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After responses on RealSelf, I had to meet Dr....

after responses on RealSelf, I had to meet Dr. Ciardullo for myself. besides the 2 silly negative comments, all the positive comments are Very Very True! From the moment I picked up the phone to contact Dr. Ciardullo's office to scheduling the surgery date- I have had the Best experience ! Bobbi who works at the front desk is so calming, genuine, and knowledgable and is always there to answer questions. Vera works at the front desk as well every so often, and when a scheduling conflict in my personal life arose, she did Everything in her power to help me change my surgery date. Dr. Ciardullo's team is so patient and personable. they treat each individual with so much care!!

Ok so let me tell you my thoughts this far on the man himself, Dr. Robert Ciardullo. I had recently gone under a fairly intense sinus surgery that really changed my life... however, I was/ still very unhappy with the appearance of my nose. (I had Balloon Sinuplasty, Sinus Turbinectomy, 4 Polyps removed and a deviated septum straightened out) I was hesitant that doing something cosmetic could alter all the work that was done. The average person wouldn't say my nose is horrible, but I have a hump that drives me crazy, and it also droops slightly downward. when I first told my boyfriend he was upset since he couldn't understand why I spend thousands on something that's not wrong. he still thinks it looks fine, and wants me to know he likes the way i look now. but after taking time to digest that this was something I was serious about, he took a step back and understood it was really important to me and he had to be supportive. now he just wanted to come with me to any consultations to make sure we both liked the surgeon and he could have any of his questions answered too. So, about a week ago my boyfriend and I made the journey to White Plains to see if I would like Ciardullo as much as I thought, and if cosmetic surgery would affect the results of my sinus operation. 

From the moment I first saw him in the waiting room he was greeting a patient and waved and said 'Hi' to me. if you've met surgeons or any doctor really that have such an Incredibly High reputation, it is very rare that they'll be so sweet and friendly!!!!! AND that they'd spend the time to come out into the waiting room to greet clients! So right off the bat we felt good about him. When we sat down, he introduced himself and gave us a brief history of his background. He then asked if I would mind if he could show me what he thought about why I wanted rhinoplasty. He nailed it right on the head! ( or nose, if you will :) ) As I was mentioning about the sinus surgery-I explained it to him and came with my notes from the ENT so he took me into his exam room to take a look. he explained exactly what he would do, and where the challenges would lie- because of my nose structure. he was honest...answered all my questions and SO patient!!! we then got to see the recovery room which could had two beds, and the surgery room. So, his office had a full exam room, recovery room for two, and a surgical room! he would do the surgery with a nurse and the anesthesiologist- who he frequently does surgeries with. 

Oh.. incase anyone questions his experience, he's done over 3,000 noses!! I'd say he Nose What he's doing! Most Plastic Surgeons typically do Breast augmentation and liposuction as their number one performed operation, and although Dr. C does a lot of these as well... his number One surgery is rhinoplasty. We were with Dr. C for a good amount of time and Never felt rushed. When I showed him my packet of about 15 papers from my ENT surgeon he looked through Everything and then spent the time to read all 3(NON double spaced) papers of surgery notes. I think that was the moment I was sold on Dr. C. He valued the fact that i did not want to affect my previous surgery and wanted to know what he would be working with. I'm so so so happy I met with him!!! I'm also going to be out of work a week after and figured I'd be bored so ill keep everyone posted on the post operative!

Ps- the next day I thought of something quick I forgot to ask him so I left a message about 7pm and heard back from the office around 11am the next day and got to speak to him!

**sorry this is written while watching a movie- so it's not organized/written too well.

ill figure out how to blur my eyes and post 'Before' pics, or send me your email if you are really curious.

before pictures

here are some pictures I had in my phone. as you can see my nose is not Terrible, but when I smile it is hooked/curved downward... from certain angles you really can't tell much but I tried to pick the ones that show this the most. the frontal view shows that my nose is fairly wide which ill be getting slightly thinner.

rhino on april 17th

moved my surgery date to april 17th. just need to see my GP for pre-op stuffffff. do u guys think that Arnica really makes a difference ?

Day of Surg

I called around 9:30am and they asked me to be there at 11:30 .. I was rhinoplasty #3 of the day so everyone was nice and warmed up :-). I did my little pre-op today as well and allllll my questions were answered before I even asked ! Dr.C is such a warm man and he even went into the lobby and said hi to my bf before I went under which meant so much to both of us. the nurse(I really think her name was Eileen?) she's a Beautiful mother with blonde hair and if you get her, consider yourself in the best hands possible. she was so patient and I don't mind needles/blood.. even pain really but bc I watch way too many horror movies, I always think im going to wake up during surgery. which isn't Realy possible anyway since she explained how I won't be paralyzed so god forbid something like that happened they would notice before I did! so it was off to a wonderful start. we did pre-op pics, Dr. C re-read my sinus surgery notes so he knew what he was up against(had sinus surgery in 2012) and was So incredibly patient looking at my photos that I printed at CVS of noses I like (some of them I actually copied from u guys here that he did! hope you don't mind, and I threw them out after) the anesthesiologist was friendly and charismatic as well. but the nurse Eileen was really the best part. she told me how she enjoys DR C more than anyother doctor bc he is so humble and honest and helpful. he's not a typical plastic surgeon that thinks their sh** doesn't stink. Eileen explained why she was putting the pads on my legs- for circulation and rubbed my hand to relax me and Bam. woke up in recovery!

I had the ice eye mask on which felt good and of course it was uncomfortable, they just chiseled my nose down pretty much! but definitely DEFInItly bare able. I saw my bf and held his hand and was a little loopy- dr c checked on me too and explained everything went well, especially bc he warned me that depending on what my ENT did, it could limit what he would be able to do.
SO if you can't tell we're big fans of DR C but I want to tell you guys another reason. I'm 27 years old and this is the 4th surgery I've in my life(Knee/ACL, back surgery, and sinus surgery). and after u wake up all groggy the surgeon always stops in to see u. But, that's it.... you see him for a minute or so and that's it. DR C followed Back up with me to see how I was feeling. and the best part was that he was removing a cast off a young girl and introduced us! he was so proud and he looked Stunning!!! this gentleman loves what he does and makes us Look so good! he is very unique
I wish I could remember who told me to bring the airplane neck pillow that was my favorite part of the hour long ride back to LI. my throat was Extremely sore so the nurse have me water before I left and chloraseptic cherry throat drops for ride home(I definitely recommend taking a pain killer with her, then buying extra of these throat drops)

so we got home, Mike ran into my favorite soup place and filled the antibiotic and pain killer(haven't even taken pain killer-Tylenol extra strength is working fine)
I googled all these cute ice masks for my face but truthfully , the nurse said frozen peas or veggies work fine and she's right. they mold to your face. make sure to cover forehead and under eyes. she gave me a soft sock like material to lay down on my face first which helps so it's not too cold
drinking with a straw made it easy and honestly after the soup and a slice of pizza we had to change gauze- accidentally leaned down a little and it is still bleeding

so day of surgery was Not bad at all!! just uncomfortable waking up. ps- Dr. Ciardullo does not endorse of even ask anyone to write here. this is solely on my own will. he does read these time to time though! bc he saw my first review! I love knowing he is so involved in the after care... most surgeons may have been more 'wham bam thank you ma'am' and once surgery is over they're gone... not Dr C !! :)

Day 2

sleeping was difficult, only bc I couldn't fall asleep, and slightly uncomfortable but it was the first night ! today bruising Really came out big time. Oh- I feel like I didn't sleep well bc I should've taken a pain killer to help me sleep but the CVS by my house ran out of the pain killers! so we got some around noon. I felt a little woozy and slight throbbing but honestly it's really not bad. my mom stopped over and we had some sushi and soup. I gave her a makeover... lol I'm a little bored here. hope everyone's doing well !

Day 3

helpful recovery tips:
-ice water with straw close by
-using peroxide and q-tips a few times a day cleaning out nose
-saline spray
-a nice toner(since we can't really wash face a nice toner like Clarins around bandage keeps skin clean)
-chap stick
-lip scrub(I love Sara Happ lip exfoliater but use brown sugar and Vaseline! it cleans lips and makes them so much less dried out and more plump!)
-recorded episodes of Real Housewives. or whatever you choose
-medical sock/cloth to put bag of frozen peas in for face
-cough drops
-pain killers (if not for pain, to help sleep!)
-soft and firm pillows to prop you up on couch /bed

PAIN day 5

so please please please spread this... noone really pushes you to take Colace or a stool softener post surgery and if you're taking the pain killers you NEED It !

pain killers cause you to get 'backed up' and not produce normal bowel movements. if this happens I can't lie it hurts.. A LOT I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible cramps and realized I didn't start taking Colace or a stool softener soon enough. Stool softeners do Not make you immediately 'have to go' or explode in your pants... nothing crazy like that lol it just regulates you so you don't get backed up.

literally I can't stress it enough! just pop some of these pills with any pain killer.. you won't regret it !!
my bruises are changing, becoming more yellowy which I heard is one of the final stages of bruises.
can't wait Til cast removal on Thursday eeeeee!!!


yayy took the cast and the stitches out!( the stitches were from nostril tucking). I can't get over how swollen it feels. it's literally extremely sensitive. but I'd muchh rather have this than the cast!
if anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to me I'm happy to talk about my excellent experience with Dr. C and Bobbi and Loretta *** I apologize I wrote the wrong Nurses name in my last post... I meant Loretta! she was the MOst wonderful nurse to have day of surg! I'm looking forward to my follow up just to see Dr C and Bobbi again.

truthfully I like that theres no hump on my nose anymore but I can't tell if I love it yet bc I'm still adjusting... and of course it's swollen .

little worried

I see a lot of you posting that you look a little 'pig-ish' post surgery so I was anticipating that. however, I am 2 weeks post op and I have Drooping. only when I smile and it's more prominent on one side ...did anyone else experience this? I heard the tip will drop more as it heals but I must be honest I'm a little concern. my nose is slightly crooked(to begin with) and that doesn't bother me as much as the droop when I smile. let me know what u guys think! I need to schedule my 1 month visit and wonder if I should call beforehand about this

3 1/2 weeks post op

I sound crazy, but my last post about the 'hump"...... It's actually not a true hump. Just an illusion from the bridge on opposite side of my nose. dr C was so easy to get in touch with to talk about this... I'll see him in a month to check it out as well. Turns out my concern is more of the 3/4 view smile... Not my profile. Oh and when I smile straight forward I'm not loving that either but hey, I'm only 1 month post op still swollen and changing! How's everyone else's recovery ?

almost 4 weeks post op

Picturessss. sorry forgt to add in last post
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

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