Mommy Makeover (Tt, Bl, Ba) + Brazilian Butt Lift

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I have surgery this Friday march 7 with dr....

I have surgery this Friday march 7 with dr. Kenneth Hughes in LA california. Soooo nervous.
I'm having a tummy tuck, breast lift with silicone implants, Brazilian butt lift with lipo to my inner thighs, tummy, and the top of my butt.
I just lost over 120 lbs from gastric bypass last march. At a later date I plan to also have a thigh lift and possibly butt implants.
I have already began taking the supplements and protein shakes. I already filled my rx now just counting down the days til operation.
I'm doing the surgery during spring break but will take off an additional week. I plan to purchase a wheel chair to help when it's time to go back to school.
Does anyone have any last minute advice, tips. Things you wish you wld hv known before surgery you wish to share? All advice is welcomed:)


My behind. 3 more days!

Turned a corner today/and check out the tush hehehe

I'm feeling much better today. Thank goodness. I had an allergic reaction to one of the pain meds yesterday and felt like there where a mil bugs crawling all over me I was itching so bad. Took two benedrls. Called my mom and she also gave me instructions on how to get out of bed. Which was the most painful thing I had and still have to deal with. I Cldnt engage any of the muscles because everytime I did it was insane pain.
The muscles started to get stronger late afternoon yesterday and I'm able to engage them more today. This includes legs arms and tummy. My back still hurts but it's also getting better.
So this is how u get up: the most important part about moving period is to keep your mouth open at all times. When ur mouth is closed you tend to engage ur muscles. So keep ur mouth open and knees bent. Try to have whomever is helping u keep both legs LEVEL at all times both during the roll and sit up. User 50 going on 35 gave me a great tip which is to put a pillow between ur thighs and legs and feet in order to help keep them level in case the person helping isn't strong or may lose balance. But KEEP UR MOUTH OPEN. My mom was a nurse on the post op ward for years which I totally forgot. Lol but the mouth open thing helps a lot.
How I sleep w tt, bbl, bl, aug, lipo to thighs, back, tum, sides, pillows. The foam didn't work for me as it was way to firm. So I have pillows almost in a step pattern behind me. A pillow for lumbar support, this one is so important make sure it's smooth if it's lumpy or too soft u will pay when having to sit up again to adjust. Then we slide a pillow as far as it can go under my butt from the bottom. Then a pillow on each side to support my butt. Plus pillows outside of those to support my arms. Also the second night the swelling kicked up sooo bad it was burning so I used Ice on my side boobs, tummy, and butt, and lower back. I put ice in a bag and that was the only way I was able to sleep.
We are traveling back to San Diego today I hope the car ride goes ok and isn't too bumpy or too much traffic. I've been peeing a lot as well so hopefully it will go quickly.
Also the first two nights I peed in a diaper over the spandex thing they give u. So I was soaked in pee, I know it's gross but the pain was to great to get undressed, for like 40 hrs. My friend kept changing my diaper and we ruined a cpl pillows. So what we did was line the bed with plastic, then a towel, then a chuck. Then my diaper. Still ruined a pillow because the diapers aren't close engh when they are put over the spandex compression tights. So finally yesterday evening I said i can't pee n a diaper again I hate this feeling. We took the tights off he washed them w soap and water in the sink. Luckily the hotel has a dryer, so we dried them. He washed me up w the dial soap and water and baby wipes. Got a great foot and scalp massage.
But today I certainly feel better than I did yesterday. I'm still walking bent over and I have a little burning where the stitches are for tummy tuck when I move which I have to ask about. Whether that is ok or am I straining too much.

***sorry this review isn't in chronological order! I'm still on the pain meds and have had very little sleep. So I write about the diff topics as they pop into my head ????????????*****

*** I'll add photos of my sleeping set up when I get up in a little***

*** I'm going in to see Olga today before we head out so I'm sure we will snap pictures then. I haven't seen the work yet except my butt which I took pics and will post. Sorry abt the tissue hahaha but it's post op not glam shots hehehe Cldnt stand all the way so u can see the full results but the pics give a nice idea. I'm happy w my booty. And I hope w massages later it fluffs***

Muah talk to you guys soon and I hope this helps!!

3 days post op!

Feeling much better. I'm home in sd the car ride wasn't too bad at all. I'm playing video games with my 12 year old. Don't really have any pain except when getting in and out of bed and sitting on the toilet. Besides that I'm great. I'm laying down and that's the only pain I have is turning or my butt touching the bed.

3 days post op

Will do a full review once I see the results. For now I'm posting the results as they develop:) I hope this is helpful!

Post op day 4

The swelling is certainly up and I can't seem to get comfy in any position. But guess what, my body looks so cute! I can't wait until I can stand straight up and see the full results of the bbl.
I have a ton of homework to catch up on so I'm about to have a protein shake and try to get going!

The pillow set up for optimum comfort if ur considering mommy makeover and bbl

Ok so I tried the foam pad as u can see n pic to sit on. It was too firm and I couldn't sit on it. BUT it ended up being very useful because it supports the other pillow set up by not allowing them to slide and it keeps the legs and feet elevated. Also the hole allows for you to stack clothes or towels in the center for when u need to elevate or have ur feet lower than bum.this may not seem important now but you will appreciate the different levels to allow for better blood flow since you won't really be able to move that much.
The first night and day I cld not move my legs at all to engage the abdominal muscles was horribly painful.
Set up pillows behind back make sure the one for lumbar support is SMOOTH not bunched because you will feel every wrinkle. I use 6 pillows for back stair step. Then one directly under ur butt, have someone slide it in flat and push all the way to butt until u feel weight has been lifted. Then do the same with a pillow under each side of butt this allows for the butt to be somewhat suspended then slide the large foam all the way to pill that supports butt. Then put in two pillows to support both arms. Since you have the muscle worked on in the breast aug or reduction those muscle will hurts as well and require support. If they dangle it hurts.

Drum roll for booty measurements!

So before surgery I fit a juniors size 7, i think that's like 30 inches? Today that bootaaaaaaay measured in at 42 inches wooooo wooooooo!!!! I was jumping literally until I landed and said ouch. Lol I'm naturally silly so oooops! But I'm still swollen and get a little depressed to think I will wake up one day and it will be smaller:( I'm obsessed with it now, so u guys can expect a daily measurement lol! So excited! Hugs!! Muah

Drum roll for booty measurements pics

In all my excitement forgot to include the pics!! :)

Before and after 6 days post op

A pic :)

Missed a dose of meds... Not good. Pain!

So I woke up to pee and forgot to take a dose of meds. My mom warned me in the beginning never to miss a dose of meds you will be SORRY!
Well not only did I miss a dose of pain meds I slept through the timing for the second dose. And when I woke up a pillow had somehow slipped so I was twisted a little. I woke up on FIRE! I mean nerve endings firing left and right all over my tummy and butt! Most of the pain was coming from the tt! I was quickly trying to find my meds and Cldnt. Tried yelling for my 12 year old and she Cldnt hear me and her phone was dead! Thank goodness for iPad minis! I facetimed her and she got the call and quickly gave me meds and helped me readjust pillows.
All this Time I have been relying on the pain to wake me up n the middle of the night or peeing and it's been right on time for regular dosings. Well LESSON LEARNED! I will be setting my alarm for every dosing including overnight doses. Mom said even if u have to disturb ur sleep to get in the dose it's better than you waking up in pain. She was a nurse in pain and recovery for major surgeries so she knows that pain management after so many procedures is number 1! It's no joke! Esp since I have zero pain tolerance.

Yesterday I had a crying spell but it's to be expected after a cpl days of a high. I just began feeling upset that I can't move or go anywhere and do all the things I have to for work and school and I'm falling behind.
Luckily I had the encouragement of a few ladies here!! And my best friend that came down from Seattle that helped me threw my first 4 days of surgery called and said just think of the fact you just have to get through this and how beautiful you will look and feel! It's a small sacrifice a small window of pain for a lifetime of happiness! Which is true! Yay beautiful ladies and gents!! Be happy and know even this will pass and don't regret the surgery! This pain is temporary and you will be beautiful and feel amazing once you are healed!! Be happy! Muah and big hugs! ????????????????????

Coughing and my tummy tuck!

I'm not sure if I posted about this yet but this helps me per my nurse mom's suggestion!
Take a firm pillow, or straight back firm teddy bear or if you only have access to you hands press your tummy firmly. Cough. You also have to remember to breath in your nose and force the air out your mouth 10x every hour to reduce the chances of pneumonia. I had a lot of phlegm and the first days of coughing I felt like I was being ripped in two! So I began to avoid coughing by clearing my throat and sipping water.
My mom almost lost it and said no that's dangerous! The breathing and coughing are important to recovery and avoiding pneumonia.

So talk to your doctor and have them advice you on this and what's best. I'm not a dr and neither is my mom. And to be clear I am not giving medical advise and neither is my mom! Lol just sharing my experience!!

After, I asked my dr about it and he explained briefly the science behind it and also included that you must walk every hour as well to avoid blood clots and other complications! So speak with your dr as well. :)

hugs everyone!

Still no pain from boobs, still 42 inch butt, praying I won't lose volume and projection

Good morning Beautifuls!!

I measured my butt still at 42 inches. No projection lost and have only been laying on my back. Now that I'm 8 days post op I've become paranoid and horrified about the potential loss of ANAYTHING as I have no more fat to replace it if I wanted to go bigger. So today bigins my mission to find ways to suspend my butt. Lol lol I had tt, bbl, lipo to lower back, inner thighs and tummy, and bl/ba. So this will be an all consuming task but I'm determined to find the solution this week! I'm uncomfy and can't seem to find a good position to get rest. I hv these little golden spots when I'm able to lay on all soft pillows as I described in earlier posts to fall asleep yet when I wake up 4 hrs later I'm aching again. This consumes my day really! The battle to find comfort. And once I fond it I will shout it from the mountain tops!! So far a have a cpl theories and the main one is there will obviously need to be some type of rotation of pillow set ups to apply pressure to diff parts of the body as needed. Stay tuned as I am determined to help us all esp pre-ops & fellow new ops!
In other news I've become interested in reading about fajas?! I think that's what they are called and body training to get a tiny waist and bubble luscious. Once I read everything I intend to ask Dr. Hughes if it's safe. Ok stay beautiful loves! Hugs xoxo!!

Oh forgot to talk about boobs

So I haven't had literally any pain from my boob job! And he had to do a lift and implants and I do have nipple sensation!!! Which is a major concern when doing those two procedures at the same time!
I feel wind and when I touch the nipple I feel this as well. But they do not get erect not sure if this will return or not but I'm not concerned w that now as I am only 8 days post.

The only discomfort I feel is the left boob muscle which is the main arm I used to steady and lift and position myself. I'm sure once my abs strength increase and range of motion increases this will cease to be a problem. They are healing great! I have NEVER had a zinger nor shocks from any of the boob work. Just awesomeness this far!
#teamhughes all the way loves! Xoxo

Updated photos and stuff

Good morning Beautifuls,

It no longer hurts to cough. My butt and hips measure in at 42 inches but I feel as tho I've lost a little projection. My boobs are a little square but I think that's from using my arms so much to lift myself to get in and out of bed. I felt my left nipple plump yesterday which is great news. I feel the stitches under my boobs poking a little but it's more of an itchy annoyance than pain. Still haven't had any pain from boob job.
For my butt and hips
They still measure 42 inches around but I feel I've lost a little projection. I'll post pics so you can see
My butt is still sore prob because I've had to lay on it since surgery and can't lay on my sides because of the boob and tummy tuck. My thighs are still a little sore from the lipo as well. But nothing that is agonizing. Sometimes my feet get numb so I move around. I could really use a massage to help get things flowing properly again but I'll wait to see what Olga says at my check up.

Tummy tuck
I'm able to squat down and bend over now. Getting out of bed weirdly still poses a challenge but it's much less painful. I usually lay to my side and scoot out of bed and place my feet on the ground and push up off a desk I have to the left of my bed to assist me in getting up. I'm trying to use other parts of my body to take some tension off my boobs so they can settle and beccome round
The incision sometimes stings a little and itches but that too isn't extreme. It's tolerable.
My belly button smells like anus tho! Lol lol I try to let more air get to it and blow it dry to decrease the chances of infection. Dr Hughes says healing skin can sometimes be a little smelly! Lol
Taking a shower is so uncomfortable because I don't have the support of my binder. And I'm not in the habit of holding my stomach in, engaging my abs all day, so this is something I must work on. Keeping my stomach muscles engaged, slightly at first in order to strengthen them so when I'm showering I don't start to cramp. Because without the binder now I'm cramping while standing.
Also MAJOR TIP! Do not eat right before taking off ur binder. You have no support so you are struggling w digestion and holding your tummy in and cramping. Oh man it's a hot mess lol.

Also get paper plates, napkins, plastic forks spoons knives, straws. Really comes in handy and helps keep the cleaning down. You won't feel guilty or have to depend to heavily on loved ones to help keep things clean. Or if your alone you won't have dishes piling up stinking up the place.

I'm a little depressed today. Simply just because. Lol I know as humans we want everything to be ok now but it's a process. I know. The past couple of days I've felt great and in good spirits. This too shall pass!
Oh don't forget to hold those tummies in! I just reminded myself ! Hehehe stay beautiful and hugs!!

Spanx on sale on ebay until the 21st

just wanted to share in case you guys use spanx. ebay has them on sale until march 21, 2014.

Itching to get back into the gym

Ughhhh this is going to be so hard. The gym is my therapy! I'm itching to get back in the gym. I use to train 6-8 hours a day before I got injured and gained over 100lbs. after losing that weight with the assistance of gastric bypass i began lifting again for 2-3 hours. Now I can't spend any time there :,( So I can't wait to be healed and back at it and begin sculpting this body!
I plan to do a review on my gastric bypass journey because there are a few misconceptions about it on both sides of the fence! I hope my reviews can offer some insight on the procedure and process. Any who take care fellow Barbies :) hugs

Good evening fellow Hughes Barbies!! I feel great!

So after having a low day yesterday I am back! Lol I told you guys I was concerned about my belly button stinking well it was a combination of 3 things:) I emailed Dr. Hughes yesterday and shared my concerns and sent pics and he said that it's not infected and asked when I could come in to be seen. I said tomorrow and he replied right away and said see you tomorrow! I came and he offered to come out to the car, he's so sweet, we are all so blessed to have him as our Dr. But we went in because of the binder.
We got in and the ladies were so sweet and nice and welcoming. Dr. Hughes had us come right on back. He was again very upbeat and friendly joking with other patients who were happy to see him and us. I showed him everything and it's all healing nicely. So the smell of the belly button as he explained was normal of that type of tissue which is called granulation tissue. And when it's healing it can sometimes have a smell to it. But there is no swelling, redness, or other sign of infection. He rx antibiotics and said to clean it and make sure to dry it and give it air.
Then Olga also said to use qtips to clean it! Oooops! Lol lol I didn't know I cld touch it! Haha I never cleaned in there. So she cleaned it and said to clean it everyday w qtips and give it air.
Dr. Hughes also checked my other incisions and how everything is healing and he said everything is great! Hehehe I so excited and can't explain how blessed I feel to have found him! He's truly a Dr. That is concerned about both the aesthetic appearance and health of his patients!

Afterward Olga came in and removed the tape and and my two new best friends the drainage bulbs! Lol I was sad to see them go! This was quick and painless! And if I say it's painless it truly is. I have zero pain tolerance! Then Olga showed me how beautiful the incisions are. Of course they are only 2 weeks old and will lighten with time. They are nice and straight and flat. She cleaned them and put Vaseline on them and I never touched any of these areas so it felt so weird!! But she was gentle and sweet! So I no longer wear the pads on all the incisions. I only wear them at the two sites on the sides where the the bulbs were. I am not to put ointment of any kind except Vaseline if there is excessive dryness. I wear two foams under the binder now as well so that's the foam and not my tummy poking out! Hunny I am SNATCHED! Ok! Lol Dr. Hughes got me all the way together!! Lol lol olga also lowered the binder I have included pics of the new position. Of course I asked will this flatten my booty?!! Lol she laughed and said no that booty isn't going anywhere!

So the booty! I measured it and it's still 42 inches :) yaaaaaay!! I've also have a few pillow positions that help. I think I'll post those tomorrow. I have a long brief I have to write:/ anywho stay beautiful Barbies! Ha they are the dolls but we are the beautiful iconic Barbies! Just a lil fun:) muah and hugs! I'm feeling happy and great! Also thanks Mesan for all your support and encouragement! You're such a rock star supporter!!

Ps. If I can some how get the video to upload I have the funniest video of my booty in action! Hahaha yes I'm extremely silly! But u have to appreciate a great booty! Lol and u can see it does indeed jiggle, not hard!

A Quicki! ;)

Getting undressed just caught a glimpse of myself while listening to funk #49 and about to hop in the shower, and said oh damn! Look at that frame! I look damn good! Hahaha just wanted to post some pics! Btw still measuring in at 42 inches. Will post a longer update later after I get in bed and relax. muah and hugs fellow Barbies!

Cvs has a sale on vitamins and supps buy one ge one free of equal of lesser value

Cvs has a sale on vitamins and supps buy one ge one free of equal of lesser value!
So stock up!! Von's has the same deal going on! I stocked up! Just sharing and passing along the goods news!:)

Doing my happy dance I tried on clothes! Check check check me out!! Hehe #TeamHughesBarbies

I'm so excited to say today i left my home for the first time outside of a dr.s appt. I was able to drive and sit up. for 4 hours. I alternated between the nicely padded office chairs we have and kneeling on the floor. The kneeeling was nice since I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself by standing. The only thing I will remember to do is to bring a pillow to kneel on. The floor is so hard it hurts my knees. This wasn't the highlight of my day barbies! Wait for it... lol
I went clothes shopping for the first time since my surgery and was in tears. I have dreaded shopping and trying on clothes every since i had my child, because of all the lose skin which created a muffin top, the booty she took and the deflated balloon boobies. haaaa so I tried on yoga pants and barely got them past my before I was like ohhhh noooo honey this is not going to work! lol I then tried on a pair of windbreakers which fit but did not show off this nice booty and figure I just worked and payed for. I began to feel a little sad. So I moved on to a maxi skirt which was too small. At this point I'm like fml! lol so I asked if I could get another size. The lady working there was not nice, but I just assumed she's probably having a ruff day like me. lol SO I looooove brightening up ppl's days! So I smiled and explained that I'm sorry I would normally go get another size myself but I just had surgery and already had to walk all over the store to find my clothes because another agent put my clothes back because I stepped away from my basket for maybe 2 mins to locate more white t shirts. She said oh I understand its no problem and we began to laugh and talk. Goes to show you that if u attempt to brighten other's day that energy will reflect off them and bounce right back to you.
So a young gentleman brought ugh the bigger size. I tried it on and was like omg omg it fits. Honey before I knew it I was out the changing room with no top on. lol lol we laughed and got excited over how well it fit! wooot woot! feeling empowered I tried on a maxi dress! Barbies, i got misty eyed. Yes I have on foams on my tummy and im only 2 weeks post op, but barbs I look great! for the first time since I was in 10th grade I was excited and completely happy with the way i looked. It was such an amazing feeling i just had to call my new friend over to celebrate with me. I snapped pics. Yes I finally have on clothes in a pic. hahaha what? being nude is natural, I hate clothes. Everyone shld be naked. :)
I could be more amped and satisfied. As soon as I got home I whipped out the tape measure. I am at 42.5.... why I do believe I have fluffed a tad bit. hehehe Poor Dr. hughes I emailed him again asking him about massages and fluffing, implants and so on. Hes like you can get massages at 1 month and it is going to get rounder with time... it is! she is! I am! wooooooooo! any who check out my developing dunk barbies!
For anyone that is reading this and if your in pain, just remember that it wont last forever and once you get in the mirror and start seeing the results and swelling decreasing, range of motion improving, and receiving compliments, you will completely forget about the pain and just be in awe of your results.
#TeamHughesBarbies Join Us! muah xoxo

Let's start with the initial contact! Dr. Hughes is by far the most responsive Dr. You will ever have the pleasure of working with. Even before you are officially a patient of his. I requested a consultation on a Sunday and Dr. Hughes contacted me the same evening confirming an appointment. The Consultation Dr. Hughes was upbeat and friendly and took the time to thoroughly explain procedures and what he thinks would work best in addressing the concerns I have with my body. The arrogance ppl speak of is actually confidence and knowledge in his field which is reassuring and puts you at ease. Heck even Super Man is confident!! ;) The pre-op appointment I met with the Adam and the nurse to fill out paper work and to take my vitals. Olga was friendly Dr. Hughes stopped by to check on me and get me pumped up for the surgery and to answer any additional questions I could think of. Again very sweet, upbeat, and thorough in his answers:) Emails for questions I had prior to surgery date. I had random questions prior to surgery which Dr. Hughes immediately responded to! World class service! Where can you find another Dr. With such a great response time?! No where!! Day of surgery I didn't have to wait long. I was taken in immediately and started the pre-op prep. The nurse was sweet, friendly, and engaging. Which is so important when you have never gone under the knife and this really eases anxiety. The anesthesiologist came in and explain things. He was also very sweet and nurturing, was such a blessing to work with him. He also answered thoroughly answered questions. Dr. Hughes came in after as always with his big friendly smile to put you at ease and with a couple of jokes. He made the markings and explained the procedure again and answered any questions we thought of last minute. Again such a blessing to have an upbeat friendly Dr.! Post op Recovery Both Dr.s, Dr. Hughes and the anesthesiologist, came to check on me. To see how I'm doing. Again very nurturing and amazing service. I Just really feel blessed to have found Dr. Hughes because the care he puts into his work you feel at ease that you're in great hands and will be so from beginning to end! At the hotel for recovery Olga called to check on me and give further instructions and advice. The pain was so intense, I naturally have ZERO pain tolerance, lol(I got an epidural while giving birth and STILL passed out 6 times from the pain) so my friend called into the clinic at 12:50 not knowing they close at 1, and as everyone is leaving got in touch with Dr. Hughes to request different pain meds. Do you guys know that Dr. Hughes waited for my friend to arrive to get a new rx after closing hours on a Saturday! We all know most Dr.s once their working day is over will dodge calls or additional work. Not superman Dr. Hughes he waited and wrote the rx and gave him his cell phone in case there are any issues! SO WHEN YOU READ HES AN AMAZING DR. BELIEVE IT! It's not hype or fluff, just simply fact! Post op check up I went in Monday, since I live in San Diego, to do a check up and dressing change with Olga. It's pretty cool they were able to fit me in the same day! Again evidence of amazing service! Olga was very friendly and thorough and funny in her explanations and changing the dressings. She also got me to walk straight up which relieves a lot of pressure in my back! So awesome! Dr. Hughes came in to check on me to see how things are going and if I'm happy with my results! High 5 I'm over the moon with my results! The results at 4 days post op The work as you can see is extremely CLEAN! The Dr. Works w an eye for precision and being that I have darker skin scarring is a very important factor. Olga took the bandages off and there was no blood and the lines were so freaking straight and clean! Just amazing eye for detail. I know my scars will heal fine. Did you guys see my before pics?!! HONEY I was a hot mess! Thanks a lot Mother Nature! Lol and Dr. Hughes, like a super hero, saved the day! Look at those results?!! I can't wait until I'm healed! The before and after are like night and day! Woot woot!! I'm definitely goig back to Dr. Hughes for my thigh lift and other procedures I wish to have done SOON! Lol ***** I certainly recommend Dr. Hughes to everyone, and anytime I see others post about botched jobs I recommend they go see THE DR! The proof is in my pictures! I'm sure I'm the most extreme boob job, and ur boobs look better than mine did. If Dr. Hughes can correct mine, ur boobs should be a breeze. Oh I forgot I have no pain from my boobs at all! I hopes this helps you guys in making your decision and if you have any additional questions I'm more than happy to answer! :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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