Happy for my new TaTas!

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I have wanted work done on my breasts since I had...

I have wanted work done on my breasts since I had my daughter in 1994. I have 3 children total and life has taken its toll! Have my augmentation scheduled for May 1st- 550cc high profile saline. Lift after implants are where they are going to stay. Doctor doesn't want to do it all in one surgery. Looking forward to feeling like a woman again. Love my PS. No matter how brutally honest she is.

Had a mammogram scare

I had gone for a mammogram a week or so ago and got a call back while I was traveling home a couple of days ago. Doc's called and said they would like to get a closer look on something.. Had set an appointment for next Monday and the mammography center called me in early (Friday-yesterday). To make a long story short the spot they found isn't of a concern and I am now fully cleared for surgery!! Pre-op is April 22nd and after speaking with daughter and husband ( my 11 year old is a very honest kid) we all agree I should go bigger than originally planned. I have been wearing my rice sizer's around so that it's not such a surprise to everyone when I am post op. My PS had told me she would not do the surgery unless I quit smoking. I quit that day, I am now 12 days no smoking and realizing I should have done it sooner! Anyway, wanted to share my scare and let everyome know.. I'm getting boobies! :)

2 Weeks 2 GO!!!

I am beside myself! I think the next 2 weeks is going to drag on. :) Have my Pre-Op next Tuesday, have my "sick time" scheduled off work.. Got my "mom-sitter" all set up for myself ( my sons GF is coming to take care of me :)) Going to spend this weekend with the in-laws for Easter and hope after that time flies!!! Hope you all are doing well!

Had Pre-op yesterday

I am adoring my doctor at this point.. I thought I had chosen 550- she said nope you chose smaller, so got that straightened out. She told me that she was very proud for me to quit smoking. Stated a lot of patients haven't. Tomorrow marks my 1 week until surgery and I am completely obsessed! Everything is boobies! Already got my post op bras, got my meds ready. My entire surgery is paid for- with cash... Didn't want to owe any credit companies.. I apologize for being all over the place but wowsers am I excited!!!!!

3 days and a wake up!!!!!!!

Down to the wire and the closer it gets to the surgery the more obsessed I become. Surgery center called after I broke my phone on Friday, got the message late that night. I am supposed to call them on Monday... Not sure why, just hope it's routine. Have everything set up, medications within arms reach of my recliner. New bra's, new button up shirts for a while and "lazy girl" clothing for the beginning. Have quite the entourage going with me to surgery. 2 out of the 3 of my kids are going to be there as well as my sons girlfriend. Not much more to update. Will make sure I get the afters.. A little scared considering this is just the implants and not the lift yet (wouldn't it be wonderful if my body just ignored gravity) :)... Good luck to all!

Less than 48 hours now!!!

I am down to hours!!!! Final cleaning done by my amazing 17 year old son. Making sure there is no chance of mom getting sick from the house. Sent off my daughter's boyfriend off to Bahrain, she will be without him to have my grandson this this Nana has to get back in to tip top shape! Also found out my 20 year reunion is the 6th of June.. Please let the "ladies be in a semi settled spot" :)

Waiting for surgery team.

15 minutes until surgery!!! Not looking forward to the pain bit definitely looking forward to the future and boobies :) will share afters as soon as I get done!


So I can honestly say the first day was a breeze. Meds were all I felt. Today--- a lot of pain and bleeding out of where my pain pump is. Very swollen, causing pressure-- vomiting a little. Pictures are on my phone will try to get them up ASAP. Need to get more rest. Hope all are doing well.

Pictures of day 2

Wanted to share with you guys pictures of day 2. I have pain pumps (which I TOTALLY recommend). I have become swollen to the point of bleeding through my pain pump spot. Advice-- USE ICE!!!! I wasn't very diligent yesterday ( of course I was on cloud nine with all drugs and the reality of new boobs). Today I was very diligent- kept boobs and incisions iced and swelling has gotten so much better! Will be trying to post every day.

Rough one

Been down most of the day. Still on the very swollen side. Held down only a few things like celery and vanilla ice cream. Not sure if it's pain pills. Have given up on the anti nausea because it was obviously not working. It was giving headaches as well. Husband got to come home and hang. Started feeling better after he got here and told him maybe he was all I really needed :). He asked if I had any second thoughts. I just said I didn't like not feeling good but not a second thought.. Wishing I could have had the lift at the same time so I don't have to deal with all this pain again, but oh well! Would be nice if I didn't have to worry about a lift, but I am not going to kid myself. Sorry if I sound grouchy.. I think I am :)

Day 3 After- Bye Bye pain pump

Doing great today. Looking forward to my first real meal since surgery. My husband removed the pain pump for me. He's a champ. Only felt a little discomfort on left side when he pulled it out. Have only had one pain pill today. Took a walk halfway around the block with my daughter. Glad to be feeling like a human again. I'm attaching some updated pics. Everything seems to be healing well.

Slowly but surely!

Made it through a half day of work. Swelling still very pronounced but slowly settling. Pressure more than pain with swelling. Did notice that percocet slowed down the BMs and had to make sure I was eating fruit to help the process ????.

12 days post- doing great!

Still feeling like there's something weighing heavy on my chest.. oh yea, they're called boobies! Almost at my at my 2 weeks and can't believe how much things have changed.. I can almost sleep on my side!

18 days post

Well been kind of busy with work and kids... figured maybe I deserved a moment to myself to visit with my lovely friends here! Okay.. so the ladies are making their slow journey down.. have still had to take my pain pill at night because of the discomfort. This Thursday marks my 3 weeks and I will finally get to sleep without a bra! Nipple and incisions spots have been very sore. Have dealt a lot with the booby blues... good news is I have boobies still!!!! You'll have to excuse my messy bathroom pics. My kids aren't very good housekeepers.

30 day post op

It's been a while since I have been on here. Trying to get over my ugly duckling phase and keeping to myself. Breasts are finally starting to feel like they belong to me and not just foreign objects :). Get the zingers everyone talks about 2 to 3 times a day. As you can see from the picture I got my first sunburn of the season. I always start my season really burned and from here on all it's all tanning :). I still am not allowed to carry anything over 10 pounds, still no pulling or pushing. I can feel when I'm going against docs orders :). I see my doc on the 4th for my 1 month post op. I'm in hopes I'll still hear "don't think you need a lift". If she thinks I'm gonna need the lift I'm waiting until January when I don't have to worry about overgrowing weeds and missing out on fishing :). I noticed yesterday at the pool I received more attention than usual. Still deciding if I like it or not. Thank you to all the women who have been here to help me along the way. There's one in particular that I want to thank-- Redglory. One day I hope to actually meet her, she's beenot such a blessing. Love all my RS ladies!!!
Grand Junction Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing doctor. Was very thorough, always thought about my health first. Tricked me into quitting smoking and couldn't thank her enough for that. When in preop she had me try on the biggest sizes because she said the biggest regret women have is not going big enough. Very thankful for that cause there's no regrets here :) Does beautiful work. Would recommend to anyone!

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