2 Months PO, TT w/ hernia repair, MR, NO Lipo

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TT w/MR and hernia repair scheduled for March 18....

TT w/MR and hernia repair scheduled for March 18. Excited but nervous for recovery. Exercise is my drug and I'm worried about not being able to work out. Plus the fear of getting fat? I'm 5'2", 139lbs, this past year I've lost 20lbs by clean eating and exercise. I have two daughters 15 and 8, my youngest was a big baby and with a short torso, there is only one way for the uterus to go..out front. I devolved 2 hernias with that pregnancy (umbilical and ventral). I had those repaired shortly after giving birth. My diastasis has never retuned to normal. I have a 2cm gap above bb and 4 cm below bb. I also have another ventral hernia that has to be repaired during TT. A general surgeon is teaming up with PS to repair hernia, also to address the previous repairs that contain mesh. I do have a risk of no blood flow to umbilicus because of previous repair. PS and GS are getting old OP reports to read exactly how the umbilical hernia was repaired 8 years ago. Hoping they can save my Bb. Has anyone had a previous umbilical hernia repair prior to TT and BB turn out? Opting out of lipo, PS is very conservative and recommends not doing lipo because we are addressing hernias along with tummy tuck. I hope I get the results I want without lipo. Guess I can go back and get it later it if needed.

12 days!

Had my pre-op and met with the general surgeon who is teaming up with PS to repair hernia. Received paperwork w/ consents and instructions and paid the balance. It seems more real, having the official date in front of me. Guess it's time to start shopping for the things I'll need. Hubby is taking 1 week off, my mom will come after if needed. My kids are self sufficient and will help out as well. I'm taking 3 weeks off from work. I have a desk job so I'm sure that will be enough time.

I'm confident in my PS and GS I'll be having my surgery at the top hospital in SLC. Insurance will pay for a portion of surgery (hernia), facility, and anesthesia.

These next 12 days are going to draggg...

Into the single digits of count down. 9 days!

9 days, 40 hours of work left, 8 sleepies. This is really going to happen. So excited but nervous at the same time. Continuing with high intensity workout until TT. Got to get them all in before I'm restricted for a while. I've dropped 1.5 pounds since scheduling this surgery. I'm eating green protein smoothies for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a light low carb dinner. Snacks include, strawberries, greek yogurt, raw almonds/walnuts, and low fat cheese. Hoping to get down another lb before TT. Oh and I'm trying to avoid all the sickies in the world this week. Sanitized and cleaned my house. I still have to get supplies and necessities, but I have next weekend to get the rest.

72 hours!

Wow! 72 hours until I'm on the flat side. Not sure what time my surgery will be, I call Monday 2-5pm to get my arrival time. Hitting the gym hard this weekend because it will be awhile until I can do that again. Doing planks today, I kept thinking, in 3 days all this sagging middle will be gone. I'm so excited I can't wait!

Finishing up running errands this weekend, taking my daughter birthday shopping, she will turn 16 on the 24, 6 days PO for me. So I'm making this weekend special for her. I feel pretty guilty that I'm gonna be laid up for her bday, but she is an awesome kid and understands and is supportive.

I decided to go into work on Monday in order to save my leave, I'm gonna need it. I'm not sure how productive I'll be cause all I can think of is this TT!

More before pics

Made it to the Flatside.

Made it to the flat side! Went back to the OR at about 2pm left the hospital at 9pm. Slept from11-2 then 230-630. I'm surprised by the pain in abs muscle repair is very painful. It's manageable but I need assistance getting up, etc. PS said my abs were the biggest and strongest she has seen ( I knew they were under all that skin) so I'm going to be extra sore. I'm wrapped in a compression garment thing not a binder but it looks like a body suit of some sort. I'll have my hubby look at the brand. Drain are outputting 20-30 ml every four hours. All in all I'm surviving. I can't take a look until PO appt on fri. Excited to see my results.

Day 2 PO

Today I'm doing pretty good. Pain is a little less than yesterday. Still hanging out in the recliner all day. I need help getting up in a standing position. I'm walking better than yesterday but still hunched over. I'm sure the hunch will last for the next couple days.

Yesterday I did get nauseas and threw up. OMG! That was horrible. I drank a protein smoothie with a pain pill and it sent me over the edge. I DONT want to to that again. I went into the cold sweats and light headed. Almost passed out. It scared my hubby.

Today I've ate some toast w/ ginger tea and so far I haven't had nausea today.

I haven't taken a look, following PS orders and she will remove cg and bandages tomorrow. The cg I'm wearing is Veronique brand. I woke up with that on after surgery.

3-4 POD

Feeling a little better everyday day. Saw PS yesterday 3 POD and everything according to her looks great. She unzipped my CG while I was laying down and removed bandages. I got a quick peek at incision and it is low and BB is looking pink and good. After the appt I did walk into the pharmacy and back out, I seem to be standing taller. Today I'm going to alternate Percocet with IB every four hours, but make sure to take Percocet before bed. My lower back and neck is achey due to lying in this reclined position. I post some pics after shower today when I get a full look.


Almost every review I've read, everyone said each day gets better and it is so true. I finally got a shower yesterday. It felt so great! I didn't get any pics because my hubby was a little stressed with the whole process, it was exhausting for him and me. Who knew a shower could be so much work. I got a little lightheaded when he removed the CG and had to sit for a bit. After getting up and admiring myself in the mirror, there was no patience for pics. ;). I'm swollen below new bob but I'm already love my results. It's only going to get better from here. I'm walking more upright today and alternating pain pills with IB every 3-4 hours. I'm hoping to take a small walk outside today, the weather in spring like and beautiful. I'm feeling a little cooped up.

One more thing

At PO apt, PS said my diastasis was 4cm above bb and 6cm below bb. However my abs were the biggest and strongest she has ever seen on a female. She had to pull them together forcefully which will cause more muscle soreness for me. I knew it had an amazing 5 pack under all the flabby extra skin. ;). So excited to recover and work on abs again while there lined up in the middle where they should be.


Poop! Yes, that finally happened this morning. I'm hoping now we are back to our regularly scheduled program. Feeling much better now that I passed a BM.
Feeling pretty good, took a very short walk outside this morning. Fresh air boosts the mood. Abs are very tight and it's hard to stand tall, still hunched at shoulders. Both drains are still in, have not met the criteria to remove. I was hoping today I would get the left side out, but still over 20ml in 24 hour period. Right side is about 35 ml/24 hour. Since day of surgery, left side drain has been less. Maybe by Friday both will be out, that's my next PO appt. Taking pain pill every 6-8 hrs with IB in between. I'm feeling more burning pain in incision, maybe it is just waking up. Also feeling small contractions in abs(flutters) like you feel when pregnant? Weird.

7 POD plus pictures

7 PO pics. Not much difference from yesterday. Weaning slowly off pain meds really only taking before bed. Taking IB every 6 hours. Pics show lots of swelling, please tell me that goes away.

Another pic

10 POD

I went to PO appt today, one drain was removed. No pain just felt a little weird. 2nd drain will be removed prob on Monday, as long as I'm draining < 20. Technically both could've come out today, but she didn't want to remove both at the same time. Everything is healing nicely. I feel my energy coming back slowly. I'm still taking it pretty easy. Following PS instructions to a T. Standing taller, posture is horrible cause I can't put my shoulders back, that will come in time. I've been sleepin in my bed for the past 3 nights with 4 pillows under my upper back and 2 pillows under my knees. Today was the first time I've done my hair and makeup, it feels good to feel like me again. After appt hubby and I went to breakfast. Im ready to lounge in the recliner and take a nap and rest for the rest of the day.

12 POD

More energy everyday! I'm going to start half-days, telecommuting starting tomorrow. New pic shows up close new bb, I had a previous umbilical hernia, repaired back in 05 and I'm pleased the PS was able to have a stalk left to work with. The stretch marks left were those around and above the old bb prior to TT. The long purple scar below new bb is from another previous ventral hernia repaired in 2007 the was above old bb. Considering what PS had to work with, she has done a great job. I'm so far happy with the results and they are going to get much better.

Oops forgot pic

Drain free!

13 days PO and got the last drain out. Yippee! Was warned to still take it easy, body now has to absorb the little fluid that was draining. She said if I push it I could develop a seroma. She must know my nature, I'm getting my energy back and feel like I can do more. I will listen and take it easy

17 Days PO w/ New Pics

I'm feeling great, no pain just tightness and a lot of pulling. Energy isn't back, doing small things wears me out, just still taking it easy. Almost laying flat in bed with two pillows under head and two under knees. I cannot lay on my side, to much pulling sensation.

Still wearing CG 24/7, only remove it for showering. I had PS order me an additional one to launder when wearing one. Swelling is down a bit, I know it will fluctuate through this recovery.

I return to work full-time next week, this week I've been teleworking 4-5 hours per day. I work a compressed 4 day/10 hour work week w/ 1 hr commute each way. So my days are long....I'm hoping I will make it. I do ride on a carpool so I won't take my turn driving the first couple weeks back.

At 2 1/2 weeks PO I'm very pleased with my results. Scar is low, right at hairline, BB is the shape I like and survived!!! Phew... I'm also really liking the lift my pubic area got!!

Began scar treatment w/ massage and Bio Oil. I may try silicone strips in the next week.

26 Days PO, almost 4 weeks!!

Wow, time has flown by. I can't believe I'm almost 4 weeks PO. During the first couple days you think this will last forever, but it goes by really fast. I had my 3 week PO appt on Friday and everything is great. I don't have to go back until the 3 month mark.

I returned to work last week, I was exhausted by the end of the day. But I did it and glad to have one more milestone behind me.

Starting to increase walking milage, I walked 4 miles yesterday at at 4.0 mph pace. This next week I'm going to start cycling at gym with light resistance. Weight training will wait till the six week mark.

I'm sleeping on my side nie and stand straight with shoulders back. By the end of the day I do have to remind myself to work on posture. Overall my energy is good, not 100% but that will come with a little more time.

6 weeks!!!!!

Wow, I can't believe I'm 6 weeks PO. Time has really flown. I'm feeling great, my energy is almost 100 % pre surgery. I'm working out 6 days a week alternating with cycle and run/jog. I started weight training again this week and going to slowly ramp that up. I have to weight 3 month PO before doing any serious ab workouts. It feels so good to sweat again.

As far as scar care goes, I'm using bio oil 2x daily and massage it in for a couple min each time. I'm still wearing my cg most of the time, I've become dependent on it. Honestly my swelling has been minimal the past couple weeks. By the evening, I swell a little above incision. I did not have lipo and I think that takes into account the minimal swelling. I'm going to start wearing cg tanks during the day, but wear my post op cg to work out in.

I'm so pleased with my results. They exceeded my expectations. The first 2 weeks of recovery is tough, but I never expected at 6 weeks id be working hard at the gym again. Best part I've lost a total of 8 pounds!! I haven't been this small since before kids.

Shirt tucked in.

I haven't worn a tucked in shirt in years. My wardrobe looks more professional now. I've dropped a pant size!

2 Months PO

Wow, time has flown. I'm loving my results and so glad I decided to do this. Really not much to update, no significant changes since the 6 week mark.

I'm not using any form of CG anymore. I swell above my BB at the end of day, but that happens with or without compression. It always resides in the morning when I wake up.

As far as energy I'm 100%. Workouts I'm at 90%, still waiting one more month for ab work and heavier weights. Cardio I'm back 100%.
During the first days and weeks the TT is always on your mind, now there are days I don't even think about it.

Good luck to everyone who is making the decision for this journey. Happy healing!!

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