Mount Sinai Dr. Torina Tummy Tuck, Lipo of the waist and hernia repair.

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I am so confused. I have been researching tummy...

I am so confused. I have been researching tummy tuck/lipo suction or lipo-sculpture. I have a few reserve about going overseas due to some concerns I have had previously during my c sections. I am 31 years old and I have 2 children, both were c sections and I was pregnant within two years. During my c section I developed a hernia in my stomach from my first pregnancy. During my second pregnancy after giving birth I experienced post postpartum infection, and along with some hemorrhage that my OB/GYN immediately got under control. I have went for consultations in NY and received quotes from two Dominican Doctors (Dr Javier Baez and Dr. Alejandro Hernandez), they both ranged from 4,800 to 5,500. I went to NY and they quoted me for 6800 if I were to pay cash for tummy tuck and Lipo-suction. Here is where the dilemma comes about. In DR one doctor said he would not need to fix my hernia while Mr. Hernandez stated he would fix it, however, I have health insurance and in the States it would be free to fix under my health insurance. The surgeon in the states stated he would schedule the tummy tuck during a convenient time for the surgeon to remove the hernia (one stop shop). Although DR is cheaper for the surgery but the overall all cost would be about 8k. I would need to stay in a hotel or treatment center for 14 days at the cost of 72.00 per day, I would need to pay for additional laboratory fees I guess to check your blood levels, that is 200.00, post girdle 150.00, massage session 25.00 each, post medication fee 150.00 vs NY the 6800 includes everything including up to a year follow up visits. Lastly, I have noticed in the states the DR's does not give women the silhouette figure, I notice they give they just take away the fat and make the stomach flat but do not shape the sides. Also, many doctors in the state does not do lipo-sculpture. Staying in DR for 14 days would be extremely difficult due to having a 6 year old and a 3 year old. However, has anyone found a plastic surgeon in DR that provides excellent work, but they are not as mainstream as the two doctors mentioned above? Could someone advise me of the fees they paid in DR for a tummy tuck and lipo-structure. Can anyone advise of a DR in NY (Bronx, Westchester, Brooklyn, Queens, NY)? Has anyone been faced with these dilemmas? Advise ladies? I need it. I am so conflicted.

Mount Sinai hospital NYC

Hey guys, so I am scheduled for a Consult at Mount Sinai this Friday with Dr. Philip Torina, I am really ancient and excited. I called Jacobi and they are booked until July 3, 2014, I would have to callback to see when they open up the scheduling. I also called Lenox hill. They told me I had to be 166, currently 175-180. I told them I did not want loose weight because I am very slim frame, and tall and I am satisfied with my frame just wanted to do my stomach and I wanted a quote, they told me no. So Mount Sinai is where I will be going. I do have to pay a $250 consultation which I believe will be forwarded to cost of the tummy tuck. I will let you ladies know how goes.

My journey begins in June with Mount Sinai with Dr. Torina

Ok ladies, I am going under the knief either June 19 or June 26th. I will be getting a Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and fixing my umbilical hernia. I am posted a photo post surgery and as you will see I am already curvy. I am not going for a 22in waist, I want to look natural. As it is my butt is already big naturally and I do not want it to look fake because my waist is too small.
The cost is 6390.00 for EVERYTHING! Dr. Torina fee is 3,000 and the OR fees are 3390.00

Ideal waist/Tummy

So ladies, this is how I would like my waist line to look ideally. I do not want to be a barbie doll with a 22in waist, it will make my real azz look fake. I am going to take this to my doctor before my surgery. What are your thoughts ladies

This is my body now.

Great legs and butt. Thank my mother for this body!

The date is set

Ok, so I'm going down June 26, 2014, my emotions are crazy and I cannot believe I'm going through with it. My stomach has to match the rest of my body.

Jule 24, 2014

Tomorrow will be the day that my body will change. Wish me all the luck


The pain is not unbearable. Every day it does get better. The first two-three days you truly rest. On the fourth day I came out the bedroom sat in the reclining chair. The first day I took my medicine on time. On the second days I could wait every 6 hours. Now I barely take it (maybe once a day). I went to see my PS, and he said the surgery went well. My left drain was removed. Next week they will remove the right drain. I was told I cannot bathe until my drains are removed. I can only sponge bath. I do not have any bruising or excessive swelling. Bless Dr. Torina for this.
On the side note my back broke out really bad possibly from the binder and there was a lot of cotton between the binder and my skin. I will update in a few with some photos.

Day 8

So I have not been wearing my binder 24 hours a day. I'm up and walking around, but the back pain is present. I stopped taking the pain meds, just over the counter. My back only hurts when I'm up and doing things. When I'm sitting I'm fine.
I can tell I lost weight. I put on clothing that I had previous to the surgery, that adjust to your waist and they are big. I think I lost some of my thighs. :( but I know your weight goes all over the place. I will be posting photos soon.

So worth it!

3 weeks and 1 day, Dr. Torina, is great. Check out my body. As you can see he shaped me. I am still swollen but everyday I am getting better.
NY all the way!!!

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