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Ok so I wasn't gonna get lipo with my BL because...

Ok so I wasn't gonna get lipo with my BL because some ppl scared me out of it, but I've decided that I'm gonna get it. Praying for the best outcome. Ignoring anything negative. I've read the reviews, I've read the articles about the risks, the fat redistribution, the skin adherence, all of that. My decision, my body, I don't really care about anyone's opinion anymore.
On that note. I'm super excited. I have another review in the breast lift section. One more week! I'm 5'5 roughly 150lbs. I'm getting lipo on my abdomen and flanks.


Ok so I found out that I have to attend a microbiology lab next week either on Tuesday or Wednesday. Ugh. I hope I'm not too miserable. I'm bringing my boyfriend with me since I won't be able to drive.

Wish pics

morning of

Todays' the day. :) ill update when I get out

day of.feeling good.

Ok so I went in for my surgery at 615. Got in the back by 630ish. The last thing I remember is being rolled out of the preop room. I dont remember being rolled into the OR or getting on the table. I supposedly got on the table myself. I woke up n couldn't really talk n kept dozing off. Finally I could keep my eyes open enough for a nurse to see me. I went to the bathroom with no problem, a little shaky but nothing major. After that I was more alert,waited for my friend to come. Had some water. My nurse explained the drains to my friend because I was dozing again. Then my friend got me dressed n we left. When I got home my roomies prepped the couch for me n gave me my drugs. I napped for two hrs n now I've been up for about three hrs now. Getting sleepy again. My Dr said to keep my bra n garment on until next Tuesday for my postop. No shower :/ I'll try to at least do bird baths if I can bend. Maybe my boyfriend will do it for me. Ok eyes closing. Be blessed :)

1 day PO

Ok so I'm feeling pretty good. Just as good as yesterday. There's pain but not much. I'd say I'm a 4/10 when my drugs begin to wear off. Tomorrow will probably be my last day taking the pain pills. I've been drinking a bunch of water. I've always drunk 2L a day but yesterday I made it to 3L. Yesterday I was peeing like crazy. I dont mind though. Gets me some exercise and hopefully getting rid of some swelling. In a little while I have to go to school to do a lab :/ I'm not in pain I just dont wanna go lol. These compression socks are making my legs itch where the bands are. Umm..im super swollen,my belly is nowhere near flat but that's expected. I cant take this suit off for a week so hopefully by next Tuesday some swelling will be gone but if not I have nothing but time. Still two months til bikini season. My boobs are pretty much the sorest part. The bottom of my stomach hurts a little when I'm standing but other than that I'm fine. I hope I have no complications. I'm not leaking either. I have to drains in my boobs so idk if that's why nothings coming out from the lipo area but from what I can see,the gauze down there looks dry. I bought some senna,its not here yet. I'm never regular though, I usually only go maybe 2-3 times a week. Needless to say I'm pretty much always bloated with some stomach pain. My stomach is actually kind of bubbly now (sorry for the tmi) so maybe I'll go today. Weird. I've been taking the arnica pellets too. I put my lipo foam in my CG yesterday. Idk if mine is too loose or what but mine is very comfy. I know a lot of you said you hated wearing CGs. I expected it to be a lot tighter. Not sure about the size. I ordered a faja in a medium,I'll probably put that on next week after my post op. Hmm. Nothing else to really talk about. Yesterday I ate two fiber one bars, 2 low fat waffles with fat free cool whip (better for you than syrup and tastes good), a bowl of Kix, sugar free applesauce and sugar free chocolate pudding. I've been on a lifestyle change since last Feb so this stuff is normal for me. But I'm being extra cautious since I cant do weights for a while. I want to start walking on the treadmill next week though. Ok that's it for now. I hope everyone is healing well. Lets all continue to pray for one another. Until next time :) Be blessed

3 days PO

Took my last pain pill yesterday at 3pm. I'm still taking the arnica. I changed out of the CG my PS gave me and put on my faja. Had some trouble getting the foam in but I stuffed it down as far as I could without having to unhook again. Hopefully this will help flatten me out. My other CG didn't seem like it was tight enough. Anyways I'm able to do everything on my own. Even though I'm not in pain in still trying to take it easy so my body will keep healing properly. My PS didn't do my flanks :/ ill have to find out why on Tuesday. Anyways. Happy recovery all. Be blessed.

One week

Got my drains removed from my boobs today and was finally able to shower. I looked at myself this morning and I do notice a difference in my waist. My curves look pretty good, just waiting for my tummy to suck in. My PS said he had a hard time doing my lipo because I seemed fibrous like I had lipo before. This was my first surgery ever so idk what that's about but we'll see how things turn out. I'm back in the garment my PS Gave me cuz my faja is drying. I feel more compressed in my faja than this thing. It feels like spanx so I'm ready to hop back in my faja. Gonna hit the gym tonight to do some light cardio. Just walking and maybe squats and lunges for now. I'll update pics soon.


Just wanted to do some comparison pics. I went back to the gym last night, just treadmill walking on an incline. Felt great :) can't do upper body workouts for three more weeks because of BL :(
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