeks til I no longer need to wear it!! I alternate the Velcro from back to front and prefer it at the back tbh as it can get so uncomfortable at times!!! My belly button was pretty numb at my last apt at the clinic and now feels pretty tender and sore at times so I'm thinking that may be coming back to life a bit now!!
I am soooo soo happy with my tt but obv still see areas in it I need to make improvements! I am lookin forward to starting the exercise around 6/8week mark and looking forward to seeing what happens next!
I am just so glad I haven't got the flap ther anymore!!
I have decided Comfort is key for me at the mo, iv stopped worrying about clothes as it can get depressing so I'm going to channel my energy into getting better, slowly doing more then il be looking forward to sorting thru my wardrobe and dressing for my new shape when I start exercising again.
I'v added a few pics today and I feel i only realise when I see the pictures actually how far I have come and what a difference has been made!

I love seeing all ur updates and it really does help knowing other are going through this with u!

Hope all you po ladies are doing well and healing nicely :)
and I hope anyone waiting to have it done is excited and ready for it to change your life for the better x
have a lovely day peeps xx

Great day plus Tankini pics!!!! Lol

Hey ladies, 2 weeks today! Whoop! Time flying really! Thought id post a pic as I absolutely love my new tummy in my tankini!!!
Had a fab day today! Managed to get out and have a wander around b&q with the hubby for a while, we are revamping my toddlers room so was lovely having a family day out, managed to feed both the twins and take my lil one up to bath her and get her ready for bed! Iv loved every min of today!! Feel so much stronger and have only needed 2 pain killers all day!! I took them for back ache as I started suffering on the journey home and I kno I have still gone and over done it but I just loved feeling normal for a little bit and I genuinely feel so much more able now!
That may prob be a good and bad thing for me tho as I have had consequences to my actions!! Iv swollen up like I'm 6 months pregnant! Started swelling late afternoon early evenin!!! And I'm prob peaking now! Will make sure I rest tomora but for today it was worth it! ;)

My time to swell!!!

Hey, just a lil update - il be 3 weeks post op this fri!
I'm feeling pretty good but am getting frustrated with taking things easy and my body not being able to do what my mind thinks it can! I know it takes time to heal! But Feel so lazy sitting around!! Don't feel like this is doing me any favours! Feeling like im putting on weight now from no exercise and because I'm getting down about things I'm eating more which is a self perpetuated cycle!!! I haven't weighed myself so I don't dare to tbh just feel yucky!

I did snap yesterday and went out on a lil 2 mile very slow walk with my mum and the kids which I loved but I really did pay the price straight after it and today ! Swelling has been pretty tough so today iv had my feet up and it's only starting to go Down now!!!
Best thing about being almost 3 weeks po is I only have the same amount of time again to wait to exercise!!! I'm extremely frustrated with my situation today!!! But still happy with the results in general and kno it will only get better x

Pin pricks?!?!

Forgot to mention I now feel the odd sharp pricking sensation all over my belly, like being jabbed with a small sharp needle! Is this normal?
I didn't have muscle plication but I have 2 layers of sutures under the skin? Could it be something to do with that? Or is this my nerves and body knitting back together? Can Anyone advise !?

5 months post op!!

Well I can't Belev how time has flown by! I'm back to work as my maternity leave is over and my life is pretty much right back to normal now! Iv been exercising from the 4 month point post surgery as it took me a while to get back into it all! As I went back to work my 3 month check up with my surgeon had to be delayed so I will be popping into see her one Wednesday to see if she's happy and talk about whether or not I have dog ears? Then maybe get signed off!?
I'm thinking I do have slight dog ears each side from the procedure, but I'm
Still happy with the results and how far I have come on my personal journey! I am prob weighin in a few lbs heavier than on my surgery day and I'm trying to shift those lbs now through exercise and diet but as my body contour is a completely different shape it doesn't seem so bad! I'm pretty much in the same size clothes as before but they fit me so much better and I'm so much more body confident and happier in my own skin! It def has it's highs and lows and I have no way reached the ideas of perfection I maybe have or had before I had it done but I do feel normal and comfortable being me now so it def was the right decision for me!!
I will add some pics asap

5 month pics

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