Lawdy Lawdy I"m Turning 40! Birthday Gift to ME! 5'7 135lbs 2 Kids, TT and Lipo

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This year in July I'm turning (gulp) 40 :) My...

This year in July I'm turning (gulp) 40 :) My girlfriends and I are doing a weekend trip to Vegas! Yippee.. minus the yippee. I've not worn a swim suit in public with out a cover up in 12 years. (after my last son was born). Mind you my three friends are freaking hot in swim suites and EVERY thing they wear. ugh I'm tired of sucking in, covering up and wearing baggy clothes. I'm THAT girl. So.. this is the year, after many many years, I'm allowing my self to spend the $ on my self! I'm kind of nervous!

I love this website, let me say that! The candor and pictures, tips etc I think is what made feel better about making the "heck yes" decision. I have three consults over the next two weeks.. (2 on Monday and then 1 the following week). I'm kind of annoyed at the cost just for the consults but I guess it is what it is. The three places I have: Dr. Marosn at Bellevue Plastic Surgeons, Athenix in Bellevue and Dr. Downey in Seattle.

A few questions I have are..
1. Has anyone been to any of the above and would you recommend them.
2. what's some questions (besides the normal ones) I should ask?
3. I do have stretch marks and a lovely layer of fat I want removed, but was thinking.. if I just get the lipo done, would I be able to get a "mini" TT instead of the normal one?
4. After having done your surgery, would you do it again?

Ok that's all I have for now. I'll post pics later.

Qucik update...

After my two consults, sadly the next morinng I had to fly back home as my mom is dying and I spent that time with my family. I'm not back in WA and missed my third consult. However, that being said.. the two I did attend went GREAT!.

I went to Bellevue plastic Surgery, the fee was $75 for the consult but the news I got was different then expected. I originally thought I would need a tummy tuck no questions. However the dr. recommend just lipo in the troubled areas (stomach/upper/lower) and some of the skin would tighten back up a bit. My #1 goal is how I look in clothes. The marks would be a HUGE bonus to go away , but i'm focused on the gut/pooch that area. The down side, his quote was over $10K!!! I about passed OUT! ha.

My second consult was at Athenix Body Sculpting in Bellevue. They were AMAZING, answered every question, talked about stuff I didn't even know I needed to know and gave the same advice as the first place. If I had to pick right now, Anthenix is my #1 choice. The price was $5K.


I decided to go with Athenix and I just paid in full for May 16th. I'm doing the middle/lower abs and the total is $3900. I don't' know if anyone has heard of it, I used CareCredit.. it's basically a line of credit for medical procedures only. (and dental). They have 12 months interest free OR 14% and you have up to 60 months to pay it back. I think my payment is $101 a month. Just Google it, most all office take it. Also, my insurance covers all my lab works and prescriptions, which isn't very much but every little bit counts.

Basically, I have my pre-op next week. (I can update more on that after my apt). I decided to just go with two areas as my upper abs aren't bad. I just look like I'm 5 months pregnant ALL the time.. basically from the bottom of my ribs down. It's horrific! After about 6 months or so, I can then decide if I want to have the "skin" that's left over removed. The benefit of doing this in two phases.. the normal tummy tuck is hip bone to hip bone scaring. The way I've decided.. the scar will only be as wide as the lose skin (if I have any after) but looking at it, shouldn't be no more then a few inches wide. (less then 6). However like I said before my biggest focus is on how I look in clothes. Next steps.. swimsuit ! ha Hey.. one can dream!! :)

Pre Opt is tomorrow

My preop apt is tomorrow , however my procedure isn't until May 16th. It seems for EVER AWAY! I've been wanting to do this for YEARS.. and I've always been " maybe one day" or "I really can't afford it" etc. Being a single mom with 2 kids, money doesn't grow on trees for me and I kind of feel guilty for spending $4000 on my self.. but.. my oldest is out of the house and my youngest is now in middle school. Before I know it.. I'm going to be an empty nester and deserve to look good. (I'm trying to make it OK with my self, can you tell ha!) So it's surreal that I'm actually doing it, I'm excited but it doesn't seem "real" yet. I will take all my measurements before my procedure of course and keep everyone updated. I will post tomorrow on the preop apt... until then have an AMAZING day!

One can always dream.. ha

Pre Op update and Pics

Hello hope everyone is doing amazing!! I had my pre op apt today.. which only makes me THAT much more excited. My procedure isn't until the 16th.. g'lawd that's forever away.

Pros of the preop.. lots of information!! Stuff that seems common sense but good to hear again. There were a LIST of OTC medications that you can't take two weeks prior to the date of. Normal stuff I take when ever.. ie. Advil.. aspirin, etc. I understand the jest of what to expect: sore, bruising, etc. She covered not taking the compression garments for 24 hours and I could actually (assuming I feel like it) take a walk the next morning. She said walking actually helps with the swelling and healing. Guess who's walking the next day! Also, for those who've heard of it (I had to google it my self) they recommend Arnica Montana to help with being sore, swelling and bruising. Random but it's a pro for me.. they gave me my prescriptions prior.. antibiotic, anti nausea and pain pills. I was able to get them filled and it's one less thing I have to worry about leading up to the magic day.

CONS: The wait was INSANE!! I sat in a paper thong and stupid paper bra for an HOUR while the dr. was in the or. SO.. it sucked waiting as I had to leave work in the middle of the day and was kind of in a rush. HOWEVER, I did admire his not wanting to rush the surgery he was currently in until it was perfect. Bonus.. if you go with them, they offer 3 free Velashape sessions. (

I've added new pics. I took a few at home when I woke up. (excuse my mess in the pic ha. I'm packing to head to new Orleans and ALSO carpet cleaners are coming so I had to pile everything on my bed ha) So you can see the "pooch" is just stupid and it gets bigger the day goes on .. and some days I seriously look like I'm 5-6 months pregnant. UGH.. It's like a pocket of fat.. just sitting right there... just to annoy me! ha.

T- 10 days till surgery

OMG it seriously seems like it's taking for ever to get here! I did my consults last week. Got all my prescriptions filled. Took my measurements last night.. HOLY HELL what happened! ha. Prior to my kids.. I was a 34-24-35.... NOW.. gulp 36-36-37!! OMG.. Ok so I KNOW the bust and butt area are my fault for being lazy.. but seriously.. 12 inches in the middle. The good news.. it's a "new start" after next Friday. I've already started working out and eating better.. that will give me my kick in the pants to keep going. Also, this surgery made me look at other things that need a make over also! I'm getting my hair colored (which I've never done.. been a plane brown hair all my life) with no style ha. So I'm getting cut and colored on Saturday! I went though my ENTIRE house, took several bags of clothes and clutter to the goodwill, planted a garden (eat healthy, save money!) and my addiction is Pinterest.... sadly it took my mom passing last month for me to pull my head out of my ass and see you only live once.. and putting stuff off was a bad habit for my self. So thanks Mom.... 2014 is the year I start living and doing :)

This week is THE WEEK!

Ok first off.. thanks for all the comments I'm super excited as I'm sure everyone in my shoes is right before they are going in. HOWEVER.. the Wish Pics I've posted.. please realize they are NOT what I want to look like ha. I will NEVER be that skinny! I like the "no pooch" "smooth skin" and "the sitting with out my pooch hanging over my jeans". As for the girls IN the pics they all need a cheeseburger! :) ha
So.. with that being said.. FOUR MORE DAYS! During my pre op apt .. I was given a list of OTC stuff I couldn't take the week prior, however I had a migraine that put my on my butt for two days and couldn't help it.. I HAD to take something. Need to call the office when they open and see if that will ruin my day on Friday. I soooooo hope not!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms!!! Mine was AMAZING! We did the Color Run which we were a MESS after, had lunch and then volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house by the Children's Hospital. I was SO blessed I had all three of my boys (even the 19 year olds) helping.. so blessed they are healthy so for me.. volunteering was the only way I saw fit to celebrate that. Over all best Mom's Day to date ha. :) Oh and I wore a tiara all day.. ALL Day. Three boys and a sig other were just like.. thank GOD this is only once a year haha

Tomorrow tomorrow I'll love ya tomorrow.. its' only a DAY AWAY!!

Guess what tomorrow is!! Seriously, take.. a .. guess! :) ha. I bought my self a two piece swim suit. Tried it on and took pics last night. I'll post those for ya later. The plan is to wear the same suit AFTER and do a comparison. I stated my antibiotics today. I purchased Arnica Montana, does anyone know if I should start taking it NOW before surgery or should I wait until after or does it really matter? I'm REALLY hoping I don't need to take the prescribed pain meds, I hear they make you constipated and lets face it.. that would make me cranky! ha Inside and out side hurting, no thanks! :) Soooooo this time tomorrow.. I'll be an improved women. I'm working before the surgery (I know, I'm on crack!) but I couldn't' get out of a meeting and no one at work knows I'm doing it sooooooo.. I'll work until 11 and then head to the office, my apt isn't until noon and it's only 10 minutes away, so I'm thinking winner winner chicken dinner I can do both. (I'm a total multitasker, can you tell?) Next update... post surgery... :)

1st Post Op Update... 5 hrs post op

Hello all you hot amazing sexy people out there! It's now just before 7pm, I had my procedure today at 11:30. Everything went more perfect then I could of asked! Checked in at 11:15, was on the table by 11:35. On arrival, I got checked in and taken straight back to change in to the most AWESOME paper panties/bra. The nurse did the typical weighing,, bp, oxygen levels and took pictures. The dr was right behind here marking up my stomach and I then went into the OR. They hooked me up to some happy juice and then.. I was totally relaxed and they started what they needed to. I was in and out, didn't actually "sleep" the entire time, but crazy enough it wasn't freaky. That was a worry of mine I'd be a wake and nervous. There was only on small area of pain and I said hey, that's kind of uncomfortable, he said.. no worries, stopped what he was doing, gave me a little more numbing and with in minutes he was back to work. The clinic was really quiet today , hardly any surgeries scheduled which was a benefit to me. He took he good ol sweet time, no need to rush and heard him say a couple times, I'm not happy with this part so lets' touch it up, this looks awesome here, blah blah blah. And just like that it was over. The nurse put on my CG, got me dressed and I was on my way home by 1:30. I'm in a CG that's from the thighs to the boobs. ( just below) I have a ton of packing in there and I am leaking when I stand up. There is a hole in the crotch so I can pee, someone is a genius to put that there ha. I have to keep all of this on until tomorrow. I'll take pics tomorrow. Upon leaving.. we stopped at Taco Bell (don't judge!) and when I got home, slept for a couple of hours. Just work up and so far so good. The pain is basically a 0 right now, been doing my pain meds every 3 1/2 hours. I keep telling my other 1/2, Oh I'm fine I don't need it, but he's worried that once everything from earlier pain killer wise wears off it's going to be painful and he doesn't want me to get behind the pain curve ball. (If that makes sense). The doctor did call me at 5:30 to make sure I'm doing good, if there's any problems etc. So far, 100% happy with how everything is panning out.. the consult, pre op, surgery, dr follow up. I have my in house follow up on Friday. I changed my shirt a little bit ago and noticed bruising already right up under my boobs... so I'm curious to see what this will look like tomorrow.

One question I have.. the CG. Right now it actually feels loose. Like when I remove all the pads it's not going to be tight enough to really "compress" anything. Is that normal? Did anyone else have that? I guess reading and research everyone keeps saying how tight and uncomfortable, etc but really, it just feels like i'm wearing shorts and a tank.. not tight but not falling off. I for sure have room in there ha.

I will update tomorrow with pictures! :) Hope everyone's Friday is going amazing!!

Post op pics

Here are a few pics.. Typical CG. The cg is a little too short in the torso which is uncomfortable'ish but not horrible.

1day post op..

Well last night sucked! I couldn't sleep for anything and all the pain meds wore off and the numbing solution. Granted at its worst it wasn't "that" bad. Feels like I did a lot of sit ups. However to touch the out side is soreeeee! I got up and felt like my stomach area weighted 50 lbs! It felt like it just dropped. Stood for a few to get use to it and the it was ok. Took the CG and pads off to shower and let's be honest I was dying to see what it looked like ha (pics posted below!) showered and as I started to get dressed.... My incision was gushing and then...everything went black :( I yelled for my other half and I just later there while he cleaned up all the blood /water on the carpet. My right incision is really leaking. I'm now feeling way better... Dressed etc so I will take it a little easier for the time being :)

2 days post op

Today is my 2nd day since surgery. And knock on wood it's going great. Yesterday I went for 3 walks, short around the block or so, but felt great to get up and move around. Went to see a movie last night w my sweetie, however mid way I had to stand for a bit. The CG cuts in right where I should bend and was uncomfortable. The pain is all but gone, however I did take one this morning as I need to go to the grocery and do some walking and wanted to prevent any pain that might sneak up on me while I'm out.

The swelling is mostly in my lower abs down on to my vagina. I seriously have the fattest vagina this side of the Mississippi! :) ohhh and for those who haven't had surgery yet... The pee hole in the CG is awesome... Except when ur bits and pieces hang out all day long. My other half cracks up at my ass fat handging out the hole in the back! :) wearing boy short panties is a must for me! I've been taking the arnica Montana religiously and I swear it's working. I only have bruising on my sides and the spots are smaller then my palm. Huge win with that stuff. Hope everyone Sunday is going amazing!!

Update 2 days post

One thing I keep forgetting to post.. After surgery I was about 7lbs heavyer. Which I'm sure was water. I've not yet lost it but that's normal. Today I'm wearing the exact outfit I wore the day of the procedure. The waist band is ok but didn't want to button it, so I rubber handed it. I do this often when I'm bloated ha cheap easy trick. But this is me two days post :)

3 Days post.. back to work

I had my procedure on Friday, I'm not back to work on Monday. Granted I have a sit down desk job with a lot of meetings etc so it's not too active. The best thing, I have a stand up desk at work, so I actually stand all day if I want, sitting seems to really be uncomfortable, so this is awesome.

My lower abs, belly button and down are really swollen today, most so far since surgery. Not sure if I need to drink more water, walk more etc. Did anyone take water pills to help with swelling? I'm thinking at lunch I might run and pick some up. I did take my measurements last night, funny because i'm "wider" now, which I know is swelling but it's funny to see. Random I have zero appetite, which for me is RARE! Having a house fully of boys I'm always eating, but my last "real" meal was Friday after I left the clinic. Granted I've had a bit of something here and there. Not sure if it's the meds or just not feeling it right now. My leaking is done. I meant to post that yesterday. Friday and Saturday were bad! every time I moved it was leaking and I was changing pads. However, I wore just typical panty liners to cover my incisions yesterday... all day .. no leaking. I "tried" not to take any pain meds yesterday.. but ended up taking 1/2 mid day. I brought 1/2 of a pill today to work with me just in case. So over all.. it's going really good. Bending is the hardest thing, pain is easing it's way out, no leaking and the swelling isn't horrible. I'll post pics here in a little bit. :) Happy Monday Everyone!

5 days and this is the worst I've felt. :(

Ok.. so the first few days were too good to be true! I still have almost no bruising, the pain is all but gone which I like. However the swelling is CRAZY! I'm very swollen today, this is the most since my procedure. And it's not just my stomach, it's EVEYRTHING. I can't wear my rings today and even my shoes were too tight to put on. Let me tell you how sexy THAT is! And I'm so over this CG ha. The opening in the crotch which I thought was awesome the first two days.. it sucks! The elastic around the opening against my skin all day sitting down, walking etc has now created red/raw areas on the skin. Yesterday I took the CG off for two hours (I know i'm suppose to wear it 24/7) but I had to give the skin in that area a break! Did anyone else have this issue? if so what did you do to help it? It's only been 5 days, but is there an alternative to this CG.. like one that doesn't go down the legs? Any suggestions on where to look/buy new CG would be much appreciated.

However, to be honest.. that's been my only complaint.. so in the scheme of things, it's minor. I'm so thankful for the very little bruising and pain that's almost gone.

Two Weeks Post Op

Ok sorry for not updating in awhile.. gesh.. time flies by! ha.

My 1 week post op was not this past Friday but the one before. It was seriously a 2 minute deal. Just walked in said Hey, doing ok, they didn't' actually look at anything , asked if I had any questions and that was it. I did mention the pain oddly enough was getting worse, but she said it's normal. She also said as I the pain eased to start the massaging in circle to break up any scar tissue that might be starting to form. The best news is.. the big black compression suit, she said I didn't have to wear any longer. The swelling was very low and no bruising, so she said she'd down grade it to a simple wrap around and call it good. The down side of that one.. it's bulky and you can't wear it under clothes. :( I did order a Lipo Foam and wear it while I sleep under my new CG, LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I think i'll keep wearing it even after hey say I don't' have too. I love how comfortable and flat my stomach is when I wake up! winner winner chicken dinner!

This past week, it's been going ok. The day after surgery I was 8 lbs heavier, which I assumed was bloating etc.. but I'm still 8 lbs heavier which I don't understand. I have started to massage in little circles to keep the scar tissue down... I've only found 3 very small knots on my left side, where there's really no fat on top of the muscle. Like if I tighten my muscled there I can feel the knots. Does that make sense? None the less, massaging hurt like heck! I'm still really sore to touch, not to move and my skin is still numb which feels very weird :) I just keep telling my self, it's only been two weeks it's normal ha. As I look today am about 80% happy with how everything is.. there's a "donut" area around my belly button that I wish he would of taken more out of.. it's still that round pudgy kind of thing.. but we'll see. I know everyone says it can take months.. but man I'm so excited already how quickly it's gone.. I guess I got spoiled ha I will post pictures this evening.

Here we go AGAIN!! Tummy Tuck in March :)

Yep... that's right... I'm back on RealLife which means... I'm ready to get my TT. This time last year I did lipo on my lower stomach and "thought" it would cure my "I hate my feeling". It was a great experience ... for the most part. It's been one year and it looks exactly like it did the day before I went in. :(. My original are my protruding stomach and stretch marks. I thought if I just get a little help I would eventually feel better. My family and I went on a vacation of a life time... 7 days at Beaches in Turks and Caicos' Island in the Caribbean. Sadly I stayed covered up the entire trip and didn't enjoy the trip much as I could. So... I have decided to go balls to the wall and do a tummy tuck!!! I've wanted one for 14 years and just never felt like I could actually "do it". .. because of money, work, two kids, excuse , excuse, excuse. Enough is enough. I think I have deiced on Dr. Remington in Kirkland, Wa. He was by far the BEST consult I've ever had. (Been to around 10!). My job ends on March 3rd, so I think I'm going to schedule it for the 16th. Super excited and nervous at the same time! Look out world.. here I come!

TT scheduled! March 17th :)

This St. Patrick's day will be amazing! My surgery is scheduled for 11am and they said I would be there about 6 hours. In addition to the TT, he will do a tiny bit of lipo to even the ends of the scar out and I have hernia. :( So he will need extra time to fixe that, but thankful it will be repaired
I have been so addicted to this site ha. I can't thank people enough for sharing their experiences. I feel like I'm going into the completely alone. I don't have really anyone to talk about it with, my friends do not understand I keep getting the "oh, just love your self for you bs.. coming from the removed Kardashian sister who's never had kids and built like Barbie! I My sweet totally get's it and is happy if I'm happy. He tells me if I shaved my head had 4 nipples and word a rice sack I'd still be the most beautiful person ever ha. But he gets my hate for my stomach and supports this 110%.

Ok so I just ordered Arnica pills and cream, in addition to Bio Oil. WHATELSE... suggestions please! :) The count down is finally on!!
Bellevue OB-GYN

I am pretty happy with my results so far. The procedure went quick and easy, no real issue at ALL, very limited swelling and almost ZERO bruising! I would say that Dr. Bullis really knows what he's doing if he can do a procedure and just days later, no one can tell at all, they only see the results and ask "wow, how did you do it". To learn more about him: He was very polite, professional, answered my 100 questions and was just all around very personable. The day of the procedure, he came in.. marked me up then headed to the OR. The office was pretty quiet that day, but even during my in and out of sleep I could hear him talking and saying oh I like this or I'll do a little more here etc.. so to me.. he wanted his best work, which is a huge win for me! ha

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