Lipo flanks/abdomen post op 4 days

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Hello everyone ! I am going in for my flank and...

Hello everyone !

I am going in for my flank and upper abdomen lipo and week from Thursday.

I had a tummy tuck about two years ago and I'm very glad I did it, however since I had the full TT my love handles have been bothering me. And I also have a bit of " dog ear" on the ends of my tummy tuck scar that point out funny. I love the hour glass figure but unsure with my bone structure if getting the lipo will help , hoping it will give me a less " boxy " look . Getting nervous !!

Surgery day after tomorrow!

Getting nervous ! Had another meeting with my PS yesterday to make sure that we are on the same page and I must say I am feeling much better ! I really appreciated that she took the time to speak with me again and settle my nerves. Dr. Holland is awesome! Getting so excited to get that fat sucked out and getting closer to my bikini body I want so badly :) The areas I am having done are my flanks bra roll and upper abdomen!!

1 day post op lipo flanks and upper abdomen

Yesterday I had my lipo yay! I checked in was prepped for surgery and my PS came into mark me up on the areas she planned to treat. Then and only had a short wait to go into surgey. I Remember seeing the bright surgical lights and my O2 being put on and I was out like a light :)
When I woke up I was sore, it was like a burning sore . I cried a lot waking up from anesthesia but I was happy that the procedure was over. I had some muffin and pain pills and I went home. I was able to walk right out of the hospital and to the car. Unlike my tummy tuck I was in a wheel chair. The ride home was about 45 minutes and painful , again like a burning pain. Once home I had a sandwich, 2 Vicodin 7.5/325 and slept till 8 pm. Once I woke up I actually felt pretty goods. I was up walking around had dinner and was back in bed by 10pm. My back was pretty sore , I'm not sure why, perhaps they had me in a awkward position during surgery. I put a heating pad on my back and took a muscle relaxer with my pain pill and that helped me a great deal. Even though i am swollen and black and blue I can see a big change . Pictures soon:)

First lipo pics!


4 days post op

I'm about 4 days out post op! Feeling pretty good. I'm mostly sore at night and surprisingly my back is killing me! Not sure if muscles in my back are over compensating for my sore abs. So far I am happy with my results and I am looking forward to seeing the swelling go away. Trying not to focus on what I am seeing now as I was told by my PS that I may swell up even more in the next few days. It's hard to be patient.
I cannot believe the bruises I have yikes ! Hopefully they will go away soon. I am actually looking forward to summer this year first time ever !

Feeling pretty good! Post op 5 days

Hi everyone ! I'm about 5 days out , and despite being a tad sore I pretty much feel " normal" I am still very very black and blue however! I bruise sooo easy as it is ! My ps texted me a pic of what she removed ( love her) so of course I will share :) my poor dog looks scared In the pic lol!! Back to work tomorrow :( getting anxious to work out again ! I have the insanity program waiting for me ! :)

First bad back at work post op

First day back at work,
Having trouble focusing. I also have some sort of bug as a have a fever of 101. My doctor checked me out and my incisions look great so it's not related to surgery. Sitting at my desk in my compression garment is less than fun :( ugh 5 will not come soon enough!!

Feeling fat and puffy :( 8 days out

8 days post op... Bruising getting better but I was warned I may have another layer of bruises that had not " surfaced" yet! But swelling had kicked in for me ! I feel bigger now than I did the day after ! Trying to stay positive as much as I can. My PS told me it was ok to use a spanx garmet ( extra control) so that's what I have been doing. Can't wait to restart my insanity program !! 2 more weeks !
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