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Hi there im an african american (dark skin ) id...

Hi there im an african american (dark skin ) id say my skin color is similar to Kelly Rowland the singer from destinys child. im guessing i have skin type 5. So anyway i got a rose tattoo on my stomach ( naval area) on December 16 2013 to cover a scar from a surgery i had when i was 4 years old. It was a hernia surgery on belly button but as i got older the scar started to bother me alot. I was afraid to show my stomach during the summer and wear bathing suits that would show my stomach and when i did wear bathing suits i would always have my hand over my stomach hiding the scar until i would get in the swimming pool, and all my friends and cousins would have there
belly buttons pierced and i had always wanted mine pierced but i couldn't because of my scar and how it made my belly button kinda dis-formed, so i thought about it for a while that i would get a tattoo of a rose on my stomach to cover the scar and then i would add color to it whenever i could. so December 13, 2013 i got the rose tattoo at dagos Houston. That was the worst day of my life. i was so excited to get it though that when i did finally get it i hated it soon as the guy got done with the tattoo. i felt like i had ruined my stomach the tattoo hurt ed a hell of allot as well. it hurted so bad that when he was done with the tattoo i didnt even get it colored like i had planned. so after that i went home and everyone loved it and thought that i should have gotten it colored. plus everyone in my family knows how self conscious of my scar on my stomach i was. so they were happy for me a ton. but i wasnt but i told them i liked it. after getting the tattoo i went into a deep depression and wasnt eating and i wasnt going anywhere at all. i felt like i was an idiot and that how could i have done this to myself. The tattoo TO ME didnt cover the scar like i wanted it to and it didnt come out as planned, so i immediately started searching for tattoo removal i found a couple places and went for consultations and stuff but just didnt have the money yet to start treatments. Plus once i told my friends and family they were like " no girl dont do that its pretty, its cute etc...." and they were like tattoo removal is going to reuin ur skin and its going to make ur scar worse and they told me to just leave the tattoo alone and just get it colored in because it would like better colored in etc... i felt horrible. and decided after a month or two of having the tattoo that i kinda started to like it and recently last Wednesday March 13, 2014 i decided to get it colored in, HUGE MISTAKE! I FELT HORRIBLE AFTER I GOT HOME I FELT LIKE I JUST WANTED TO DIE AND I FELT LIKE I HAD RUINED MY TATTOO. NOW I JUST WANT IT GONE. I KNOW I SHOULD OF WENT WITH MY FIRST MIND AND GOT IT REMOVED LIKE I HAD PLANNED BUT I LET PPL GET IN MY HEAD AND CONVINCE ME COLOR WOULD MAKE IT LOOK BETTER. I WANT THIS TATTOO GONE SERIOUSLY! THE TATTOO WAS ORIGINALLY AND BLACK TATTOO WITH MOSTLY SHADING BUT THE COLORS I ADDED ARE RED WITH A LIL HIGHLIGHT OF ORANGE FOR THE ROSE AND FOR THE STEM AND LEAVES I GOT GREEN WITH A LIL HIGHLIGHT OF YELLOW. THERES NOT A WHOLE LOT OF COLORS BUT ITS ENOUGH. COULD I GET SOME HELP ON THIS TATTOO AND WHAT LASERS I NEED FOR MY SKIN TYPE AND FOR MY TATTOO?

picosure tattoo removal

okay so today i had a consultation for tattoo removal with the picosure laser. I went to a place in the woodlands tx who has the picosure and the although the consultation was $50 it was worth it plus the $50 dollars goes towards ur first treatment which i was quoted $300 dollars per session and id need about 8 treatments because she said she would have to start with lower setting because my skin is darker. the Doctor did a test spot on the back of my ear with the picosure laser at 3.9 setting. she sed everything looked good but i would have to wait two weeks to see how the test spot she did on the back of my ear reacts to see if it will do good on my skin tone. i have type 5 skin tone and im a african american. she used a numbing cream on the area and cold air so i didnt feel a thing. although she told me next time i go in for my actual treatmeant she would set the laser at 4.9 this is a lower setting. i cant wait to start the picosure laser.

tattoo update

havent started any laser treatments yet but i will this month, cant wait till i get my first treatment i know i will start feeling much better. anybody know anybody with darker skin or an african american that has had a tattoo removed that had color in it? if so please let me know because theres not really any reviews on here of darker skin ppl of tattoo removal

my ugly colored tattoo

well i still havent stared my treatments but the pics i posted of my tattoo colored before werent good one so now i just posted two new pics of my tattoo and as u can see the color didnt take to well. the rose is mainly black with black shading and the color in the rose is red but it didnt take well and has alot of missing spots where you can see my skin color and green in the stem and leaves which that didnt take well either so there not much color in my tattoo...i heard that since im darker skin and looking for removal some places suggest i use a 4% hydroquinone bleaching cream to pre treat my skin for hypo pigmentation..anbody have any advice for me with removal and if they think this tattoo can be removed?

still havent started laser treatments yet

just showing new pics of what my tattoo looks like up close

still havent started laser treatments yet

just showing better pics of my tattoo up close and how ugly it is. the color in the tattoo is mainly black with black shading in the rose but has red and highlighted with orange in the rose and the stem and leaves are green with a highlight of yellow but some of the color did not take im guessing because of the scar tissue i had from the already scar i was trying to cover although the tattoo made it worst.

Scars are beautiful

im thinking about having my tattoo excisied because alot of ppl have told me that colored ink on dark skin will be hard to impossible to remove and that the laser would target my skin color because of the different wavelength that would need to be used for the color that it could also make my skin white. So ive thought about having it cut out. Me getting this tattoo made me realize that the scar i have and tried to hide with this tattoo wasnt that bad. so now i dont think scars are bad at all. But im upset with myself because it took me getting a tattoo to realize there was nothing wrong with my scar. now im ready to accept it, im ready to accept any scar now. I always thought nobody would like me if they saw my scar or they would say eww what happen to ur belly button. some have but now im over it and im over this tattoo i just want it gone sooooooooo bad it hurts.


So i have a consultation on Monday with Dr.Gary horndeski for tattoo excision. Im hoping this tattoo can be excised but im kinda worried because its in a weird location. But im also hoping that if it can be done that the dr. Could also fix my belly button in the process. I've been to about 6 places for laser tattoo removal consults and they have all told me that since i have color in my tattoo that it would be hard to impossible to remove because of my skin type 5. My tattoo is mainly black and what lil color i have in my tattoo kinda blends in with my skin tone anyway so....After monday ill know which way or whats the best route to take as far as my tattoo removal process goes. If it cant be surgically removed then im going to try laser for sure even though it may not fully remove the color and also cause hypo-pigmentation I don't care at this point i just want it gone id rather have white spots on the colored areas where the color was in the tattoo than have the original tattoo there. I could say its a birthmark or something i just want it gone. Im tryna think positive...This is very discouraging, but happy mothers day to everyone!

Consultation yesterday with Dr. Gary Horndeski for tattoo excision

So yesterday i had a consultation with Dr. Gary Horndeski for tattoo excision and it went pretty good. He examined my tattoo and the skin in the area of the tattoo. He told me if i were to have kids then the tattoo could basically be removed easily with a tummy tuck but i dont have any kids nor do i have a big stomach. Dr. Horndeski looked at the scar that i already have that i tried covering with the tattoo i have now and he was very pleased with how well the scar looked and told me just from looking at the scar that i heal very very well. thats a good thing. He told me the tattoo could be excised and that he would have to do split it up into two sessions. So he decided that he would cut the rose out first which would leave me with a horizontal scar similar to the scar i already have but would be a tad longer but he told me he could possibly make it to where id have the same length as the scar i already have from a past surgery. Then the next time i come back after that scar is healed he will excise the stem which isnt long at all. He told me the total cost would be $1000 this includes the local anesthetic and it would take about an hour for the first session. Dr. Horndeski was very friendly and nice he was very honest as well and told me that the scar that i had already wasn't bad at all and i would now be trading in a small scar for a bigger scar. But one thing i can say about this tattoo is that the good thing about having it is that it has made me realize that scars aren't bad at all. ive learned so much about myself that i didn't know or realize before just from having this tattoo. Although ive lost friends and a boyfriend over this tattoo. Its just showed me whose really here for me and whose really not. This tattoo has showed me ALOT and if it wasn't for me having this tattoo i wouldnt have found this website with all the loving, caring, and encouraging people on here and i wouldnt have meet all the people ive meet now. Not saying it was meant for me to get a tattoo i regret but God makes no mistakes and everything happens for a reason.

Another consultation for tattoo excision tomorrow

So tomorrow i have another consultation for tattoo excision with Dr. De La Cruz in the Woodlands here in Houston. I've already had one consultation with Dr. Gary Horndeski in Sugarland. It went well but i want to at least meet with two more plastic surgeons to get their opinions as well. So tomorrow at 3pm ill be attending a consultation for tattoo excision and im nervous because what if i get some bad news or i get told something i dont want to hear? Ugh the torture is real still thinking or trying to think of all the positive things about having or getting this tattoo and thats whats keeping me going. Im alot better with it than i was a month or two ago BUT im still unhappy with it extremely unhappy with it. Ill do another update tomorrow after i had my second consult with Dr. De La Cruz, so wish me luck guys !!!!

Had my consultation yesterday and it went GREAT!

So yesterday i had my consultation with Dr. De La Cruz in the Woodlands in Houston. He was sooooo amazingly honest with me and very very friendly which i loved. He first asked me about the tattoo and its placement and then asked about the two surgeries i had had on my belly button and if there were any complications involved in the surgery. Which was a no. He told me he could definitely make my bell button look about 60% more natural than it does now which is great becuase the way it looks now is horrible to me. I think 60% is a big difference from what it looks like now so i was happy about him saying that. Although he also told me that if i got the belly button fixed he would have to cut the middle of the rose out to do so. He told me I have three options. #1. I could get my belly button fixed and once thats done if i wanted to get a different tattoo i could to fix some of the tattoo that would be cut out from the belly button surgery. #2. I could wait until i have kids and have loose skin and have a full tummy tuck done and that would get rid of the tattoo and i would have a better chance of 100% improvement of my belly button looking more natural. #3. I could have the belly button fixed and then have the rest of the tattoo excised but i would be left with two scars. The doctor was very honest with me and he told me if i were his sister he would advise me to wait till i have kids to have a tummy tuck done. Im undecided right now and im kinda back in forth in choice options #2 and #3 ....does anybody wanna give me there honest opinion on what they think i should do i would love the advice

Havent started anything yet...

Ive came up with a plan about my tattoo. My plan is to just try laser first since my tattoo is mainly black the laser technician told me he would first remove all the black ink first to avoid less hypo-pigmentation as possible before targeting the red and green. After hes done removing all the black then he will remove the colored in which is red and green. I think this is a very good idea. He also told me that the colored ink in my tattoo kinda blends in with my skin tone so after removing the black it may not be as noticeable as it is now. And if the color doesnt come out after being treated then thats when ill look into tattoo excision. Heres some recent pics of my tattoo and how it looks. does the color kinda blend in with my skin tone to u?

starting laser tattoo removal the beginning of august tryna wait till the end of summer or close to it.

well ive decided im definitely going to start laser tattoo removal the beginning of August. Im going to be going to a place called NEW LOOK HOUSTON and ive read reviews and gotten other people opinion on the place and ive also had a consultation there. Ive been to at least 4 or 5 tattoo removal consultations and ive come to conclusion that they were the best out of them all. They were honest and straight forward. They have great reviews and i actually have a friend who goes there as well. they are going to be charging me 195$ a session but they do also have package deals but im going to pay as i go or if i do decided to do a package deal it will only be for like a package of 3-5 treatments. NOT BUYING A PACKAGE DEAL FOR LIKE 10 TREATMENTS. But im going to try laser first to get as much ink as possible out of my skin then im going to try excision if it all doesnt come out i really just want the tattoo gone i not concerned about a scar or hypo or hyper pigmentation

Still Hanging on to my Tattoo?

Still havent started laser or anything yet. im going to give it some more thought because some days i kinda like the tattoo and some days i hate it. But the days i do like the tattoo i think if i were to get my belly button ( the belly button i barely have ) pierced i been think if i got it pierced maybe it would make my tattoo look cuter. what do you guys think about me getting the middle of the

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