Cabral April 21st 2014, Anyone else Going This Time? Would Love to See a Friendly Face from Home! :-) – Dominican Republic

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Hi Dolls, First off, Im going to have surgery with...

Hi Dolls, First off, Im going to have surgery with Dr. Cabral April 21st. Anyone else going?...Now that is out of the way!...Ive been stalking this site like others lol for about 6 months now! I looked at alot of reviews and then some! My Story: I am 41y.o. and am a mommy that lost her only child at the age of 18! My precious daughter...the absolute love of my life was killed in 2010 and I want to do something that Ive always wanted to do...get a butt! I live with a broken heart for most of the time and just want to be a lil happy. I have made a conscious decision to go thru with having a TT, BBl, and lipo! The three docs that sparked my interest were Robles, Yily and Duran so I attempted to reach out to all three. 

Well, Duran did not get back to me at all, Robles did and although Yily did as well, it was a nightmare to communicate! I got great communication from Dra Robles office but after looking at her pics, I just didnt feel that her work was aggressive enough for me. Dra Yily (which I luv her work) took a while before getting back to me but when she did, it was a detailed quote. I tried to contact her again as I decided to have a Tummy Tuck done instead of lipo (after doing some research) . Why did I do that? I just couldnt get an answer. I decided to send her a request for a surgery date and she did send back some available dates. I went to TD bank to send the $300 deposit to lock in my date, I figured that I could just talk to her when I got there about the tummy tuck or that I would speak to her before then. Anyways, The guy at Td didnt know what he was doing.....He kept saying that the recipient's (Dra Yily) address was too long! HUH? I cant change her address? Dont know if anyone else had this issue...but I finally got frustrated and decided to just put the address of the bank in the two address request lines (bad idea)..... Anywhooo, I was so excited...I mean, I actually sent the now, I wait....a week goes by and nothing, no response to my 3 emails. I did send a pic of the deposit transfer, didnt I????? 

Still nothing so, I call and my spanish speaking girlfriend also calls and we both just simply cant get through to Dra Yily's office! SMDH! So, I call the bank to see if I can stop the transfer. Good ole convenient TD bank tells me, "sorry but the bank in Santo Domingo rejected it cause you put the wrong address for recipient" Huh? Oh then I remembered that i had put the banks address in Yily's slot also.....I felt like yayy but was willing to go back to TD as soon as I could get some instruction from Yily or her office. So, I start calling her office again to #1 apologize for attempting to send deposit but not actually doing it properly :-) #2 How much is the TT vs Lipo? #3 Please....I need to secure my date, tell me what to do! but Still there was absolutely no answer, infact their phone appeared to seem broken....rings once and then nothing :-(...the main menu states to press 501 if you want someone in English....I keep pressing and keep getting Dr. Cabral's office. I speak to Maria Isabelle that is a complete sweetie! She explains to me that I need to call xt 208 for Yily but guess what?...yup....nothing. I decide maybe just maybe....I should inquire about Cabral, so I did......I received a quote from him and am scheduled for April 21st...

The quote from him has another story but Im pleased that Im scheduled so I wont go there. I have done all my research and am aware of his past. There is another girl in his office named Annuk(Im sure that Im spelling it completely wrong) and she is a complete sweetheart too. Like Maria Isabelle, Annuk speaks great English and she made me feel so comfortable. She also shared a personal experience with me similar to the one Im going through in concerns to my daughter....I luv her! She showed compassion and understanding during our conversation. Im glad I dialed the wrong extension. I will keep you updated as my progress grows :-). I have some stuff to buy/do/pack etc. If anyone has any suggestions on the best way to prepare my self for this experience...I WELCOME IT ;-)! What to buy? I have not a clue....infact, Im going snooping thru some blogs after this. I started taking vitamins and plan on having some bloodwork done next week! Thank you in advance for all advice! and all support is welcomed!

All prepared and I'm off!

So sry I haven't been on RS in a minute. I wanted to take pics of all that I bought for this trip and so on but time hasn't been my friend and I have been feeling so overwhelmed as of late. Anyhow, I made it....I made it! I am in Puerto Rico waiting to get on our connecting flight because we missed the first one because of an issue with jetblue. We originally had a 40 min lay over that has turned into a 3 hour one but....accept the things u can not change right soooo we wait......The last week and a 1/2 have been so busy. Securing our recovery house, buying all that stuff :-), tryna tie up all the loose ends at home....and the list goes on. I want to say thank you for all the supportive comments and messages. You guys ROCK!!!! My daughter's birthday is next week Friday and I'm also getting mentally prepared to make it thru that day so all the comments and messages were well appreciated :-). So....i may have bought either enough or too much of everything lol. I had to empty some stuff out at the airport. Sheesh! I feel so excited. The nervousness has passed and I'm hoping it doesn't return. I'm ready! Yup...can't wait to feel my curves :-). I will try to keep u all updated along my journey. It helped me to look at others! I didn't take much pics yet but hopefully I can get some charge on this phone and I can! My surgery is tomorrow. I plan on being at CIPLA very early. I also need to talk to Dr Cabral abt a few other nips and tuck....i hope he can do me right. I've been thinking lately am I gonna have a nice butt with dragging boobs? Lol so, I may be having a bl too. We'll see....oh and I went to "The Pink Room" in Elizabeth Nj yesterday and they are so great there! They had a lot of stuff needed for surgery. Some tricks of the the fatal (yes), scar cream, natural bitters tea to bring down the swelling after surgery, stuff to make ur tummy even flatter as u heal.....All sorts goodies. Too much to name. If u are in the are, go check them our. It is a small store but they r really nice and they are all barbies and dolls! They shared there experiences with surgery and made me feel alot better about my choice. Anyhow, I'm out for real....have a great Easter everyone!!!!! And once again thank you soooooo much for all the support! Smoochessss pretty people! I will be back as soon as I can!

Sry this auto correct on my phone is something else! lol

This damn auto correct lmao! I look back on my previous comment and see the word fatal instead of Fajas lol sry abt that....i dont want fatal no where in my vocabulary until I get back home! :-)
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