47 and Finally Saved Enough Money for TT

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I have had two consultations so far and facing...

I have had two consultations so far and facing several obstacles. I have been reading all the testimonials on this site and have found lots of assurance from all of these beautiful ladies sharing their stories. I have the husband that is dead set against me doing this and " loves me just the way I am". Also getting the guilt trip over so many other things we can do with the money. I had lung cancer and had half a lung removed and then went thru chemo 3 years ago so to imagine myself electing to have surgery keeps me second guessing my decision. I find it very helpful to read that a lot of these women have faced some similar issues and decided to post to hopefully get some additional support. I am terrified about getting the surgery or worse paying for it and then chickening out. I would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation I could use all the support I can get.

Has anyone used Athenix?

I had a consultation at Athenix and with a PS. Athenix was $1,000 cheaper, doesn't use drains and uses a less evasive procedure called micro body sculpting instead of lipo. Now this all sounds great but it seems like a clinic to me and I haven't met anyone that has had their procedure at Athenix. If anyone had any feedback on Athenix please let me know.

Before Pics

Second consultation today - let's do this!

So had my 2nd consult with Athenix today and after a couple days to let it sink in I am going to schedule it for the beginning of May. I am so excited I can't stand it - don't know how I am going to wait a whole month! Met Dr Tavassoli and really liked him. We are going to do a full avelar abdominalplasty with micro body contouring (lipo) on my upper and lower abdomen. I will provide update when I have the date confirmed. Now to try not to think about it and be a nervous wreck!

Got my surgery date - this just got real!

My surgery is scheduled for May 5th. I am beyond excited and nervous. I am already freaking out and it is 4 weeks away I can only imagine how terrified I am going to be when it gets closer. All I can say is thank goodness for this website. It is so helpful reading everyone's stories and knowing they feel or felt the same way I do. No one can relate except someone who is going through this. I have my pre-op appt on the 22nd and a little nervous due to my past health issues. I had half a lung removed and have kidney damage due to chemo so I am hoping that isn't a problem. Keeping my fingers crossed!

A little over 3 weeks to go!

I have 23 days to go and the time is just not going fast enough. My brother is coming to stay with me for the first week to help and I am super excited and very fortunate to have the company. Just counting down the days.......

A couple of things.....

Why do some people say "you don't need a tummy tuck" when you tell them and you know they are lying? I guess people don't know what to say so they just say you don't need one lol. So I bought some cute new capris and put a pair on today and literally tried on 10 tops to see which one looks good with my new pants and none of them did! I am so sick of trying to cover and hide my belly - I just kept telling myself 2 more weeks - it just makes me realize that I am doing the right thing for me :-)

Pre-op Appt Today

Met with Marci at Athenix and she was wonderful. She kept telling me how much I will love my results and how it's worth it. Got my prescriptions filled and making a list for the drug store. Decided to go ahead with the body contouring (lipo) to my thighs - might as well while I am there. Not overly nervous yet more excited but I know as it gets closer I will be going crazy. Countdown begins ........

1 Week To Go

My surgery is a week away and I am super excited. The nerves haven't kicked in yet but I am sure they will. Got my pedicure and getting my house ready for my "time off". I am going this weekend to Victoria's Secret to get some cute underwear since I can't remember the last time I wore cute undies.

Updated photos - 1 week pre-surgery

Victoria's Secret

So I purchased some fancy underwear that actually matches for the first time ever. I really didn't want to do any before pictures and wanted to just wait until after my new body but I knew it would help keep me motivated. So here are my before pics and I can't wait to out these back on in a few weeks and post my after pics - surgery is Monday and I can't wait!

Tomorrow is the big day

I go in at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I am so nervous I hope I can sleep tonight. Like every woman on this site I have all the questions going through my head; Am I making the right decision? Will I be happy with the results? How much pain will I be in the next few days? Did I pick the right Dr. that I am putting all my trust and my life in his hands not to mention my hard earned money I spent the last two years saving for? Wish me luck ladies and I will try to give an update tomorrow!

Today is the day

Well I am here all marked up and ready to go. I am surprisingly calm and just want to get it over with. They are bringing me a nice drug cocktail and then taking me back in about an hour - wish me luck

Day 1 post up

Can't sleep right now so thought I would give an update. Still in a lot of pain but it is manageable. I was really pleased with Dr Tavasssoli and his staff. My only complaint is that although I was drugged up pretty good I was awake during the procedure and I was very painful. I asked about being knocked out and Dr said that It was explained to me during my consult that I woulndn't be knocked and that would be 1,000 more. I do remember something about that but I also remember the nurse saying I wouldn't be awake and there would be no pain. Oh well what is done is done. I have my follow this morning and can't wait to see how everything looks- I will post pics soon

1 day post op

Went to Dr he saya all is well - attaching. Photo

2 days post op

Feeling great! Slept on my side last night and probably could sleep in my bed but will have to master the stairs first. Dr said I could shower but going to wait another day because I have a habit of getting dizzy and passing out. I will tomorrow and post more pics. My brother flew out from Texas to take care of me and he had been a Godsend.

3 days post op

Took a shower and slept in my bed last night. Woke up a little sore with a bad headache. Dr says I should be up and walking around a little today so I will post more pics later this afternoon. This really has not been that bad so far and hoping it doesn't get any worse!

3 days post op pic

4 days post op

Got up and showered this morning and washed my CG. Still no BM but that's ok because I don't feel constipated. I am taking 1 colace a day so it will eventually catch up with me. Decided to try to avoid the pain pills today and see how that goes. Here are some pics before I got in the shower - TGIF

My humble advice

I wanted to share my thought process for women who are still debating whether time have a TT. I went into this with the attitude that I know I won't see results immediately and it will take a lot of blood sweat and tears to get where I want to be. I don't expect to be running around in a bikini this summer I just want to look good in jeans and a Tshirt and not have to cross my arms in front of my stomach all the time to cover it up. I think a lot of women on this site have such high expectations right away that they get discouraged easily but if you just trust the process and do what your Dr tells you then there is no sense worrying the whole time. I know it is easier said then done and I am only 5 days post op but I am going to try to stick to this attitude and celebrate the milestones as they come. Good luck to everyone!

1 week post op

So let me tell you 8 days is too long to go without a BM. I finally had one this morning after a week of colace and started taking MOM and dulcolax. So now that is behind me (no pun intended) I am feeling great. As you can see by the pics, still pretty swollen but I am getting around good and just feeling numb and bloated. Can't wait for the swelling to go down but I know that is all in good time. Happy Tuesday all!

Stitches removed from BB

I had my follow up today and everything looks good. Stitches removed with just a little discomfort not really painful. Got a new compression garment then stopped to get some new workout clothes. Hope everyone is doing well

2 Weeks Post Op

2 weeks later and I am feeling great. Still pretty swollen and I have other areas that I need to work on but this has given me so much motivation. So far no regrets and just looking forward to the swelling to go away

4 weeks post op

Feeling great - still have a lot of swelling below my BB which gets a little frustrating but I just keep telling myself it will go away. Hope everyone else is doing good with recovery and your overall journey!

5 Weeks Post Op

Ok RS friends I need your support - I have tried very hard to be patient and positive and I am feeling frustrated with this swelling. I am 5 weeks post op should I still be so swollen? Dr said it is normal but of course he is going to say that. Having a moment of weakness and looking 4 mos pregnant. On a good note still look better than I started but after going through all of this I am still waiting for a flat stomach - grrrr

3 months post op very disappointed

I have been dreading making this update because I didn't want to admit it to myself so here it goes.....I am 3 months (almost 15 weeks) post op and still look about 4 months pregnant. Dr says not much he can do and that I need to lose some weight with diet and exercise if I want to see better results. If I was good at dieting and exercising I wouldn't have had to do this surgery in the first place! Although I know I look better than what I started, I saved for two years for this surgery and would like to have a flat stomach after going through surgery, recovery, and spending over $8,000 I don't think that is too much to ask. On my last visit he did say he might be able to do a little more lipo and a possible small revision but how do I trust him at this point? I can't afford to do this all over again - ugh I am so upset - why me? I tried to stay positive throughout this thing and now I am regretting my decision to go through Athenix and not a regular PS. What do you guys think?
Stockton General Surgeon

3 months post op and not happy with results! My have to do more lipo and revision - definitely do not want to re-live this nightmare

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