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I want to bring back the feminity in my nose. Pull...

I want to bring back the feminity in my nose. Pull the philtrum back forward, bring the alars down, further straighten my nose and add fullness to it, lift and rotate my tip and have a smooth dorsum with no hump! I was contacted by Tereza who told me there is a surgeon out there who is talented, artistic and ethical enough to respect the needs of the patient. I know very well what is the nicest nose for my face.


These are updated photos of what I am wanting to achieve.

more pic of what I want

The left picture is how my nose currently is and right is how I want it.

Feeling downtrodden

I feel devastated about the appearance of my nose. it is disgusting, I don't know if prof kunachak can restore it the way I want but this is the only hope I have. My alar have receded and closed up. my nose was thinned out and made into a small point. the nose lip relationship was lowered, tip made droopy. My philtrum was lowered. Dr corazon f*cked my nose sideways. She took away everything I liked about it and f*cked it some more. My alar side walls have collapsed in. and on top of that, she put an artificial implant in the bridge of my nose. my supra alar crease has retracted, when I breathe in it collapses in. I sorely regret having my third rhinoplasty with dr corazon collantes.

Counting Down...

Only 4 weeks and 6 days to go until this nightmare comes to an end... I'm on a high dose of Quetiapine and Moclobemide to get me through. Allot of hypnosis and subliminals to help me stay off the cigarettes and to manage the extreme anxiety and nightmarish feeling I've been getting.

4 weeks to go...

Alright 4 weeks to go until professor kunachak works his magic on me... I am extremely impatient and want to jump on the next plane to see him!

the day of the surgery

Today is my surgery day. I am really scared. I feel prof kunachuk understands my desires but not ecactly my reasons for them. I am scared because I felt some doubt from him over what could be acheived. The area of concern would be the alars. I am loving thailand but I really need this work. Will god give me another shot at a beautiful nose? Only time will tell. Ive been praying and crying and crying and praying. This is such a difficult abd unpredictable journey. I said no to osteometry and no to any thinness. I want all round projection fullness openness and femininity. I think I can handle one more nose job but after this I never want to go near the knife again. Ill stick to the diy stuff. Ok people wish me the best it honestly feels like ill be swimming in shark infedted waters. I am not to know what the end result will be like. And I certainly cant afford to keep doing this. My backup plan is a bottle of whisky and whatever pills I can trick my pysch into giving me... in high dosages. Ok. Here goes... *gulp*

side new

day of surgery

Im so grateful it turned out how I like


I love the results so much. You just have to get past the misubderstanding and deliver the point. Teresa was with me cheering the way. I wouldnt have made this choice without her blessed heart and continued support. 2 weeks ago I desperately wanted to kill myself. The bumper car sticker "never lose hope" and the old man who told me always go back if the job isnt done right, were all messages from the universe including teresa conting me. But there is hope! I will now be surving past since year because of kunachuks work. Thank you so much prof kunachak.

so far

So far I am happy with the results except I feel my tip is not projected enough. Perhaps when the swelling on my bridge goes down, it will look more projected. The fullness and highet tip defining point is what was looking for. I dont mind the columella so much. Theres no such thing as perfect I guess.


This is hopefully how it should look when the swelling subsides after prof kumachuk took out that nasty dorsal implant against my consent.It should curve more uupwards.

going good

Again. I think the front view looks perfect. If only the nose was a little more projected it would be prrfect.But hey, I originate from the land of the big nose anyway and noses like mine on persian men are rare. Especially good that I have a small chin to match Iit.

so far so good; and im relieved

I love how prof kunachuk openned up my nostrils and added fullness back to my nose. He left a bit of columella to add to the higher nose lip angle and because my philtrum is naturally a little high. I love the higher tip defining point. Like I said, my only fear is lack of tip projection because I wanted a really nice profile but I still think he did a great job and it is a zillion times better than the wierd piece of garbage that my last surgeon gave me. I think kunachuk is tje best surgeon if your nose neefs augmentation. Because he is good at manipulating tissue and using donor material. He only uses alloplastic material as a last result. It is a mortifying experience when a surgeon goes against your wishes and retards the appearance of your nose. Fortunately kunachuk knows I am not delusional and I knrw always what the right look was for me.

a smile

I think he did a great job. It is close to perfect and my suffering may come to an end. But my nose is still to under projected for my face and I would love to fix that. I also dont mind the over rotated or 'pug' look. Because I am persian, we admire those extreme looks.

button nose

Its starting to look like the cute button nose I was after with my 2nd surgery. I actually dont mind it!


The appearance of this nose is quite nice except it lacks the ski slopiness I desire. However I did explain over and over what I wanted and I did explain I wanted the tip projected. Everything else has been done well. Many people have told me I have a beautiful nose. I no longer feel 'nose envy' and I am more confident. I do feel attractive, even with the swelling. I had to struggle to improve the way I look. And it was all worth it. But im going to stop now because I think im good enough. Im considering revision lets first see how the nose looks
Its wierf after 4 ops I feel more lile me. My breathing is the wsy it is supposed to be. No more pain and agony and having to be on all those meds. F**k you dr cotazon collantes for lying to me and imposing her twisted aedthetic sense on me. You stupid woman, you dont put a hump in someones nose agaonst their consent amongst other thing. Its plain to see that a more feminine nose is me and prof kuna could see how surheons kept imposing their aedthetic view on me and defemixing it when clearly its supposed to be more feminine.

So Far so good, but...

It is much better than before but may require a little more work to get the femininity I want. However, I am going to wait 6 - 12 months to see the final result. Despite my drinking habits, much of the swelling has gone down within 2 weeks. This is because I have innate healing abilities. It's never an easy task for a surgeon to work on someone who is peculiar about his appearance. I have gotten allot more attention since the surgery, and I feel attractive. All those people who told me that it looks fine and I should just 'accept' are totally stupid. I would rather this than spend the rest of my life feeling suicidal and depressed.

my biological nose

This is my biological nose approx 8 years ago. Notice how much my face has changed since then. It has more definition, smaller nose, better eyebrows, better face shape for facersizing but also my skin has gotten a little worse from stress.

a nice unique nose

It is a nice and unique nose, but it's not exactly what I wanted. I don't know if I should learn to accept it or go for something closer to my ideal. I think prof K has done a very good job to give me a nice nose that fits my face and everyone says it looks good. But the problem I have is that the gay community likes guys with more feminine features; and as do I. I regret the buccal as well. I may go back for a touchup and to get my cheeks filled in a little with aqaumid, then probably go in at a later time to get cheekbones to fill in my smile. I will have to space this all out because I don't have the money right now. The problem that Im facing is that I need to look a certain way to be considered attractive by the majority of gay guys in my country, otherwise I would be happy to accept not being perfect.

Check this out!

Check my nose out now. It's beautiful and feminine exactly how I hoped for and the asshole from philippines who told me what I wanted was 'wrong' and 'ugly' and that no other surgeon would do it (I will name and shame him soon) well stfu!! What I wanted was right and correct and as you can see, the result is stunning. Yes some guys look beautiful with feminine noses, some guys are meant to have feminine noses, my original nose was more feminine as you could see. So these surgeons need to get over this aesthetic 'standard' thing and start using their creativity and imagination like prof kunachuk does. I'm feeling more and more happy with my nose as each month passes, I'm in love with the high nose lip angle, its totally designer. I regret not following prof kunachuks advice to slim the bone a little to allow for a straighter nose. DUH!!! *slaps forehead*

other side


Well tbh the nose hasn't settled down too great. Its a bit crooked pointy and underprojected, but that is because I refused osteometry to straighten septum and rib warping. He put allot of cartlidge in my nose tip. I think it was a very intricate job from the botch job I walked in with. Its definately bearable! I want have revision but I need time to recover from lymes disease. Professor Kunachuk and their staff have been very helpful, attentive, always answering my emails. They are the reason why I am still alive. I could not bare what dr corazon did to my nose against my consent. Thank you professor kunachuk for being my life support.

If they are a good surgeon, I support them. If they are a bad surgeon, I will name and shame.

Shortly after my review, I noticed that allot more people chose to go to Kunachuk for their revisions. I'm really happy about that as I do not want anyone to get their anatomy damaged. If you look at my before and after you will notice a big change, the only thing that is out of professor kunachuks hands is when the patient (like me) refuses something out of fear. Trust him. He will always strive to deliver the best result and he will seldom turn you down. I know that if I decide to see him again there will no unptedictable turns for the worst, as there appears to be with most surgeons.

Still not happy.

To be honest I am unhappy with the result. I feel the nose is still under projected and as time lapsed the tip deformity re presented itself. I understand given the simplistic approach and probable lack of experience with noses like mine, this is to be expected. I have decided to seek revision elsewhere as it appears probable greed has the professor seeking additional costs for improvements and more advanced techniques. I will see a surgeon who is still passionate and certainly more experienced with noses. Honestly would I recommend him? Yes. I would still recommend him over most Australian rhinoplasty surgeons.
Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon

Altogether he was excellent. It took him sometime to understand how important this is to me. He really answered all my emails his email correspondence was great. My only complaint is that I feel he was a little too pricey for thailand. I would have felt more comfortable paying 6 - 7. I dont have much of an income so I had to use my credit card and initially I felt a wave of doubt from him. But when that was transcended he made sure to go above and beyond to deliver a good result. I hear hes also the go to man for face and eye lifts etc. The nose isn't perfect nor is it exactly what I wanted. But it is better than my last two noses so I am relieved.

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