Dr Robles subpar terrible results regret not seeing yily or duran as I originally planned

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Seeking a nurse for 24 hr care that does massages...

Seeking a nurse for 24 hr care that does massages or a nurse massage team. Or a RH that offers nurse care, personal private nurse and massage package or ... receptive to all suggestions and referrals. .I also want recommendations on traveling back, and medication. I am bringing my own meds from the USA and dont want problems with customs etc...what did you experience? Also I wear a squeem and they are the major culprit for burns... without surgery mind you...I wear it for shape...those are excellent for shape but u NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED did I say NEED, need a liner like I am looking for the old school.baby cloth diapers...someone else said the foam burns...im going soon so afyer all this u guys will see pics and stuff. ..FINALLY....still team yily...

still no nurse but changed drs officially Dr Robles MAY 16

I NEED TO GET MASSAGES My date is the 16th and I will be ther for 10 days and want a masseuse for every day. Any recommendations? Any good masseuses in Santo Domingo near CECIP I am being made over by Robles after extensive research and talking to patients from yily and robles I value my safety and health way more than hype.

I am beyond nervous but also excited, I booked my...

I am beyond nervous but also excited, I booked my flight and staying for ten days, based on stalking real self reviews, I took the best of advice and posts and boiled it down to Dr Robles, I want to come home whole and after learning lots of my family members got procedures at CECIP I said ok this is where I am at. I was quoted 5200 for full back lipo, mini arm and thigh lift with some lipo on thighs. I get there at around 6pm the 15th of May, I took the all inclusive package with recovery house included that took alot of worry off my head to coordinate. Now I seek a masseuse, at the clinic it is 100 per massage in an oxygen chamber, I might do a couple but I need and prefer the ultrasound massage. Any recommendations on that with contact please , feel free to message me. I check asap and would appreciate it. Also anyone traveling during that time let me and wants to buddy up message me...any tips or advice is welcome. Pics will be or right before surgery pre marking post marking and after..

definitely taking pics this week only got 2 things done due to low hemo : (

I had the arm lift but i dont thing the arms were lipoed at all though i asked for that and i got full back and waist lipo...i am still swollen so the jury is out on whether i like it or not but thus far i see the back rolls are still there just smaller wuth the massages they have been vanishing..i guess it is swelling!!... i was expecting something else based on pics of similar body types but she said it takes time...i was a lil mad at seeing some girls leave looking like barbies from jump..they had other drs..and my butt deflated by 50 percent but it looks good but i wanted more waist to hip ratio like what i saw.. she said with time due to swelling and I admit i see improvement.. the communication is abysmall with the assistants and when i sent a pic of my back asking if it would stay like that she didnt answer... but inthe office was very personable and answered everything...i am coming back for more in the winter upon healing properly and having high hemo.. tip..do not do your surgery right after period do it before so your hemo is high period s make it dip drastically.. i was very very tight about that..good dr terrible assistant who tried to run off with the balance for the undone surgeries..I shouldnt have to beg and plead and run n circles post op and be ignored..and bring family to recover the bread...she said 49 to 72 hrs.. it took over a week..stress doesnt help healing.. i am all padded and bandaged still waiting to remove to take pics.. ahh when i get massage monday i will ask the lady to take em.. why didnt i think of tht.. i had busted open a stitch trying to take pics before with arm life you cant do sheeeet..

2 YEARS LATER Dr Robles I see others had my problem with Laura and look at the results of terrible arm lift

I guess you should wait until after the surgery to discuss money idk.. but because my hemo was low she had to refund me some money and I think thats why she did such a sh1t job on me. My lipo was so subpar my underarm area looks wide and uneven and unlipoed and my arm lift is a joke .. huge scar and no lipo to the arms when thats what I paid for the stress ruined my results and the faja being HUGE and they only cared to keep me there because of the money for the faja then I had to pay again for the right size one and come to find out they ripped me off by 50 us dollars.. I was offered revision at a discount.. yeah right.. i think the hemo thing is a scam mine was at 11 and others got tt and lipo with 11 .. I am healthy and without issues.. all in all look at this body and tell me if it looks like any work was done aside from drainage scar and arm lift scar..

Decided to post pics so ppl can see the nightmare "results"

Everyday not even a faja fixes the uneven underarm area from her botched arm lift aand i look weird from the fat deposits not lipoed near my underarm i was so specific and basically 4k plus down the drain ... i am skeptical about even going back to my own country because the surgicoordinator lied through her teeth to book me about the doctors ability to do a procedure. I will only see a doctor if i consult with their assistnt do not use surgicoordinator laura she will lie and lie and lie and avoid your calls when your money is involved she literally tried to rob me of 1k
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