Removing a 2 Month Old Tattoo with Pico

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Got a tattoo about 2 months ago, realized shortly...

Got a tattoo about 2 months ago, realized shortly afterwards it wasn't the right choice for me. It was in too visible a place, I don't like displaying something personal to me all the time and, in the end, I don't really find it aesthetically pleasing. Soooo, I have decided pretty early on that I want to get it removed. I have my consultation on the 28th and want to go ahead and get started then, seeing as I'm on a time frame (which I know isn't ideal.) I am planning to move to Spain starting this September. This means I could fit 5 sessions in beforehand, if I leave 6 weeks between each one. My tattoo is all black and I don't think the lines are too dense. The artist went over the body of the monkey two times, and the tail just once, so even though that is the part with the most concentrated amount of ink it shouldn't be as dense (I think? Not sure if I know what I'm talking about here!) Anyway, I exercise a lot, don't smoke, and generally eat healthy so I'm hoping all these factors will get me some good results.
I'm hoping I will have my tattoo gone in this time frame, or at least have done enough treatments for it to be not too noticeable and I can allow time and natural fading do the rest of the work from there? It seems like things always become more complicated according to these stories, but I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude.
Anyway, I was pretty reluctant to share this process with photos and all online, seeing as its personal, but I figure the support will be nice and this way I can help anyone else considering tattoo removal. If any one has tips on how to prepare for the session, their healthy routine, words of wisdom, advice, comments on if they think this is doable in 6 months, etc, they'd be welcome!


Had my first consultation and it was a little disappointing. I was under the impression from her secretary that we could get started today but the Doctor said she waits 3 months after getting the tattoo to begin removal so now I need to wait another month. She said starting too early increased the risk of infection because my body was still getting used to the ink. Then she was so busy that I had to wait an extra two weeks to schedule an appointment. Since I'm on a tight schedule adding another month and a half to my wait is very frustrating! I'm thinking about looking into another doctor, however, she really seemed the most reliable in the area by my research. Anyone have any good doctors using the picosure in NYC to recommend? Any insight on when its okay to start on a new tattoo?


Forgot to mention she also quoted me at $400 a session with between 5-10 sessions. This seems a lot to me considering my tattoo. It spans a lot of space I guess but is really mostly just outlines! I also thought it wouldn't be that many sessions but I guess she's trying to be realistic and not give me false hope, which is good.

1st treatment

Went to the new tataway place in nyc and got my first treatment today. Was more expensive than my previous quote, but I wanted to get started. Sporting a very large blister right now, so hoping for some fading. Will post pictures once I see some progress.

4 and a half weeks after first treatment

So its been almost 5 weeks since my first treatment and its looking all healed so I'm going to go ahead and schedule my next one as soon as possible. Here are some pictures of my tat now. It doesn't look too different to me, but I know it hasn't been long. Maybe the lines are a little thinner and the tail a little lighter in the middle? There's one spot where I think I see line breakup, I'll point it out in the picture. I feel like people usually see the most dramatic change after the first treatment though, no? I'll just have to put the laser on a stronger setting I guess. The healing process was actually not a big deal, for those of you wondering. I started putting Bio-oil on it the last week which has made a nice difference. I had some red itchy bumps before that which went away. I also had a little hypopigmentation, which is getting better.

Second Treatment Done

Hey all,
I had my second treatment done the 15th. I went to Clean Slate Laser in White Plains. It was a good experience, she was quick and nice. The price was significantly cheaper than the other places I've gone and she's been very responsive through email if I've ever had any questions (even when I was just thinking about going there).
She put the laser up and it hurt more but I saw more line breakup right after. It's still healing but I'll put up some pictures soon.

3 weeks Post 2nd Treatment

So here are the pictures for 3 weeks after my 2nd treatment. There are kind of a lot but I think its helpful to zoom in on the areas where I see line breakup to show where the change is really happening. Its still just small changes but definitely encouraging to see some breakup. My skin reacted more this time and I got bit of a rash around the area as you can see. Besides that it seems mostly healed up and I was hoping to go to my next treatment in around 10 days so I'll have left a month between treatments. We'll see how that goes though.


Hey, I have this rash around the tail. Its not spreading quickly or super itchy but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and has any advice as to how to treat it?
Dr. Jessica Krant

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