34yrs Old, 2 Kids and a Belly

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So I've been using this sight him she my decision...

So I've been using this sight him she my decision so I thought it only right to pay it forward. I'm using my phone do excuse the autocorrections. Just wanted to post my b4 pics as I'm scheduled for surgery this week coming up. Here are my 1 week pre op pics! I'll be following up day of surgery and after! TTYL Mrs. jelleebellee

Day 1

The surgery was not as bad as I thought! I might have been the sedatives they gave me, but honestly I was in and out of napping. I'd hear the Dr. Say something and I would respond then doze back off. the injection of the fluids and lidocane were probably the hardest part of the surgery itself. One minute it tickled and the next minute it was pinching. The staff was really nice, I didn't follow directions and hadn't ate breakfast so they ran out and got me some yogurt before we proceeded. I took pictures and felt very comfortable with the male Dr. and female assistant in the room. The Dr. did his artwork and then it was off to the surgery room. It was freezing but they gave me blankets for my top and bottom I had my head covered most of the time or snuggled like I was sleep.

The first pain I felt was the pin pricks to numb my skin for the bigger needle to inject the fluid. they let me sit for a minute and rest with the light off once my belly was HUGE and filled with fluid. I didn't have to use the restroom but they asked me a million times before the procedure. The lipo itself was not painful just uncomfortable. Once I got home I laid the plastic sheet they gave me on my bed- which my husband wasnt thrilled about because he thought it would still be leaking. I dont have photos from today because Its just the same gross leaky padding pics you've seen on here a milli times. I go back tomorrow and Friday to have my dressing changed so hopefully we will see some differences, Right now I'm so padded up I feel like the Micheline man (those who remember the 80's early 90's) lol

I will try to repost my before pics they said where too big

Pre surgery photp

This is me before, you can see the proportionate tummy

Front View

Tummy looks preggers

Night of surgery


I've been leaking... In my Beyoncé voice

Ok this part is not the business! Please make sure you buy plastic liners!

Day 1 post op

Day 1 post op

In pain sore! Hot really dizzy when getting dressings changed

Day 1

Day 4

Completely through with drainage but still super sore!! Loosening compression garment at night but I believe that's adding to painful days! Updating from phone so again sorry for errors and shortness. I'm going to be honest I had a glass of wine last night with friends DONT DO IT! Not worth it that moth I was awake swollen and in pain with a headache. I didn't take my meds because I had wine and it awoke me up to the point of painful! Been drinking water all say and it's back to norm pain.... NO ALCOHOL ... Period people!!! I cut the top ribbing of my suit just a slit because if was cutting under my breast but kept the integrity of the suit BEST MOVE EVER!!! Staying in my garment 24/7 except showering. Had to pick up my children 4 hr drive I dud not drive but I recommend sitting in an incline with the seat back for comfort, stop several times just to walk around and stetch. Ummm what else ... ARNICA !! The gel and pills are all natural and the gel feels like a dream on your belly because my SKIN hurt it's the craziest feeling I can barely touch my mid section without wincing and the gel feels great. STOOL SOFTNERS are a must I had to take milk of mag tonight. Nurses are great I get my bandages changed whenever I go in which has been everyday except today. Post more later guys.

Day 2

At day 4 I definitely feel more swollen less results seen but from other reviews I've read this is pretty common will take pics at my next changing so you can see what I mean

DAY 6- First day back to work

Ok so being on my feet was NOT the business! I may have pushed myself too hard because by the end of the day I was hurting and doing the grandma shuffle out of the building! I hadn't been taking my percocet but I did put my feet up and took one once I got home with my Arnica pills and gel and I'm feeling better-
If your returning to work and I have a career where I'm up and down and moving (not too much and not to strenuous) and I was still pretty swollen and sore not that even 6 days in you'll need to take it easy! I still cant bend forward and even some positions are hell! My skin still hurts but my incisions are closing and healing are are barely there!!!

3 week update

3 weeks!!!! Swelling going down I see my new curves developing!! Healing well but cheating at night in a spanx type suit .... I love my sleep!!!! I do recommend the lipoexpress brand suits, I really started seeing my shape develop after using them and they are 200000 times more comfy than the suit the dr gave me and gives smoother results you'll see your skin takes on the shape and lumps and bumps of your garment so the smoother the better. From my phone again but wanted to give some update pics!!!! Getting happier I did this! I do have my days where I wonder if I wasted my money but then the times I see my curves I tear up lol ???? ttyl
Dr. Alfonso Findley

Dr. Findley has done amazing work on me, little bruising and quick recovery, the office is not going to check up on you but you can go in at any time, so if your sensitive this may be an issue. Overall I can't complain about his work and minimal scars, bruising, good recovery. The assistant nurses are awesome and friendly and made me most comfortable the front desk lady was really pushy and kind of annoying too much if a used car salesmen, if it wasn't for the nurses id have turned around!

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