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After almost 3 years of stalking Real self and...

After almost 3 years of stalking Real self and debating whether or not to do this I've finally made up my mind. I'm finally doing this!! I'm 22 years old, no kids and already kind if have a well proportioned body. (I just HATE my back fat and my little gut)
After doing lots of research I've been bouncing back in between Yily de los Santos and Edgar Contreras. They're both AMAZING at sculpting (I have friends that have gone to both) but Yily's "attitude" reviews make me feel uncertain also the fact that edgar contreras patients don't post a lot of pictures or detailed reviews make me feel a bit lost even though I believe in his results.
I got a quote from both for liposculpture of the stomach, back, flanks, arm lipo and inner thigh lipo. No bbl because I already have a butt.
I am not fat at I just want to be skinny- SKINNY lol. If any if you amazing ladies have gone to Edgar Contreras PLEASE SHARE your experience! :)

I booked my flight for late May and told edgar contreras I'll let him know this week the exact date!!

Bought my flight today!!!

Just bout my flight for May 19th. I'm calling him to schedule the deposit tomorrow. Most likely going under the knife on Tuesday. Beyond excited and scared at the same time.

I have been debating between edgar contreras and yily for a while but after reading the reviews from the little but of girls that actually share their experiences with him my mind is made up. Another plus is that my uncle is a very famous lawyer in the Dominican Republic and he happens to be close friends with dr. Contreras so that gives me the confidence that he'll take special care of me and do an amazing job. LADIES PLEASE SHARE ANY EXPERIENCES AND PICTURES OF HIS WORK!!

Pre op pics. Hate that pouch!

Pre op pics. I despise that pouch and my back fat. -___- I'm praying Dr. Contreras does extremely aggressive lipo on my back. To make sure is super flat.

Love how Attentive Dr. Edgar Contreras is :)

I've spoken to him via emails a couple of times. Asking him weight and price questions, the list of medicines and other details. I Absolutely love his fast responses and attention he gives you. Most dominican surgeons barely want to reply or give pricing unless they know you're choosing them for sure, they take weeks to reply if they ever do. Ridiculously unprofessional smh. Feeling confident with my choice.

Been bouncing in between doctors again.

The farther your surgery date is the more time you have to think and debate doctors. Also you start over thinking things and you find yourself panicking and freaking out one minute then completely confident and ready the next. Duran FINALLY replied to me after a month and have me a quote. Didn't give me a date but told me to just walk in that date and she'll see what she could do. I'm not going to lie her work is AMAZING and there are so much more pictures post op pictures from team Duran. I've also found myself searching for yily patients as well yily was my number one option for months excuse I know one of her patients and she looks unbelievable and have me a great personal review, but after I started reading mixed reviews from her having an 'attitude' I was slowly pushed towards contreras and after I saw his beautiful quote that was the last little kick I needed to be completely secure about dr. C. But now I'm debating between the 3 again. This is so hard! Please if anyone knows any FB groups for contreras patients please help me out! My flight is bought and I secured a date with him.

Forgot to mention.....

Another things that's pushing me towards Contreras is the fact that I've heard from several sources that he is responsible for Yaris Sanchez crazy body, Jessica Mericee, her friend checa nada few other popular bottle waitress girls. Someone please help me find pictures!

A few wish pics

I feel these are completely achievable on my frame.

Have any of you pretty ladies gotten arm lipo?

I would love to know about your experiences! The pain level, discomfort and after how long can you more your arms freely.

53 days left!!!

I'm starting to take my vitamins on April 1st (6 weeks before) and on May 1st doubling up in all vitamins... Slowly crossing things out of my list. Waiting for arnica gel, arnica tablets and bobby pillow to be delivered. I'm buying my fajate and my fajate sleeves in person since there is a store that sells it around where I live. Debating going for a small or a medium probably risking it with a small since I feel is what I'm going to be after surgery.

Booked my mom and little sister flights!

Since we all need intense care for the first 3-5 days I decided not to pay a stranger but instead have my beloved mother take care of me. She refused to let me do otherwise lol. I'm extremely grateful she's so supportive and attentive but I must admit paying for her flights and my 6 yr old sister's flights was a bit painful -_- lol. I know it'll be completely worth it since she'll take better care of me than even I would. So we are leaving together on the same flight and 6 days later she's coming home. While I stay in my grandma's house for 13 more days. THEN my boyfriend is taking a flight and meeting me there 3 days before I return home so that we can fly together and he can assist me in the airport with luggage ect... Definitely NOT paying for his roundtrip though lol. Hope all of you beautiful dolls are doing well, recovering well and remaining positive. Xoxo

33 days to go!!!!!! o_O

OH MY GOD! Only 33 days to go I'm beyond excited but as the day gets closer this is getting so real and my nerves are kicking in!

I'm in the contreras group on FB and I recently saw some girl completely change her mind about contreras due to bad reviews and deceiving woman that aren't being honest. I'm literally already confirmed, plane tickets bought and deposit sent with home so if any of you ladies can let me know on who's page or what link to find this info in it would be extremely helpful. Please please please! Xoxo

Need your help ladies!

I have a month left before my surgery can any of you ladies please tell me how long before the big day should I start taking my arnica pills and bromelain???????
I already started taking my vitamins and blood builder this week.

By the way I got my hemoglobin results last week (before I started taking vitamins) and it's a 12.2!! :D


Hey dolls. Hope you're all doing great pre or post surgery. I've been crossing things off my list little by little and this is what I have so far. Still missing a few important things but I'm 90% there! Feeling excited and anxious. Nerves are definitely kicking in!

Mega food blood builder(IRON)
VitaminB complex
Folic acid
Vitamin C
Gauze (2 )
Heat pads(2)
EZ pez urinal
Bengay pain cream
Medical tape
Arnica pills (2 packs)
Arnica gel (2)
Icy hot Pain relief cream
Icy hot Extra strong pain relief cream
Neosporin extra strength
Motrin PM
Diurex(water pills)
Wee wee pads (protect bed)
compression socks (6 pairs)
Abdominal board
Lipo foam (5 pack )
Lysol disinfecting wipes
Big pack of wipes (brings 216 wipes)
10 maxi dresses

Feeling anxious and depressed

Due to the recent scandal from Edgar Contreras I'm forced to reconsider my surgeon decision. As far as I've come along preparing everything gathering the money buying flights etc. this is super upsetting and I honestly don't know what to do. In order for me to go to Duran which is my next choice I would need an extra $2,000 which I don't have and don't have enough time to gather. I still been doing research even after I heard the bad news and I spoke to a few girls on Instagram and got nothing but amazing reviews and advice. This is extremely hard and after requesting time off and buying my flight my mom's and sister' s I'm at the point if no return. Ladies any recent contreras reviews other than the ones I'm tired of hearing about?

15 days left!!!

I'm in shock his fast the time has gone by. I've managed to gather some more money thanks god. And god willing I'll be in my way in 2 weeks. I spoke to Queen Duran and she asked me to simply walk in that she accepts walk ins as long as I'm early. What a blessing!! I have my last physical before I leave on Thursday I've been drinking my vitamins so hoping my Hemo is 13 or higher. My friend just got done my dr. Manuel Diaz(he works at cipla) and may I say he is AMAZING!!
I sent him an email with pics and all my info, he replied with a few medical history questions then finally have me a $3000 quote which is much cheaper than Duran! At this point my plan A is Duran, Plan b is Diaz and plan C is my first option Edgar contreras.

Speaking if Dr. Contreras. He emailed me to confirm again and to reassure me of the entire thing since I guess he remembers that I told him my uncle is a famous lawyer that solved a case he had before... So that was pretty nice of him, I also spoke to 3 of his patients that have me spectacular reviews I found them on ig. But honestly I feel it's a lottery with contreras and I feel is extremely stupid to risk the money, pain and health sacrifice for a mediocre job.
So god willing I'll be a Duran doll in no time.

Any tips on what to do the last 2 weeks pre op?!?! Any tips during surgery?!?! And also the aftercare?!?! I have 99% of my supplies (just missing pain meds which will be Percocet) and I really need any tips specially being at cipla!



Is it normal to have second thoughts this close to your date???!!!! In freaking out ladies praying to god every second that I everything goes according to plan, my health remains intact and I'm in love with my results. I have low pain tolerance!!! In need of encouraging words right now :/


8 days post op. Extremely swollen still but excited to see how much better this gets. I got lipo front and back and arms, no bbl. I'll post a detailed review after I get home but I must say one thing choosing Edgar contreras was the best decision of my life ladies! This is a very prestigious, glamorous clean and organized to the T facility. Do not believe the rumors. This man and clinic blew my mind even with my American standards. Getting my 6th massage today and I'm taking them like a champ lol. Hope you girls are doing great! :)
Edgar Contreras

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